06 October 2013

Middlesbrough Blogger Meet Up.

A couple of Sunday's ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogger meet up in Middlesbrough, organised by the gorgeous Megan. I love blogger meet ups as they give you a chance to meet and mingle with like minded people, they're my favourite type of event.

I hopped on the train with a few other bloggers and travelled down to Middlesbrough and headed to Mink tattoo bar and cafe. I've been to Middlesbrough quite a lot, though haven't visited in 2 years so it was strange being back in the city, especially as i've never been to Mink before. The venue itself had amazing decor with fairy lights and waltzer cars as seats!

(A meet up wouldnt be the same without a photo of Amy with a camera for a face)

We all hung around the downstairs bar section, all snapping photos and updating instragram with photo's of the venue. Quite a few of us all knew each other anyway so we all had a catch up over diet coke and cocktails.  It wasn't long before we were all greeted by Megan and had our names called out, given a little name sticker and told to head on upstairs where we had our photo snapped!

We sat down at tables covered in sweets (which our group demolished in a matter of seconds) and spent the next few hours mingling with each other. There was also a super fun game of pass the parcel, one of my favourite games in primary school. Sadly I didn't win, we also had a raffle to win a selection of amazing prices! Overall the event was a blast! I'd like to thank Megan for working so hard and pulling off such an amazing day!



  1. Looks like you had a great time! :)


  2. ah i wish i'd taken pictures now altho that photo of me..*hides face*
    was nice to meet you! xx


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