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31 December 2014

Reflections And Resolutions.

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Hello! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends. You've probably noticed that I've gone a little quiet. Well I decided to take the Christmas period off from blogging as I wanted to spend time with my loved ones, as after all thats what Christmas is all about. But as new year is approaching I am back onto my blogging game, stronger than ever (hopefully) and 2015 shall be my year!

Now its the time of year where everybody reflects on the past 12 months and here comes all all the 'new year new me' posts all over the internet which everybody cringes over. Now I don't believe in the ability to make a new version of yourself overnight but it is something you can strive to do over a period of time. But this time of year for me I usually spend reflecting over the year and what I want to try and achieve in the next 12 months. 

If i'm honest 2014 has been a roller coaster of a year, and one of the hardest i've had to go through for a long time. The year started with me loosing one of the most important people in my life, and since then my entire year has had this gaping hole where she is missing. I struggled at the end of my degree and graduated (much to my surprise) with second class honours and no idea what to do next. Nearly 6 months later I am still no further forward, and looking to start 2015 with Job seekers to help me survive. Making it feel like 3 years of hard work and thousands of pounds of debt was a huge waste of time.

Yes I did have some pretty shitty times through 2014. But I also had some pretty incredible ones. Ive been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best family and friends I could ask for to get me through and I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with the most caring guy I have ever met. I’ve had my writing published (and yes I wrote it all myself) and had my photography work exhibited in London of all places. Ive relived my youth through seeing some of my favourite childhood bands like Fall Out Boy and William Control (formerly from Aiden) live in concert. 

I've always liked to write myself a few resolutions to aim for in the new year, many of which have previously been unachivable and often quite over the top if im honest. But this year i've decided to write myself some goals I'd like to achieve and a few mini resolutions of things to remember.

2015 Goals:

Become Employed: 
I’ve got to accept the fact I’m not going to know what I want to do overnight, just as long as i’m earning some money thats all I need right now. I have my whole life ahead of me to worry about a ‘proper’ career.

Move in with Lee: 
This one is pretty self explanatory, but its my biggest motivation for saving up some money so I can move out again and set up my own little home.

Learn to Drive: 
Yep, I can’t drive! Its never been something I was really fussed over learning when I was younger. I had no need for a car. But having experienced living a 30 minute walk from Newcastle Centre to moving somewhere that is a 45 minute trip on a bus I think being able to drive would help me keep my sanity.

Get back into shape: 
This I wrote about a few weeks ago here, and has taken a backseat slightly with Christmas indulgence but I’m back to normal again as of tomorrow.

Reach 500 Followers: At the end of this year I decided to re-launch my blog and I want to push it forward as much as I can in the next year. 500 followers may not seem a lot to some, but for me it would be a particularly special moment.

Fall back in love with photography: 
My degree ruined my love for photography and this upsets me a ridiculous amount. I miss the days I would constantly be thinking up new ideas. Having received a new camera off Lee for Christmas it has motivated me to start taking photos for fun again. I just want to return to that place where photography was my biggest passion. 

Learn a new craft: 
This is a fairly new addition as another way to increase my creativity. I’m tempted by learning skills like calligraphy or refreshing myself on printmaking or even learning an instrument. I just want to spend less of my time sat in front of the TV endlessly scrolling through Instagram and do something productive with my time.


  • Spend less time on my phone - put it down at 10pm and read a book once in a while.
  • Make more of an effort to go exploring - spend less time sitting around doing nothing
  • Stop being so hard on myself - give less of a shit about what others think
  • Push my blog as far as I can and put my all into it
  • Carry my camera with me more often - capture life on a proper camera and print the photos instead of living through instragram.

What are your aims for the next 12 months? Share below! 


19 December 2014

Grab A Bite On The Go With UGOT.

