09 January 2017

TEATU - The Truth About Teatox

Its that time of year where everybody is wanting to lose weight, myself included, and you'll probably see a rise in all these Detox/Teatox teas on the market. I'm aware there is a lot of controversy over these as they basically make you poo a lot. But when Teatu got in touch asking if I'd like to review their Teatox tea and curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see what all the hype was about as I've always been quite sceptical about if they work or not.

Disclaimer: I am fully away that these teas contain senna and act as a laxative and was aware of this before I agreed to try this product. Please don't hate on me for trying this.

The basic idea of these tea's is you have a daytime tea, that you drink once a day. Then you have a nighttime tea, that in this case you drink every other day one hour before bed. I found the daytime tea really quite refreshing, as somebody who only really drinks Yorkshire tea with a splash of milk, it made a nice alternative to drink something a little lighter in the morning. The daytime tea contains Green tea, cocoa peel, spearmint, green coffee, ginseng and chilli chai. If you're like me you'll have no idea what most of those ingredients are minus the green tea and the mint, but they tasted alright! 

When it came to the nighttime tea, this is where I hit a brick wall. I hated it. This tea contains Peppermint, rooibos, lavender, licorice, cinnamon, cardamon, senna and natural caramel flavour, which are are all quite strong flavours. Having these together in one cup of tea I found it pretty undrinkable, I couldn't even manage one cup. Now not being able to stomach the nighttime tea pretty much makes the whole 'detox' aspect a little pointless. I did continue to drink the daytime tea on its own but I must admit I saw no difference at all. The daytime tea tasted nice, but no different to a simple peppermint tea, or a green tea which are both good for digestion and detoxing. 

Are Teatox tea's worth it? In my honest opinion, no. If you really want to lose weight just eat healthy and exercise. If you want to drink 'healthier' teas I'd stick with Green tea, which is a an antioxidant, and Peppermint which is good for digestion.

*This tea was sent for review, but all my opinions are my own


05 January 2017

Goodbye to 2016 - Whats next?

Jacket: Zaful  Scarf: Zaful Jumper: Primark (similar) Jeans: Primark (similar) Watch: Daniel Wellington
Goodbye 2016 and good riddance! 2016 seems to be the year everybody hated and couldn't wait to see the back of. Minus all the celebrity deaths (thinking about Alan Rickman still makes me tear up) Brexit, Refugee crisis, Donald Trump etc I don't think 2016 has been all that bad - not for me anyway. So I thought I'd do a little cliched year summary of the good things that happened over the past year.

1. Home - I moved in with Lee - we were delayed about 8 weeks from our original move in date but back in February we finally moved into our own little flat and I couldn't be happier. We've started painting everywhere white just to freshen it all up (thank you lovely landlord) and really starting to make our house a home. Theres still a little work I want to do, like adding some prints and decorative items to make it extra homely, its taking a while but we are getting there.

2. Reading - 2016 was the first year I managed to complete my goodreads challenge and even beat it by one book. I often go through phases where I read loads and then I'll not read anything for 8 months, sometimes more. But this year I finally got myself into a routine where I could fit in some reading and I loved it! I've set myself a 2017 challenge and I'm hoping to carry on reading regularly and hopefully beat my previous tally.

3. Friendships - I don't really have a huge friendship group, and quite a few of my friends I don't get to see all that often anymore. But this year starting hanging out with a few more local bloggers like Chloe, Helen and Amy. I've really enjoyed having friends who understand the need to photograph your cake before you eat it. I've also started hanging out with Yasmina quite a bit this year and I feel like we've forged a lovely little friendship - and its really handy that she lives quite near me too.

4. Confidence - This year I finally found the confidence to start doing outfit posts. This is something I've wanted to feature on here basically since the start. But having struggled quite a bit with my body image over the past couple of years its always been something I've avoided. But with the help of Chloe, Helen and Yasmina I began shooting outfits as the second half of the year and I'm loving them! So expect loads more in 2017

5. Family - I don't have a very big family, so this year I've really enjoyed spending more time with Lee's family who live a couple of cities away. This includes meeting my newest niece back in September at just two weeks old, I was a little scared about how tiny she was but oh my goodness, broody levels have hit the roof!

Now the year is over this is the time where everybody starts to reflect on what they want to achieve over the next 12 months. I've always been prone to trying to much and failing all of it. I've decide this year to not aim too high and overwhelm myself with 10000 things I want to achieve and I've decided to just stick to three.

1. Get back into shape - very cliched I know but I've ended 2016 the heaviest I've ever been in my life and I hate it. So last night I joined slimming world, tomorrow I'm getting my ass back into the gym and I'm going to work hard and lost the 2 stone thats slowly been creeping on since I left university.

2. Step away from the computer - I've realised recently all of my hobbies are based around a computer, photography and blogging result in spending a large amount of time on a computer or on my phone. I want to take a step back and find myself some hobbies that don't involve square eyes. Wether thats knitting, cross stitch, film photography or even just reading a little more I plan on mixing it up a little.

