20 May 2013

TheNEBloggers Lunch MEAT up @ The Gourmet Burger Kitchen

On sunday I went a long to a small lunch date organised by TheNEBloggers - a blogging network based in the north east of England. If you yourself are a blogger of any variety and live in the North East of England I highly recommend you check TheNEBloggers out. Its a lovely little community of some really lovely guys and gals and i’m really happy to have befriended them.

On Sunday we all attended a fabulous event at Lush in Gateshead and decided to meet for lunch beforehand. Our original plan was to go to the new Ed’s Diner that’s just opened up, however the original guest list of around 20 we decided a little too much for the poor place to handle so we opted for the Gourmet Burger Kitchen instead. In the end only 10 of us went along - much to the anger of the head chef - who seemed quite frazzled by our large party.

Although there was a large group of us and normally for a meal out this causes havoc, the “go up to the bar and order/pay” system made everything a lot simpler. The choices of how you could have your burger were never-ending with a variety of sizes, fillings, sides and extras. I opted for a Avocado Bacon burger which was cooked medium (a bizarre sight here in England) and a portion of skinny fries which were delicious! Unfortunately I was far too eager to tuck into my food as i’d not eaten all day so I forgot to take a photo, but believe me it was delightful.

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