28 April 2013

Body Butter Bonanza

On Friday night I was lucky enough to be able to attend another blogger event, this time in my local Body Shop store. I didn’t think I was going to be going as the event was full but luckily somebody pulled out at the last minute and Maddie who was running it,sent me a message saying i’d gotten a place. I ran around frantically trying to finish my essay, paint my nails, do my hair all at once!

Since I was a little girl i’ve always loved Body Shop Products (weirdly I used to eat the flavoured lip balms straight out of the pot) so I was so excited to be able to go to this, and it was perfect timing as i’m nearly at the bottom of my huge tub of Satsuma Body Butter - I can’t cope without it.

There was so much going on at the event, we were able to browse the array of products (we were given a 50% off discount which my bank account is hating me for now) we had the chance to receive hand massages, skin consultations and even get our make up done. Of course there was, as always amazing nibbles provided by my favourite Newcastle Bakery The French Oven and Millies cookies  and bucks-fizz for us to drink

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this event, it was small, cosy and felt like I was on a shopping trip with 20 other girls who also happened to be snapping photographs of everything around us (passers by kept staring at us all like we were from another planet) I got to see some of the girls i’d met at the FABB event last month and even got to see some new faces, however due to my social awkwardness I didn’t get to speak to them, sorry ladies!

27 April 2013

6 Hours Of Tea And Cake.

Although I haven’t really been blogging ‘properly’ for all that long so far its been a whirlwind of a ride,   having attended the FABB Newcastle event earlier this month - which you can read about HERE - i’ve met some really lovely ladies whom I feel i’ll be friends with for a very long time. Last saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to Amy-Lauren’s 19th birthday tea party at Serendipity tea and trinkets in Sunderland. We were told to dress ‘vintage’ so I opted for a sort of 1950’s theme, though i’m not sure how well I pulled that off in a chiffon mint dress from Primark.

I can’t explain how lovely last saturday was, we sat and munched on ham, chicken and cheese sandwiches and a selection of gorgeous cakes and scones, not to mention about a million cups of tea between us all. Whilst we were there a music festival Soundscape was happening in the city, so we were lucky enough to sit and listen to a few live performances in the cafe. My favourite being THE LAKE POETS who I think are now my new favourite thing, ever! A really really beautiful sound that you should MUST check out.  Overall I had a really lovely day and I just want to thank Amy-Lauren for being so kind as to invite me along.


14 April 2013

Fabb Bloggers Newcastle.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to attend a North East fashion and beauty blogger event run by Tor and Ray at Fabb Events. Along with a large proportion of the girls there this was my first event and I was terrified! A few of us arranged to meet beforehand so we didn’t have to walk into the event on our own, it would appear we were all as nervous as each other. I had the privilege of meeting some lovely ladies, Amy who informed me of the event, Kate, Aqeela , Amy, Katie, Faith, Shannon, Amy, Hana, Louise and Libby to name a few.

The event itself was held in a beautifully tropical themed room in Tiger Tiger in Newcastle, I felt like i’d travelled to a foreign country! Like many similar events we had bloggers favourites of cupcakes and cake pops made by Rosie The Cake Maker. 

Once we all settled into our seats with our cocktails and cakes we had a talk from Tinned Bananas  who sell some of the most amazing dresses and bikini’s I think i’ve ever seen in my life. I am now trying to find an excuse in order to buy a bikini, even if I just parade around my house in it.

We all got a chance to chat amongst ourselves, participate in giveaways via twitter and mingle for a while, though saying that due to my social awkwardness I wasn’t the worlds best mingler, apologies ladies. After that we had a short presentation from Sandra from Newcastle Fashion week who was accompanied by Jess who I actually went to high school with, what a small world! She told us about all the exciting things happening next month at Newcastles third fashion week and was even kind enough to give us all free tickets to the saturday event at my own universities student union.

Thank you to Fabb Events for organising such a lovely day for us all and I look forward to seeing a few of the girls again next month at another event
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