05 June 2013

Lush Event!

Yes I am aware I posted not that long ago saying I was going to try and vary my posts a little more instead of just talking about blogging events i’ve been to but I’ve not really done much else recently so you will have to put up with this for a little while longer as last month I was lucky enough to be able to go along to an event hosted by Danny at the Lush store in the MetroCentre Gateshead. Lush has always been a shop that i’ve loved since I was a kid, I used to just enjoy going in to stand and sniff, much to my mum's dislike as it gives her a headache. But their bath bombs have to be my all time favourite thing ever, so I was super excited to go along and get an insight into the brand.

As we arrived we were welcomed wonderfully by Danny and three of his super friendly staff members and were quickly filled in on the history and the values behind Lush as a company. Now I’ve always been aware that Lush are a company who are very much against animal testing, however I quickly discovered they are infact a company who go one step further and FIGHT against animal testing which just made me love it even more! We were told stories of how the company started up (once making products for The Body Shop) how particular products were designed and even got the chance to sniff some pure coco butter, which I had to stop myself from eating - IT SMELT LIKE WHITE CHOCOLATE!

After all the sniffing and the prodding of products that were past amongst us as a group we were given the chance to get our hands dirty and make some of our own! Now this is where I become a terrible blogger because I didn’t actually take any photographs of this - my camera is still pretty new and I am a little over protective over her so popped her into my bag as we did this. Oops.

But anyway, we were split into two groups to take turns in making two different Lush products. The first being Angels On Bare Skin. So as a group we all donned our latex gloves and got stuck in and at the end had a full sized pot of the cleanser to take home with us. This was probably my favourite part of the whole event, I loved being able to have a go at making Lush products and see what goes into them - which can I add was around 4 natural ingredients which amazed me.  I’ve used the product quite a lot since the event and I love it, still can’t quite get the hang of using it without making my bathroom sink look like an explosion has occurred in it but i’ll get there eventually.

The second product we made was a bath ballistic Space Girl, this isn’t a bath bomb i’ve ever used before but its full of glitter and popping candy so really what’s not to love? Not to mention is smells like my childhood and looks like a planet - all boxes fully ticked for me.

I wasn’t particularly good at actually making the bath bomb as I seemed to spread the mixture everywhere (later discovered there was a hole in my bag and a purple pile underneath my feet) but it was fun all the same! I actually tried this bath bomb out a few nights ago and I was a smidgen disappointed that it didn’t snap crackle and pop as much as I thought it would. However there was a limited amount of popping candy to go around between the group so I just think mine didn’t have enough in. But the smell of the bath bomb and the fact I emerged from my bath as a wonderful sparkling goddess is enough to tempt me to buy it myself.

After we had finished making the products we were able to snoop around the store, stuff our faces with cupcakes and lemonade and buy products with an amazing 10% discount - uh oh sorry bank balance! I also went a little crazy and photographed pretty much everything in the store, but Lush is beautiful so I really couldn’t help myself.

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