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Now I must be honest, I don't travel on trains very often, bar the odd trip to London every now and then. But when I do one of my favourite things about it is grabbing food at the station to eat on the train. Most train stations have the same generic eating establishments, pasty shops and stalls filled with crisps and chocolate. I was very happy to see that Newcastle's Central Station have introduced some new places during the station re-fit.  

Back in October I was invited along to ÜGOT one of the new food units, who specialise in healthy take away food, try out some of their Lunch products. ÜGOT are a very new chain of food outlets, founded by Joe Carnell and Jamal Edwards, both of which are under the age of 25. Initially starting in York railway station they now have a Newcastle branch and will soon be opening one in Harrogate. 

UGOT, Healthy Eating, Food, Takeaway, Lifestyle Blogger, Food Blogger,

When I finally managed to find a day free I headed on down when I was in the city centre with Rachel and Az to see what they offered. The staff were amazing, the guy, who's name I didn't catch was so kind!! Telling us all about the concept of the store and about their products and telling us we could have anything we fancied. We picked our lunches and a drink and we're even offered samples of frozen yoghurt, which tasted delicious. I opted for a chilli chicken salad which was so filling, packed with veggies and a rice salad underneath I struggled to eat the whole portion. I washed my salad down with a mango cold press juice, which is a process that doesn't use heat to extract the juice, which helps to retain all the nutrients and important bits. 

I have since been back on my own, when I was travelling down to London last month and I can add that their breakfasts are just as declious as their lunches. I had a HUGE tub of porridge topped with a selection of nuts and seeds and I must say it kept me full for hours, which the usual McDonalds sausage McMuffin fails to do so on a train trip down to the capital.


15 December 2014

Inspirational Reads.

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Since graduating from my Photography degree in the summer i've been struggling a lot with feeling uninspired and quite honestly, have been feeling quite down in the dumps. For as long as I remember I’ve loved photography and my whole life revolved around it. I was always coming up with new ideas, having photoshoots on a weekly basis, until I went to University. Doing a degree in photography has sadly ruined it for me, being forced for three years to make work that I really wasn’t that excited about has truly knocked my confidence.  I can’t remember the last time Ive really gotten excited about an idea. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to feel inspired and have an organic thought that wasn’t knocked down by a tutor or was forced into a different direction that I was unsure about.

During the months since my graduation i’ve been trying to keep myself busy and inspired as much as I can, but thats easier said than done. I spend my time volunteering for a local charity and interning at a fashion studio, but even then I can’t help but feel a little lost as to what i’m doing with my life. So whenever i’m feeling like I need a creative pick me up I always reach for the same three books to perk me back up again.

Books, Alexa Chung, Paul Arden, Inspirational, Hoxton Mini Press, Lifestyle Blogger

‘Its Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want To Be’ by Paul Arden

This is the book I reach for when i’m feeling lost and confused about not knowing where my life is headed. I first read this whole book on a day where I felt my life had no purpose and by the end of it I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. With quick concise motivational advice, its perfect for a quick boost of clarity and empowerment. Sometimes you just have to keep telling yourself that just because something bad has happened doesn’t make it a bad thing. I try my best to not have regrets as I am a firm believer that everything does happen for a reason. This book teaches you that good things can come from past mistakes, and to focus on the good and not the bad.

Books, Alexa Chung, Paul Arden, Inspirational, Hoxton Mini Press, Lifestyle Blogger

‘I’ve Lived In East London For 86 1/2 Years’ by Martin Usborne

When I feel like I need a reminder of why I love photography the Hoxton Mini Press books are always my top choice, this being the first book they published. This photo narrative book is all about Joseph Markovitch, who has spent his whole life living in the same area of East London. I love the photographs in this book and the little snippets of his thoughts on various different topics like work, religion and even Jennifer Lopez. When I first started taking photography seriously making a photographic book like this was always a huge aspiration of mine. This just reminds me sometimes to not ever let go of that dream.

