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29 March 2015

Newest Skincare Additions

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I mentioned on Twitter recently that I had been struggling with my skin and called out for some product suggestions. I’m not really prone to breakouts, bar the odd spot here and there around the time of the month, but id recently been suffering from a number of break outs that just wouldn’t budge. Alongside that my skin just looked lifeless, dull and in need of a good boost. Thanks to a few suggestions I decided to try a few new products, and due to the 3 for 2 offer at the time I ended up leaving boots with quite a heavy carrier bag.

This cleansing oil was mentioned to me by both Chloe and Helen (the northern queen of skincare) I decided to give it a go. I honestly wish I had tried this sooner as it smells SO AMAZING! I opened the bottle and poured a small amount on my palm and immediately made a grunting noise. Yes, it smells that good. I’m a huge fan of citrus scents and this one packs a punch and a half! I massage it into my skin and it melts away all the make up and grime from my day, leaving my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and super plump.

When I was looking at the Superfacialist section of boots, and of course spotted a 3 for 2 offer, I felt this was a great time to try some of the other products on offer. I’d been wanting to try some of the Superfacialist cleansers for a while but just never got around to trying them. I decided to opt for this purifying cleansing wash in the hope to help rid of my blemishes and improve the appearance of my skin. I usually use this after my cleansing oil as a double cleanse and use the gel wash to rid of any remaining oil residue left on my face. I don’t often use gel based cleansers and opt for creamy ones but this one works amazingly. Its really refreshing and feels gorgeous on the skin. I must admit i’m not a HUGE fan of the smell which is supposed to be elderflower, a scent I usually love, but theres just something about this one I twist my face at. Aside from the smell, which is liveable, the wash itself leaves me skin feeling silky smooth and radiant. 

Finally, I basically just picked this up as it was on the same aisle and I needed a new Micellar water and another item in the 3 for 2 offer. I’m not really sure how this differs from the normal Garnier Micellar water, which I am a huge fan of, but I checked the ingredients and its pretty much the same. I use this to take of the my eye make up before I cleanse properly with my cleansing oil. I find this a much gentler way to remove stubborn eye make up and prefer if over scrubbing oils and creams near my eyes. I can’t say enough about the Garnier Micellar water as its my favourite way to remove eye make up, and you get a huge bottle for the price.

Since I’ve introduced these products into my routine my skin has cleared up wonderfully. I’m not 100% sure if this is just because my skin was getting tired of the same products and I switched it up. Or if I was using the wrong products for the wrong time of day, e.g. heavier products in the morning. But whatever it is my skin has vastly improved, Its no longer dull, lifeless and covered in blemishes. I’m back to feeling confident within my skin again for the first time in months. What are your favourite products to use when you have a breakout?


24 March 2015

Lets Go To The Beach.

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So with Lee working and having his university work to do, we don’t often see each other on other at weekends, other than a Saturday morning when I head back home. Instead we have recently been having our own little weekends on Thursdays and Fridays instead, that way we still get a couple of days together. The majority of the time our days together we just laze about Lee’s house watching Netflix and bumming out in our pj’s. But a few weeks ago when Lee actually had the weekend off, we headed down to Tynemouth, my local seaside town, for a look around the market and a walk along the beach.  England being England it was absolutely freezing so we spent our afternoon hiding
indoors and drinking coffee. 

Following that trip we decided to visit Lee’s local seaside town of Redcar for a day trip to the beach last week! Yet again the weather wasn’t on our side, certainly less windy than Tynemouth, but still rather nippy. The cold weather didn’t stop us strolling along the seafront and indulging in my first ever Lemon-Top, which for those who didn’t know is an ice-cream cone topped with Lemon Sorbet - its gorgeous.

Being the grown up and mature adults we are, we had to have a play at the amusements and wasted a fair few quid on the 2p machines. Its clear that I’m terrible at amusement games and won nothing. Lee on the other hand managed to win a cuddly toy from the grab machine as well as an Olaf keyring and a cow shaped rubber from the 2p machines, all of which he was kind enough to give to me.

Redcar, Beach, Day Trip, North-East Bloggers, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Couple, Weekend, Mens Fashion, Street Style

Following all the fun in the amusements we headed on into the town and checked out the local shops. One being Boyes, which Lee recently mentioned to me for having a good selection of fabrics in the Haberdashery. As soon as I saw Boyes I just had to run in as its not a shop we really get around Newcastle, so I was looking forward to seeing what it was about. Sadly none of the fabrics tickled my fancy, so I bought myself a colouring book instead - yes I really am 23 I promise. 

Finally we finished off our trip to the beach with Fish and Chips at a lovely little place called Oliver's. I opted for sausage and chips which was delicious as always, Lee had a Fish and Chip supper and we both proceeded to roll ourselves out of the door and in the direction of the train station.

Sometimes its nice to visit local places near where you live, as its easy to take your region for granted. As I tend to only stick to around the Newcastle area, it made a nice change to hop on a train, or two, and visit somewhere new. Have you travelled anywhere nice lately?


17 March 2015

Favourite Essie Polishes.

Theres nothing more than I love than a good pamper, and painting my nails has to be one of the most relaxing things I can do. Sat in front of the TV surrounded by 4000 bottles of nail varnish I always opt for the same shades. I’m naturally attracted to corals and oranges, blues and darks or neutrals and greys. I really should venture into more colours but these are just what I naturally gravitate towards. My top three nail varnish brands have to be Essie, Models Own and Barry M. Today I thought i’d talk about my three favourite nail colours from Essie. 

