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23 April 2015

BEAUTY: Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution Haul Iconic 3, Contour Kit, Lip Creams, Eyebrow tint

I must be honest and admit i’m not the most adventurous with my make up choices, my everyday look is a neutral toned smokey eye, cat eye liquid eyeliner and a touch of lipstick. Because of this I tend to buy the majority of my make up on the high street (bar the occasional mac lipstick) and i’m more interested in splurging on skincare to get my skin as good as it can be, than buying expensive make up. I first tried Makeup Revolution about a year ago and really enjoyed the products, so I decided to check their website out again as I was due a few new bits of make up and low and behold I found a nicely sized parcel at my doorstep. 

I must admit some products I bought have been a little hit and miss, the Ultra Velour lip creams in ‘It’s what we do best’ and ‘You’re not the best you’re not the last’ disappointed me a little and I probably won’t use them much as I found them quite wet and wore off quite quickly. The Salvation Velvet Lacquer in Vamp is better, however the colour I’ve found a little TOO dark for me and i’ll probably only wear on nights out. Ultra Aqua Brow Tint 'Medium' is something I think I can grow to love, however its taking me some time to get used to the product as i'm so used to using pencils to fill in my eyebrows, but so far I am enjoying the colour.

Makeup Revolution Haul Iconic 3, Contour Kit, Lip Creams, Eyebrow tint

Having already tried, and loved, the Romantic Smoked palette I felt it was time for me to try one of their other ones available. Makeup Revolution are like many make up brands at the moment creating ‘dupes’ of the Urban Decay Naked palettes so I decided to give them ago as the Urban Decay ones are a little out of my budget. I opted for the Iconic 3 palette and I wish i’d gotten it sooner. The eyeshadows are packed with colour and theres not a single shade in the set that I don’t love, giving my everyday smokey eye a much needed make over.

Makeup Revolution Haul Iconic 3, Contour Kit, Lip Creams, Eyebrow tint

On a whim I decided to pick up a contour kit in light, as I’m always carrying a blusher, contour powder and highlighter back and forth to my boyfriends house whenever I go stay and having all three in one seemed like a logical idea. The contour powder is the perfect colour for my super pale skin, having previously just used a pressed powder in a few shades darker (I’m sorry) this colour is much better for contouring. I don’t contour too much as I don’t think theres the need for it, but a little sweep on my cheekbones teamed with the highlight gives me a gorgeous glow. Whoever invented contour kits like these I thank you, you’ve made me life a whole lot easier, and my make up bag a whole lot lighter.

What are you favourite items from Makeup Revolution? 


16 April 2015

Who is Alice?

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(apologies for the awkward squinty photo but this is the best I have)

I’ve felt a little disheartened with my blog recently and I’ve been thinking about the direction its headed in and I’m not excited about it.  I refer to my blog as a Fashion (kind of) and Lifestyle blog, but I don’t think it really is that. So after a few days brewing over it I realised how truthfully you all don’t know too much about me. So here I am today, putting a little more Alice into Alice’s Wonder Emporium.

I thought the best way to get to know me a little better was to give you a few pointless facts about myself and the things I like. I love reading these posts about other people, probably because i’m nosey as hell.

I volunteer one day a week in my local charity shop and have done since September 2013 and I bloody love it! - I buy all of the books

I have a habit of randomly bursting into song, especially if somebody says a certain phrase - I will find a song that relates to it and sing it out loud, a lot. I inherited that skill from my Grandfather

I once appeared on an episode of Animal Hospital (kind of) during a roadshow episode where you can see my tiny head veering itself around a corner into the shot.

I am obsessed with sausage dogs and can’t wait to have one of my own. I plan to name him Frankenfurter, any other sausage related names would be appreciated. 

If I could choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life I would choose Taiwanese Hot pot. My old housemate introduced it to me and I am hooked.

I can’t really swim (this shocks many people) I learned how to swim at the end of the last swimming lesson in Primary School and haven’t really attempted it since.

My natural hair colour is strawberry blonde, and yes thats not just ginger in denial. I have photographs to prove it.

I used to live in the same street as Jeff from Byker Grove and would often see him drive past my living room window - if anybody knows who he is you get brownie points from me.

I’m obsessed with vintage clothing and vintage fashion, although only own one vintage dress and a few pairs of Levi shorts. I find most vintage shops sell ugly 80’s clothing where I prefer the femininity of 1950’s and 1960’s clothes. Help me find some decent items please.

I have actually been blogging since 2009, having had around 4-5 blogs over the years and getting sick of them and starting again. Alice’s Wonder Emporium is just over 2 years old and the only one i’ve really stuck with.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better, i’m also planning on venturing into youtube soon as a way for you all to get to known me more. so watch this space! In the meantime i’d love to know a few facts about you, so pop them below.

08 April 2015

Life on Instagram

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Hello, my name is Alice and i'm an Instagram addict. Yep, totally addicted. I don't know what it is but I could easily spend hours and hours scrolling through everybody's pictures and double tapping until my hearts content. I love finding new accounts to follow with perfectly organised photographs giving me a little peep into their life, so today I thought i'd share a few photos from my Instagram!

- Taking my latest Grimoire necklace out for a spin - Having a good make up day - Books i've been reading recently-
-A huge coffee in my favourite mug - A few final touches to my bedroom - Finally getting THAT Miss Selfridge dress -
- Lee discovering my huge bedroom mirror - Easter chocolate must be rabbit shaped - Jewellery sorting  - 

I'm always on the hunt to find new Instagram accounts to follow, so share yours below!