Books, Alexa Chung, Paul Arden, Inspirational, Hoxton Mini Press, Lifestyle Blogger

‘It’ by Alexa Chung

I couldn’t write about inspirational books without including this one. For as long as I can remember Alexa Chung has been a HUGE inspiration for me. Theres nothing about her I do not love, so when ‘It’ came out I knew I had to have it. Even just having a flick through and looking at the pictures in this book make me feel better, the design and even the feel of the front cover just sends my brain into overload. I love every single thing about this book and could easily read it cover to cover every day if I had the time to.

I'm always wanting to add more inspirational books to my collection, do you have any favourites you'd recommend?

12 December 2014

Healthier Choices.

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More often than not your first year at University is usually full of drinking, nights out and takeaways. and this often results in something known as 'The Fresher Fifteen' where on average students will pile on an extra 15lb in their first year of Uni. In my first year I lived at home and commuted in, didn't really go out that much as travelling home that late at night was hard for me, and truthfully I wasn't really into it. But then I moved out into a rented house in my second and third year and HELLO here came the fresher 15 one year late.  I'd never really cooked before, let alone learnt about portion control, I was going out drinking more than usual and my body suffered. 

I must say i've never really had any body issues growing up. Even when I was underweight due to my anxiety issues. it never really phased me. Yeah I knew I was too skinny, but I didn't really care, I was more concerned about what was going on with my brain. But here I am now a graduate and I am still gripping tightly onto my freshers 15. Don't get me wrong, I know I am in no way overweight, i'm still in the same size clothes as before (albeit they're a little tighter than i'd like) but this is the first time my body has ever affected how I feel on a day to day basis. I hate pretty much 80% of my wardrobe because I'm always wearing the same things over and over again, feeling totally lost as to what looks good on me anymore, and therefore not feeling confident enough in anything I do.

I am sick of feeling rubbish about myself and want to get myself back into shape. I tried to do this in my final year of Uni, attempting slimming world and cutting out everything bad for me out my diet. But both of these failed. I don't like having to measure out my foods, count calories or restrict myself to the point I cave in and demolish an entire pot of Pringles in one sitting. Too much to fast really isn't the way for me, so instead i'm opting to make a few small lifestyle changes.

  • Replace white carbs with brown carbs - This is pretty self explanatory, swapping white rice, bread and pasta for brown instead and not eating carbs for every meal of the day (toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner was a typical day for me)
  • Fill up on veggies - I love veggies and I always have since I was little. But often they can get a little boring, but I’ve discovered lots of new ways to cook them in my final year at Uni. My favourite being pan fried broccoli and cherry tomatoes.
  • Drink more water - I am terrible at this and often just forget to drink. I want to start making the effort to drink a glass of water with every meal.
  • Walk more - I walk about an hour a week just going to and from my local train station but when i'm in the house I spend a lot of time sitting down. I'm going to start making to effort to go outside for a little walk around the neighbourhood a few times a week.
  • Have snacks in between meals - just make sure they are healthy ones like fruit and fat free yoghurt, crisp breads and hummus, or even Mulberries (my new favourite thing after sampling them at a recent Neals Yard Blogger event)
  • Have a little treat everyday - Ive found if I cut all the naughty stuff out completely I go insane, so i'm allowing myself that odd biscuit with a cup of tea, or a bag of crisps if a fancy. This week my little daily treat has been my advent calendar chocolate. Saving it until bedtime where I sit with a cup of tea and can really enjoy it.
Because i've written all this down now I must stick to it! I'll probably do a little update every month to let you know how i've been getting on, and maybe even include some recipes. Let me know what type of things would you like to see?


10 December 2014

Paul Mitchell | Gift Of Style

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A few weeks ago I was invited along to a Paul Mitchell "The Gift of Style' event hosted at the Mosley Street Gary Hedley Salon. We were greeted with Prosecco and nibbles (served by topless and oiled up models which I found a little off putting) and were sat in the salon chairs to await a stylist to do our hair if we wanted. I didn’t actually get my hair done, nor did I take any photographs whilst I was there, as I was too busy chatting away. We were given an amazing goodie bag of Paul Mitchell products to try, and I must admit it's not a brand I have ever used before but I have fallen in love! 