3. Spend less save more - Working in charity retail its so easy to pick up clothes because they're cheap and I often end up with a wardrobe full of bits and bobs that I don't love as much as I should. I need to get into the habit of only buying things if I really love them and if they make me feel amazing. So many of my clothes are 'that'll do for now' type purchases, which probably stems from my body image issues as I struggle to feel good in the clothes I want to wear. I'm going to stop the impulse purchases and finally get myself a wardrobe I'm happy with that really sums up my style - and hopefully save some money in the long run.

What are your top three aims for the year ahead, share them below! 


16 December 2016

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas is fast approaching and I can't contain my excitement! I'd like to say that I love Christmas but I find Christmas day itself quite dull. I much prefer the prep and hustle and bustle beforehand. The shopping for presents, finding the perfect gifts and then getting to wrap them up all beautifully ready to pop under the tree. Not everybody finds Christmas shopping as fun and easy as I do, so today I thought I'd help you out with some little gift ideas for my favourite part of Christmas. Stocking fillers! I'm not sure what it is about stocking fillers I enjoy so much but I love those small little gifts, quite often funny or containing inside jokes, that I really enjoy buying.  I've put together a few items including skincare, make-up, homeware and fragrance to give you some inspiration for those all important stocking fillers. 

Firstly a little quick blast from the past, who remembers the So? fragrances?* So...Kiss me was basically the scent of my childhood and probably the first fragrance I ever bought myself. These would make a great little stocking filler for a niece, cousin or even younger sister. They're a great option for a little lady who is maybe a little too young for perfume but still wants to smell delicious. Out of the three the Vanilla is my favourite as it basically smells like cake, how could you resist? They're so easy to just pop in your handbag to freshen yourself up throughout the day and are readily available to buy in Superdrug.

I always feel that Christmas is the perfect time to spoil your mum. They work so hard throughout the year, but especially at Christmas. Mine always does all the shopping, the wrapping and everything in between, so I always like to get her a little extra special for her stocking. This Aurelia Skincare Cell Revitalise Moisturiser* is a gorgeous little treat to pop in any Mama's stocking, or any other lady you want to spoil. It is a little on the pricier side for a stocking filler, but if you can't go a little overboard at Christmas when can you?

This Body Shop hand cream gift set could easily be given to one person as a gift, or you could be thrifty about it and split them up to give to a few different people. The Body Shop hand creams are probably some of my favourites out there, I pretty much have one in every handbag. They're just so easy to throw in your bag and apply on the go, they absorb quickly, leave your hands feeling super soft and they smell incredible! 

For some reason giving mugs as a gift is a thing of mine. I think because I love them myself I always want to give them to other people, so as soon as I saw this one from Chickidee* I knew it would be perfect for my other half as we often joke about how we are going to be weird pensioners with bright coloured hair and faded tattoos. Pop this in a stocking and spend your winter evenings with it full of hot chocolate and marshmallows whilst you watch cheesy and predictable christmas films in channel 5.

I always think sometimes 'practical' presents are always needed somewhere along the line. Wether its underwear, socks or a much needed hair product. For me dry shampoo is an everyday essential, I honestly don't know how I ever survived without it. So this Paul Mitchell Dry Wash* is a perfect but practical stocking filler. A lot of dry shampoo's I've used leave a very powdery feel in your hair, but this one doesn't. Your hair feels clean, fresh and light, not to mention it has that typical 'hairdresser' smell that instantly makes you feel pampered.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a festive candle, am I right? It just doesn't feel right unless you have a spicy, warm and cinnamon scented candle burning in your house. I much prefer these types of scents to the sickly, sweet cake like candles as they instantly add a festive feeling to your home. Wrap it up nicely and pop on a little bow and it would be the perfect little treat for anybody. 

This last one could quite easily be a little treat to yourself, sneak it in your own stocking and nobody will notice. This lovely little Sleek liquid lipstick gift set from Boots would be great to put in any ladies stocking, although I highly recommend keeping it for yourself like I did. You get four mini versions of some classic shades every woman needs in her make up bag. A classic red, a vampy purple, a light nude shade and a darker nude shade. Seriously what else do you need? The formula glides on and really does stay all day.

So theres a few little ideas for some last minute stocking fillers, what are your favourite types of gifts to buy?

24 November 2016

My Five Favourite Everyday Lipsticks

Only You, Cannes, Mehr, Nude-ist, Tea Rose

When it comes to lipsticks I seem to be all or nothing, its either vibrant reds, deep maroons or nude and natural, I tend not to stray in between. I like what I like and I stick with what I know. So today I thought I'd share with you my five favourite lipsticks for everyday wear. As you can see theres a common colour running through these five, but I've finally found a nude colour that suits me as my lips are naturally quite pigmented so typical 'nudes' make me look ill.

Although each of these lipsticks are similar shades they all wear quite differently. First Only You, which is part of the Ellie Goulding range from Mac, is a cream-sheen so is quite subtle in colour and quite nourishing on the lips. I tend to reach for this one when my lips are on the drier side and I want a quick swipe of colour without too much upkeep. I admit it doesn't last that long but its handy for those days when you haven't got the time to faff on worrying about how your lipstick looks and touching it up, it just wears off gracefully.

