03 March 2015

Pop-A-Ball @ The Tea Shed.

The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of my time alone at home job-hunting, or at least at my boyfriend’s house. So when I received and invite for The Teashed Pop-A-Ball launch night last week, I jumped at the chance to go.Nothing cheers you up quite like a local blogger event!

Now if you don’t know The Teashed is a North-East based business that started by Northumbria University Graduate Jules, who was inspired by her time as an intern to create a company that specializes in lots of different types of tea and tea memorabilia.

Back in 2013 Jules opened a pop up shop café in Fenwick’s food hall and it was my favourite place in the whole entire world, serving tea, bubble tea drinks, cake and nibbles. I can remember when it first opened I popped along with Rachel and she described the décor as being ‘like the inside of your head Alice’ and she couldn’t have been more spot on. Sadly, the pop up café was only there for a few months and I was truly gutted when it left. So you can imagine my delight that Jules has opened another pop up shop again in Fenwick’s food hall, this time specializing in Bubble tea drinks.

The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop
The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop

Now I’ve drank my fair share of Bubble tea over the past few years, especially with my old housemate being from Taiwan, and quickly became a huge fan. With a number of Bubble Tea shops opening up in the city I’ve drank quite a lot, but I’ve always had the traditional Bubble Tea with tapioca balls and a jasmine tea base. Pop-A-Ball is different from all the rest, it specialises in selling flavoured ‘balls’ such as blueberry, green apple and passion fruit, which makes a lovely change from the ‘traditional’ Bubble tea drinks you see.

Now if you’re not confident enough in making your own Bubble drinks at home, or you just want some inspiration for drinks you can order Bubble drinks to go, with some amazing drink combinations available. I opted for the “Irish In The Toon”, part of the ‘Poptails’ range, made with Baileys, Vanilla Vodka, Coffee and Caramel flavoured Bubbles. Even if a boozy bubble doesn’t take your fancy there’s loads of drinks to choose from.

The Teashed Pop-A-Ball pop up shop

Similarly to the last pop-up shop in Fenwicks Pop-A-Ball is only here until April, so grab it whilst you can! Or buy online here. 

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  1. Looks wonderful - it's nice to see something different and I love that Fenwick are championing small local businesses1

  2. I'm going with Chloe to review this on Saturday, I've never had bubble tea before so I'm really looking forward to it! Lovely review!

    Kay x


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