I was really happy to see the Extra-Body Daily Boost in my bag, as I am forever trying every product out there that claims to add volume to my wonderfully fine and flat locks. Not only does this add lift to my hair, but it doesn't leave a sticky residue of product which some boosters I have tried have done. Nobody wants sticky greasy or crispy roots.

The Super Skinny Serum wasn't something I was really planning on using. I tend to stay clear of any serum or oil products that add shine and smoothness, as I worry they'll make my fine hair greasier than normal. This however has changed my mind completely and it smells incredible. I just add one pump into my palms and spread through the ends of my hair to give them some nourishment withouth weighing my hair down. I also think it makes my hair dry faster, which sounds weird but the ends of my hair usually takes ages to try properly but i've seen a vast improvement since adding this into my daily hair routine.

The Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner are now my go to products if I have to be up really early and my hair needs a wash. The tea tree and peppermint is the perfect pick me up on a morning, it makes you feel alert and fresh. If you've ever used the Original Source Tea Trea and Mint Shower Gel and have experienced the feeling of a gale blowing into your nether regions, this is the hair product version. Even after stepping out of the shower my head still felt like somebody was pouring listerine onto it, it makes you feel ALIVE!


08 December 2014

Anniversary Date.

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Last Monday was a year since mine and my boyfriend Lee's first date, so to celebrate we decided to re-create it. Romantic aren't we? We headed back to the Cafe at Fenwicks, located on the top floor near the toy department (perfect for Lee's Lego addiction) and had an afternoon of tea and scones.

Lifestyle Blogger, Anniversary, Relationship, Date, Afternoon Tea
Lifestyle Blogger, Anniversary, Relationship, Date, Afternoon Tea

On our first date I was far to nervous to face much food, and truthfully felt guilty about Lee spending too much on me, so I opted for Hula Hoops. But this time I made sure to sample the delights and opted for a red onion and cheese scone, ultimate favourite. 

I decided to dress up a little for the occasion and wore my new French Connection striped dress as its one of the few 'smarter' dresses in my wardrobe. I really enjoyed getting dressed up and making an occasion out of it. Even if it was just for tea and scones in Fenwicks Cafe. Its the smaller things in life right? 

05 December 2014

Love Niche London.

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At the end of September I was invited along to the LOVE NICHE LONDON blogger preview, at the LOVE NICHE STUDIO based in the heart of Newcastle city centre. Love Niche Fashion studio was created by fashion stylish Nisha Vedhara who has worked within the fashion industry for over 10 years. 

Initially working as an assistant buyer and stylist Nisha realised that many of her clients desired a much more personal shopping experience. She eventually launched her own collection 'Niche by Nisha Vedhara' where she offered a made to order service along with a full womenswear collection.

LOVE NICHE STUDIO incorporates the personal tailor-made shopping experience with the glitz and glamour of bespoke fashion items, sourcing products from designers around the world. The studio itself resembles an uber glamorous walk in wardrobe, a woman's biggest dream, filled with plush carpets, gold ornate chairs and not to mentions rails and rails of gorgeous clothes.

LOVE NICHE LONDON is a brand new collection just launched back in October which houses on trend items at high street prices. The collection originally started 5 years ago where Nisha sold British high street products in India. Now for the first time LOVE NICHE LONDON is available to buy worldwide and we we're the first to get a sneak peak of the collection.

Love Niche London, Love Niche Studio, Fashion, Boutique, Fashion blogger, clothing, womanswear,

We were greeted on arrival with gorgeous cocktails and nibbles (a huge bowl of sweets and a help yourself popcorn mountain equipped with adorable candy striped boxes.) Nisha then told us all about her time in the fashion industry and her passion clearly shone through. We were encouraged to rummage our way through the rails and ogle all of the delights in the collections. I naturally headed straight to the monochrome section where I could have easily bought the entire rail. 

