21 May 2015

#Coffeeandcocktails Honey Bee Cocktail

A few weeks ago I was invited along to a Cocktail making masterclass hosted my Joe Bloggers and Curry's held at Revolution Vodka Bar where we spent our evening making coffee based cocktails! Normally when I drink cocktails I tend to stick to fruity and fresh ones, my favourites being Cherry Drop, Amaretto Sours, Long Island Ice Tea and Zombie Nation. So it made a nice change to try creamier and coffee based cocktails that I usually would overlook on a cocktail menu.

With the help of the two barman Josh and Rory we all got the chance to have a go at making cocktails of our own. We were all split into groups of 10 with 5 people per barman and made a range of different cocktails. My group made the cocktail "Honey Bee" which was made up especially for the event by the Revolution barmen themselves.

What You Need:

2 shots of Honey Flavoured Whiskey
1 Shot of Gomme Syrup
100ml of Espresso
A slosh of a milk and cream mix
Squirty cream to decorate.

How To Make It:

One | Along with ice add the ingredients one by one into a mixing glass
Two | Place the shaker onto the glass, give it a hard tap to make sure its sealed and shake shake shake!
Three | Tap the shaker wit the palm of your hand to loosen the glass and using a strainer pour the drink into a jam jar filled with ice.
Four | Add a blob of squirty cream, the more the merrier and enjoy!

If Honey Bee doesn't take your fancy theres 4 other cocktail recipes to try here



  1. Beautiful photos and thanks so much for sharing! I'm definitely giving this recipe a try soon :)


  2. Thank you! Its such a tasty cocktail and I don't usually like whiskey!

  3. Our paths almost crossed! I was invited to this but I was in Liverpool so I couldn't attend. I love Revolution, the one in Newcastle is beautiful! x

  4. Aw thats such a shame, would have been lovely to meet you! I'm nearly always at the Joe Blogs blogger events, they always host such fun ones.


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