You can follow me here


04 April 2015

Bakingwithalice: S'mores Brownies

Brownies, Baking, Food Blogger, Food, Cooking
Brownies, Baking, Food Blogger, Food, Cooking

Now today I am just going to ignore the fact I am supposed to be dieting (or at least eating healthier) but its Easter weekend and everybody deserves a treat right?  Plus I am trying to incorporate other interest of mine, aside from just shoes and lipsticks, and baking has to be one of my favourite things to do on a day off.

Now usually I’m not a big sweets person, forever opting for cheese or crisps as my guilty snack. However I love cake and especially love brownie, which is weird because I’m not all that big on chocolate. When it comes to brownies i’m not usually that adventurous, always just opting for plain brownies with a uber gooey centre. But I stepped out of my comfort zone and baked something a little different and I thought i’d share them with you today. 

S'mores Brownies

(makes 12-15 brownies)

What you need:

For the Brownie
115g Unsalted Butter
120g Dark Chocolate
190g Soft Light Brown Sugar
130g Caster Sugar
1 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp Salt
4 Large Eggs
140g Plain Flour

For the Base
200g Digestive Biscuits
125g Unsalted Butter

For the topping
400g Large White Marshmallows

How to make it:
One | Line yourself a baking tray making sure you leave excess foil or baking parchment on the edges (it makes it easier to pull it out) Preheat your oven to 160°C (320°F), Gas Mark 3

Two | First make your biscuit base by smashing up your biscuits, I popped them in a sandwich bag to keep them from going everywhere. Melt your butter in the microwave or in a small pan on the hob, and combine the two in a bowl and set aside for later.

Three | Now time for the brownie, place the butter and broken up chocolate into a glass bowl placed above a pan of boiling water (making sure the bowl doesn't touch to water) and heat on the hob until fully melted and smooth.

Four | Into the melted chocolate and butter mix stir in the caster and soft brown sugar, vanilla extract and the salt until fully incorporated. Add the eggs, I tend to do this one at a time so it doesn't end up too wet. Keep stirring until they're fully mixed in. Finally mix in the flour, again little by little until its just incorporated, not over mixing is key!

Five | Pour the brownie mix into your lined tin then top with the biscuit crumble as evenly as possible. Then pop in the oven for 30-35 minutes (I like my brownie a little gooey so I tend to opt for 25-30 minutes, but this is all personal preference)

Six | Once cooked place the marshmallows on top of the brownie and pop back into the oven for a few minutes to melt the marshmallows - just make sure you keep an eye on them.

Seven | You can toast the marshmallows even more if you like under the grill, however I didn't as they came out toasted enough just popping them in the oven. Set aside to cool and then slice into portions with a hot knife (this bit can get a little messy so be prepared to get covered in melted marshmallows)

Brownies, Baking, Food Blogger, Food, Cooking
Brownies, Baking, Food Blogger, Food, Cooking

I'm thinking of making baking/cooking posts a regular feature on Alice's Wonder Emporium, what do you think? 

I'd also love to know if you give these a go so use the hashtag #bakewithalice and tweet me here so I can see your creations 

02 April 2015

Intu Colours Fashion Show @ Intu MetroCentre

Fashion, Fashion Show, Catwalk, Intu Metro Centre, Topshop, Warehouse, Superdry

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to experience my first event as a V.I.B (very important blogger) at the bloggers preview for the Intu MetroCentre #IntuColours fashion week. Getting a sneak peak at the fashion shows that would be following for the rest of the week.

On arrival we were greeted with an abundance of cakes and cocktails (an essential at any blogger event) and the chance to take selfie, print out as many copies as we desired and to win an amazing box of goodies! - I’m sad to say I did not win, but I loved the option to print out the photos as I love to collect little keepsakes like that.

After we all fed ourselves with macaroons and cupcakes we found our way to our seats and were greeted with a gorgeous personalised notebook from Note and a goodie bag full of amazing samples thanks to the House of Fraser. I must admit I loved sitting on the front row, FROW! Yeah mama i’ve finally made it!! I felt quite  like quite a celebrity if I’m honest and the shows presenter Anna Foster proceeded to inform the rest of the shopping mall we were V.I B’s and made us feel quite loved.

Fashion, Fashion Show, Catwalk, Intu Metro Centre, Topshop, Warehouse, Superdry
Fashion, Fashion Show, Catwalk, Intu Metro Centre, Topshop, Warehouse, Superdry

Once in our seats the Fashion show began and we were presented with a range of different looks (on some rather handsome models) from a variety of different shops within the shopping mall including Warehouse, Topshop and Superdry. I forgot how much I enjoy fashion shows like this, as it allows you to see outfits styled on a model, whereas sat on a rail you might not have looked twice at it. My favourite look had to be the black and white striped co-ord, which looked gorgeous on the model, though if i’d seen these in the shops I probably wouldn’t have noticed them. But now i’ve seen them i don’t know how I can cope with a life without them in my wardrobe. The power of a catwalk.

The Fashion shows weren’t all just about showing off the gorgeous spring fashions on offer within the MetroCentre but also to promote their Big Intu Clothes Drop Campaign, where you donate your unwanted clothes for Centrepoint to help support homeless youths throughout the country. But don’t worry if you missed the MetroCentre’s IntuColour’s fashion shows, theres plenty happening up and down the country in Intu shopping centre’s.

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