Nisha offered us all a chance to style an outfit from the rails and whoever had the best outfit would win! I opted for a pair of lilac pastel trousers, not something i'd usually be brave enough to wear but I wanted to choose something different. I teamed this with a gorgeous white blouse and a black and white checked overcoat. Sadly I did not win, however TASHA was the lucky chosen one and took home a gorgeous white AMY coat, major envy.

Love Niche London, Love Niche Studio, Fashion, Boutique, Fashion blogger, clothing, womanswear,
Love Niche London, Love Niche Studio, Fashion, Boutique, Fashion blogger, clothing, womanswear,

Its safe to say I had an amazing night, clothes, cocktails in a gorgeous fashion studio, whats not to love? I am also lucky enough to now be a Studio assistant and Social Media Intern at LOVE NICHE STUDIO which is super exciting. So watch this space as I can assure you I shall be purchasing some items from the Love Niche London collection very soon.


03 December 2014

Christmas At The Body Shop.

The Body Shop, Christmas, Beauty, Pampering, Bath products, Discount, Exclusive, Event
The Body Shop, Christmas, Beauty, Pampering, Bath products, Discount, Exclusive, Event

Last week I was invited down to my local The Body Shop for a Christmas Blogger event, which are always my favourite to go to. I don't know what it is about this time of year, perhaps the cold weather and need to fight off a winter chill, but in winter I LOVE pampering. Christmas time is all about spoiling yourself and what better way then running yourself a steaming hot bath and locking yourself in the bathroom for a few hours with a good book. Packed full of sumptuous body butters, fruity shower gels and hand creams, The Body Shop is my one stop shop for indulgent pamper products, and yet again they have some gorgeous christmas themed products on offer. My favourite being the Jingle Gels Sleigh as I can never decide which scent to go for, and here you get a taster of them all!

At the event I was lucky enough to receive an amazing goodie bag, The Body Shop always have the best ones (previous event included a delicious loaf of artisan bread). Along with a few festive treats it included an array of amazing products such as the Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt and the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.  Luckily for you the Eldon Square store are hosting an event tomorrow and Friday for Love Your Body loyalty card holders. Which you can buy for £5 and receive 10% off all purchases throughout the year with a whopping 40% off at loyalty card events like this one. Not only that but the Eldon Square store will give you your own goodie bag full of products if you spend over £30 in store. 

But thats not all! If you quote "Alice's Wonder Emporium" at the checkout you'll receive another exclusive goodie bag and a VIP consultation service! A huge thank you to the Newcastle store for such an amazing offer, and don't forget to let me know what bargains you pick up in store.


28 July 2014

Skincare Newbie.

I have a horrible confession to make. Until the past year and a half or so I was terrible with my skincare regime, if I can even call it that. I look back now and I am horrified at how badly I used to treat my skin, and I would wonder why it was dry and lifeless.

I rarely took my make up off before bed (I feel sick at the thought of it now) and when I did remove my make up it was a quick swish of a make up wipe and that was that. I barely touched moisturiser. The only time I did would be if my beloved Dream Matte Mousse wasn't sitting well on my skin and made it look all flakey (one of the reasons I stopped using dream matte mousse and opted for MAC). My answer to dry flakey skin? Moisturise once of twice and expect it all to magically go away. 

That was that, my skin care regime. Horrible wasn't it. But alas, I have learnt from my mistakes. I take my make up off before bed (minus the odd drunken stumble home at 4am) and I moisturise at least once a day. But I am always trying to get myself into a more regular and thorough skincare regime, to get my skin in the best possible condition I can.

So on Friday I ventured into town with Rachel and Becca on the hunt for skincare products, as a few of mine had all ran out. Prior to our outing I had done a little research online and devised myself a shopping list. Micellar Water, Cleanser, a Face Mask and a Serum and these were the ones I purchased. So fingers crossed these make a difference and I see an improvement in my skin. 