First is Cashmere Bathrobe which is the newest to my collection, brought to me thanks to Santa. Its the perfect glittery grey without you having to spend 4 hours scrubbing your nails to get the glitter off. I’ve a slight obsession with grey at the moment, and this is transferring into my nail varnish choices too. Its a smart and sophisticated way of wearing my beloved black nails of my former goth days. 

Second is Bazooka, which I believe is from their 2013 collections so sadly I cannot buy it online. I picked this up about a year ago on one of those glorious make up stands you find in some shopping centres at the bargain price of £1.99. Yes you heard right, £1.99! To this day I don’t think i’ve actually bought an Essie Polish at full price, always picking them up from small make up stores or TK Maxx. This shade is one of the 1000 corals I appear to own, but this shade is my favourite of the corals, and believe me thats a hard decision to make. Now the weather is warming up I’m opting for more spring shades of brights and pastels instead of my usual dark vampy shades. This coral is the perfect summery colour and automatically makes me feel a little bit perkier.

The final shade After School Boy Blazer, again I picked up at a bargain price from a local beauty outlet which houses an entire wall of nail varnish. Yes and ENTIRE WALL! I just happened to be browsing the nail wall I spotted the perfect navy shade. On reading the label I realised it was the shade Helen raves about on her Instagram. I must admit I nearly screamed when I saw this and ran to the till as fast as my legs could carry me. I can totally see why Helen loves this shade so much as since buying it a few months ago I’ve barely had anything else on my nails. I think I may have to bulk buy this and have a lifelong supply.


10 March 2015

Saturday Crafternoon With Hillary's Blinds.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend an event, which may have been one of the best events i've attended in a very long time, if not ever. Hillary's blinds have launched a new range of fabric designs to be used in their curtains, blinds and other home furnishings. As a way to promote the new range, which they launch every 2 years or so, they hosted a blogger crafting event with The Crafty Hen and it was so much fun!

Now before I start I must say, I am in now way crafty, especially when it comes to sewing. Having once attempted to re-hem a My Chemical Romance t-shirt after cutting off the arms, and it falling apart within 5 minutes of me wearing it, sewing really isn’t my strongest pursuit. 

But I went along to the event with an open mind, hoping there would be limited amounts of sewing. Which in a way was true, the sewing wasn’t too hard and I actually managed okay! To start with we made a simple little book cover which didn’t involve too much handy work. A fold here, a stitch there, a little bit of a glue gun and BOOM done. Sadly i’m a little slow with the sewing and wasn’t able to finish mine before we moved onto the next task, but I made the effort to finish mine and actually achieve something.

The second project required a lot more sewing, however at this point I felt I had enough skill to hopefully make a bird that looked like a bird. Turns out my skills weren’t quite up to it and again I failed to finish the project before out time ran out, a half finished bird with multiple holes in the stitching was carried home in my bag. I made the effort again to try and finish, and fix, my project once I returned home. I opted to use some of my own fabric scraps to create a different patterned stomach (which was the original plan for it) and re-did the stitching and actually finished it! 

Thanks to Hillary Blinds and The Crafty Hen I have discovered i’m not all that bad at sewing and with a little bit of practice I could create some semi-decent looking projects. I’ve even bought myself a dress pattern and some fabric to attempt to make myself a dress for the summer. Perhaps I won’t be applying for the Great British Sewing bee just yet, but I will certainly be crafting more often.


03 March 2015

Pop-A-Ball @ The Tea Shed.

The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of my time alone at home job-hunting, or at least at my boyfriend’s house. So when I received and invite for The Teashed Pop-A-Ball launch night last week, I jumped at the chance to go.Nothing cheers you up quite like a local blogger event!

Now if you don’t know The Teashed is a North-East based business that started by Northumbria University Graduate Jules, who was inspired by her time as an intern to create a company that specializes in lots of different types of tea and tea memorabilia.

Back in 2013 Jules opened a pop up shop café in Fenwick’s food hall and it was my favourite place in the whole entire world, serving tea, bubble tea drinks, cake and nibbles. I can remember when it first opened I popped along with Rachel and she described the décor as being ‘like the inside of your head Alice’ and she couldn’t have been more spot on. Sadly, the pop up café was only there for a few months and I was truly gutted when it left. So you can imagine my delight that Jules has opened another pop up shop again in Fenwick’s food hall, this time specializing in Bubble tea drinks.

The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop
The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop

Now I’ve drank my fair share of Bubble tea over the past few years, especially with my old housemate being from Taiwan, and quickly became a huge fan. With a number of Bubble Tea shops opening up in the city I’ve drank quite a lot, but I’ve always had the traditional Bubble Tea with tapioca balls and a jasmine tea base. Pop-A-Ball is different from all the rest, it specialises in selling flavoured ‘balls’ such as blueberry, green apple and passion fruit, which makes a lovely change from the ‘traditional’ Bubble tea drinks you see.

Now if you’re not confident enough in making your own Bubble drinks at home, or you just want some inspiration for drinks you can order Bubble drinks to go, with some amazing drink combinations available. I opted for the “Irish In The Toon”, part of the ‘Poptails’ range, made with Baileys, Vanilla Vodka, Coffee and Caramel flavoured Bubbles. Even if a boozy bubble doesn’t take your fancy there’s loads of drinks to choose from.

The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop

Similarly to the last pop-up shop in Fenwicks Pop-A-Ball is only here until April, so grab it whilst you can! Or buy online here. 

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