These three shades are probably the three I reach for the most. Since NYX finally arrived in Newcastle I've been a little obsessed with their matte lip creams. The first one I tried was Cannes which is my perfect 'your lip but better' shade - yeah I said it. Out of all the liquid lipsticks I've found so far these have my favourite formula. They're soft and nourishing and wear off really nicely, I've tried a few that when you re-apply them they become a little crumbly but this just glide on perfectly. Next I have Mac's Mehr which I often describe as my '90's mom' shade, this one is a little more grey if that makes sense? It adds a more grungy feel compared to the others which are a little more pink toned. I think this is my way of justifying why I have so many similar shades. 

If I remember correctly I think Nude-ist was the first lipstick of this shade I tried, it was the first liquid lipstick I tried too. That quickly resulted in a liquid lipstick obsession, so this one its a little nostalgic shade for me. Out of the liquid lipsticks I have I think I prefer the NYX formula over this one, plus this is a little bit more expensive. But that doesn't mean I don't love it, I think this one takes a little longer to dry, but that gives me a little longer to perfect my pout.

Finally I have the NYX matte lipstick in Tea Rose, after the success of the matte lip creams I decided it was time to try one of their other lipsticks. This one I tend to reach for if I'm in more of a hurry, for some reason I seem to take longer to perfect the application of liquid lipsticks, so having one like this helps for those days when I just don't have the time.

I'd love to know what your favourite lipstick shades are, because you can never have too many in your collection right?


20 November 2016

What I've Read Recently

It’s been a while since I last featured any books on here, and seeing as I’ve just completed my Goodreads 2016 reading challenge, I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve enjoyed recently. You're going to see quite a trend when it comes to my reading tastes it is very much based in the young adult fiction section of Waterstones


This wasn't a book I'd ever really heard of before, however I was lucky enough to win a copy via Maximumpop via one of their many book giveaways they host. As soon as the book arrived I started reading it the story sounded quite similar to "The art of being normal" which I read a few weeks beforehand and I adored! This is another beautifully written young adult novel that focuses the story on a character who is transgender and dealing with relationships. I raced through this book in only a few days and I couldn't recommend it enough. 


This is a book that I'd seen mentioned a lot on Youtube and the suchlike, so decided to finally pick it up and give it a read. At times this was a little predictable, but I think that is something I quite like in a book like this. They're really easy to read in a few days and theres just something comforting about the story when you're reading it. This follows the life of Lara-Jean who has a box of love letters she's written to every guy she has ever loved, from her summer-camp crush, to her first kiss, she's written to them all. Yet somehow these letters end up being posted out to them and leads to an interesting turn of events.


This was another book I was lucky enough to win from Fiona and it arrived with a lovely little note from her about how this book was more inspiring than our university course ever was. This automatically made me super excited to read this as we both have shared a similar opinion on our shared university degree. The book itself follows the story of Jude and her twin brother Noah, who as children are inseparable but after their mothers death they start drifting apart. Noah begins to fall in love with a new boy who moved in next door and is magically inspired by the world around him., whilst Jude begins to rebel until she ends up working alongside a grumpy old sculptor and his beautiful assistant,  which in an unusual way brings the twins back together again. Theres just something magical and inspiring about this story and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. The way its written is really inventive and I love all the little illustrative mark making that flows along with the story.


I don't know what has taken me so long to read this book as I remember hearing about this when I was a teenager. But here I am at nearly 25 and I've only just read it this year. The story follows Eleanor, a redheaded misfit who shuffles along through life trying her best to remain undetected. Then one day she sits next to a boy on the bus called Park and the rest is history. Things are a little frosty at first, but slowly over time the awkwardness melts away and reveals a sweet teenage love story. Theres a nice naivety about their relationship that reminds me so much of high school crushes. Its a sweet story that'll melt the heart of anybody, romantic or not.


As children Cath and Ren are the best of friends, growing up they share a love for fictional character Simon Snow.  As they head off to college Ren wants to do her own thing, and for the first time ever Cath is on her own. Ren's grows out of her Simon Snow phase but Cath refuses to let it go. This pushes them further apart as the differenced in them become even more clear. There is just something so relatable about this story that makes it really magical. That time in your life when you move away from home and you have to fend for yourself and you really find out who you are in the world. Fangirl captures that beautifully, albeit in a little predictable way at times, but its a book you can't help but love.


I bought this a while ago in a charity shop after Amy ordered me to do so, I think this was around the time the film came out so that probably had its input too. I left this to sit on my bookshelf for a while until I finally picked it up this month. Its been one of those books where I've heard a few people talking about it (both good things and bad) so I kind of had some expectations before I even started. The story follows Louise, a fairly ordinary girl living in a fairly ordinary town. Its not until she loses her job at a local cafe and starts working as an assistant for a guy called Will, who after a traffic accident lost the use of his body from the chest down. In the beginning Will is rude, quite moody and doesn't really talk to her much, but as time goes on he soon starts to warm to her bubbly personality. I don't want to spoil the story too much, providing you don't know it already. But Lou begins on a mission to try and show Will a world to prove to him his life is still worth living. I'll warn you now, you're probably going to need a box of tissues for this one.


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