02 July 2014

DYO Fabulous Jewellery Pre-Launch Party

As part of Newcastle Fashion Week  I was invited along to Nancy's Bordello (one of my favourite local bars) for a pre-launch event for DYO Fabulous Jewellery. This was the only event I was able to attend throughout Fashion Week due to a hectic timetable with my final year at University. However as an avid jewellery maker myself I jumped at the chance to attend and rejigged my schedule especially. One of the main reasons I wanted to attend this event is because of my interest in the brand itself and their overall concept.

DYO Fabulous Jewellery is a brand based in my hometown, located less than 10 minutes away from my house, which ticks all the boxes regarding my love for local businesses. They specialise in bespoke semi-precious jewellery that you design yourself using their online interface. Janet, the founder of DYO gave us a sneak preview of the system which is still under-construction, but it allowed us to see how easy it is to use. The site launches officially later this summer, where you'll be able to hand pick every element for your own jewellery design and piece it together exactly how you want.

Janet's passion for the brand was clear as she talked us through the concept of the company. She told us of her experience visiting factories where high street jewellery is made (note: they are shocking) and how she travelled the world sourcing individual bespoke designers and handpicked every element available on the site. She went on to explain their future plans to have a bridal section, in order for you to match your jewellery with your colour scheme and a stylist section for stylists to sauce bespoke jewellery for photoshoots and celebrity clients. A truly unique jewellery brand.

Alongside drinks, nibbles, lucky dips and a sample sale, we were offered the chance to sign up to a jewellery making masterclass. I couldn't say no to such an opportunity, so settled down with my pliers and bead-board ready to make a princess pendant necklace. Its been so long since i've made jewellery myself, but this class reminded me of how much I loved it, and I can't wait to make more jewellery of my own.

(Images from the official NFW photographer)

After lots of fiddling and fumbling about with crimps, jump rings and one disastrous necklace malfunction my princess pendant was finally finished and I LOVE IT! I've never thought of using chain in this way and its certainly something i'd try again myself now I have more time on my hands. All I can say is I can't wait until the interface is up and running so I can add more semi-previous creations to my jewellery collection.


24 June 2014

The Bloggers Teaspoon - North East Bloggers Meet Up

Now I ADORE blogger meet ups and i've said many times before they are my favourite event to attend. There really is nothing better than spending an afternoon drinking tea and eating cake with a group of likeminded people. So when my best friend and blogger Rachel asked me to be the official photographer of her Bloggers Teaspoon even in aid of Lupus, I couldn't say no. So off I headed, with the aid of my boyfriend to help me carry a truck load of  amazing caramel cupcakes I made for the event, definitely a recipe i'm going to feature on here in the future, because who doesn't love cake ladened with caramel?

Weirdly this was the only blog meet up/mixer i've attended when I didn't really mingle. As much as I would have enjoyed to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, I was totally focused on my job of photographing the event, and I didn't want to let my best friend down by taking rubbish photographs. It was a nice change to be at an event and not be focused on my blog, handing out business cards etc. I got to take a step back and enjoy the event for what it really was (plus eat tonnes of delicious cakes and nibbles)


18 April 2014

Chummy, Coffee and Cupcakes.

Chummy, Coffee and Cupcakes.

Today I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed into Newcastle for a coffee date with my bestie Rachel (AKA Chummy) for a catch up as it feels like an age since we last had a get together. I nabbed a lift into town with my parents and popped for a pre-coffee coffee at Pink Lane Coffee, a local artisan cafe hidden away near the train station.  I've been meaning to check it out for ages, but I am rarely in that area of town anymore. I whole heartedly regret this decision as it is DE-LIGHT-FUL! Furniture made from wooden crates, mixed matched seats, coffee sacks galore and the milk comes in a teeny tiny bottle. Whats not to love?

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