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17 June 2015

#Toastofthetown: Cupcake Decorating @ The Copthorne Hotel

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed baking and decorating cakes, and I always thought I was pretty good at it. In hindsight I can bake a pretty good vanilla cupcake and decorate it with vanilla frosting. Not very creative really. So when I was invited along to The Copthorne Hotel by Joe Blogs to attend a cupcake decorating afternoon, I couldn't say no. 

We were lucky enough to be under the expert hands of Julie from Julie's Cake House, a local cake business who specialise in beautifully decorated cakes and even decorating classes. Julie was amazing at helping us step my step in the decoration of the cupcakes and was happy to answer questions or assist any of us who were struggling slightly. During the afternoon we decorated 4 cupcakes with different designs. The first being a bright yellow floral design which was a lot easier to create than it looks. You simply cut some mini marshmallows at an angle and dip the sticky side into some coloured sugar and place in layers over a frosted cupcake. A really simple effect that looks rather fancy!

The second design was my favourite, an adorable little pink bear! I've never used icing like this before and I must admit at first I was a little nervous but it was super easy to handle and I was quite impressed with how my little bear turned out. Though saying that the third cupcake design I struggled with a little more as we made tiny fondant icing lipsticks, make up brushes and a pearl necklace. At this point the room was warming up somewhat and my fondant proved to be a little sticky. Or at least thats my excuse for my design being a little dodgy.

Now I did say we decorated four cupcakes, but I am honestly embarrassed at the state of my final one that I refuse to photograph it (however you can see a glimpse of it in the photograph above). This design was the hardest out of the three where we were required to create two toned flower petals and a little lady bug with optional glitter. As you can kind of see from my design I had a little accident with the glitter and it resembled a primary school classroom after a double lesson of art.

Read about the cake decorating afternoon here and see how everybody else did by searching the hashtag #toastofthetown

16 June 2015

Bedroom Snippets.

Since moving back into my parents house i've become a little obsessed with making my bedroom look as homely as possible. I think its due to when I was living in a student house I was really limited to what I was allowed to do to make my room nice. But now back home i'm able to hang things on the wall, re-arrange all the furniture and re-decorate, I have been in my element. 

For me, my bedroom is like my haven, I can lock myself up in my room away from everything and just relax. I think having a calm bedroom and somewhere you love to come and sit when you're stressed is really important. I wanted my bedroom to be calm and relaxing but also represent me with fun little quirks and things i've collected over the years.

Initially I wanted an all white bedroom, however due to my bedrooms generous size I decided this would look too clinical and opted for a soft blue-ish grey instead. Along with my all white furniture i've added pops of colour throughout my room through books, accessories and decorative pieces. Its taken me about 9 months to get my room exactly how I want, so I thought i'd share with you a little glimpse into my little paradise.

These are my favourite parts of my bedroom, what are your favourite parts of yours?


14 June 2015

Feeling Fruity

Alice's Wonder Emporium, Fruity Fashion

As of late I have grown a weird and somewhat wonderful obsession with food, mostly fruit, related clothing an accessories. It all started with me getting my hands on a second-hand watermelon print midi skirt. A skirt that if I could I would wear every single day of my life as it makes me feel amazing (which is rare for me at the moment). I've a new found love for fun and colourful clothing especially those with food prints on them. I've even recently bought myself some pear print fabric to make myself my own version of my watermelon skirt, so watch this space for a D.I.Y post coming to Alice's Wonder Emporium soon.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, Fruity Fashion.
Alice's Wonder Emporium, Fruity Fashion.

Now my most recent, and probably my favourite fruit related purchase of late, are these two fruit shaped handbags I picked up yesterday from Primark of all places. I'd seen photos of them posted on instagram and was popping into my local Primark on a weekly basis to see if I could nab them for myself. Sadly the Newcastle store never had any in stock, or at least not that I could find. But low and behold yesterday whilst at the Metro Centre attending a Summer Swish event I popped into Primark with Amy and there they were! I grabbed them both and nearly ran to the till, because at £6 each you really can't say no. They're fruity and they're fun and they'll be perfect to jazz up a minimal summer outfit.

13 June 2015

Hillary's Crafting Challenge: How To Make A Lampshade.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade

Back in March I took part in an amazing event with Hillary's thanks to the team at Joe Bloggers, which you can read about here. At the event we were told there would be a craft competition for us to enter at a later date where we would be sent some of Hillary's fabric and have to make something out of it. I must admit at the event I didn't do ALL that well at the sewing, so I thought this competition would be a good opportunity for my to practice my crafting skills a little, all with the chance of winning a nice £1000 prize. Not to shabby eh?

Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade

What You Need:

For the Lampshade:
Small lampshade
1 metre square of the fabric of your choice
Fabric Scissors
Fabric Glue
Sewing Needle

1-2 Metres of trimming, this depends on the size of your lampshade
A selection of buttons of beads in colours to match your fabric
Embroidery thread, choose a shade within your fabric design

How To Make It:

One | To begin with use a piece of scrap paper to measure and trace your lampshade to create a template for your fabric.
Two | Pin your template onto your fabric and carefully cut around, leaving a 1-2cm border around your template.
Three |  Using fabric glue carefully attach your fabric to the bottom of the lampshade, tucking as you go.  I used clothes pegs to keep the fabric in place as I attached it to the lampshade. Keep the clothes pegs in place until the glue dried. Repeat this on the top edge until the whole lampshade is covered.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade

Four | When you're waiting for the glue to try gather your decorations. I opted for buttons but you could easily use pom-pom trimmings, tassels or beading. This is entirely up to you, but make sure your colour choices match your fabric as it finishes it off nicely. Work out the amounts you're going to need and cut lengths of embroidery thread of around an inch and a half and thread them though your buttons or beads and tighten securely. 

Five | Using a thread attach the buttons onto the base of the lampshade with a few simple stitches. Don't worry too much about how secure they are, just as long as they stay in place. Also you don't have to try and get them the same height, varied lengths and random colour patterns adds a nice effect to the design.
Six | Usings a hot glue gun, add the decorating binding to the top and bottom of the lampshade. Ensuring the bottom binding covers the threads that attach the buttons to the shade. This helps to secure the buttons into place. Once glued attach clothes pegs to keep the binding in place until it dries.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade


09 June 2015

Summer Style With Jones The Bootmaker

Summer is that one time of year where I struggle with fashion and having no idea what to wear. With black tights and layers are being comfort blanket, when the weather starts to heat up my confidence goes out the window. My biggest issue is staying cool whilst still feeling relatively 'put together' without having to worry about how pale and chunky I think my legs are. Recently i've been thinking more and more about ways I can stay stylishly cool on those odd warmer days we are getting here in the UK. 

On hot summery days I always struggle to find the balance between staying cool, but not exposing my pale skin to the sunshine for fear of turning into a human tomato. However this year I have discovered the joys of kimono's, the perfect summer cover up without adding too much bulk. This white crochet  ideal to wear over the a nice striped top, and stripes are my go to print all year around, to create a fresh nautical look. 

The one item of clothing i'd really like to add into my wardrobe this summer is a pair of boyfriend jeans for those days when you really do not want to be wearing a pair of skin tight skinnies. I love how versatile boyfriend jeans can be and they can easily be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with a pair of sandals, like these Birkenstocks in black. I purchased a pair of white ones last summer and they were the perfect casual but comfy sandal whilst still being on trend. As much as I love my white ones I think the black ones look a little smarter and would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Now lets ignore the fact that for the past 4-5 months i've been on the hunt for the perfect black bag, thats just big enough to fit my camera in, but not too big that it weighs me down and is a pain to carry. For now this mustard tote bag is top of my shopping list, a classic and simple style to jazz up any summer outfit thats big enough to fit all my bits and bobs in. Lets not forget sunglasses, a summer look wouldn't be complete with a pair of sunnies to keep the sun out of your eyes. For years i've suffered with aching foreheads from squinting so much in the summer due to not finding any prescription sunglasses I like. But finally i've managed to find these cat eye style beauties that will be perfect for those sunny days.
*This is a sponsored post*

07 June 2015

BloggersPearJoy - Vintage Inspired Photoshoot.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take part in the #BLOGGERSPEARJOY Photoshoot with some my blogging buddies Rachel, Kathryn and Laura organised by Pearman Photography and I can assure you it was a fun day had by all. I thought i'd include a few behind the scene pictures from the day as these are my favourite types to see, plus theres a video to follow soon!

We arrived bright and early all fresh faces and somewhat sleepy, at the location in Hoult's Yard at ready to get our glam on! With an amazing team behind the shoot it wasn't long before we were all looking fabulous. Having our locks glorified by Liam at SalonLRM and Emily working magic on our faces making them go from sleepy to sensational in no time. Even just with our hair and make-up done I was amazed already at how vintage we looked, my hair was incredible and I really couldn't stop staring at it. How did women manage to create such gorgeous hairstyles without their own personal hairdressers back in the day? Like how!!?

Next was the exciting bit, our outfits! Being a lover of Vintage style this was the part I was most looking forward to. Thanks to the styling of Nichola we all had two looks, one daytime and one evening look. The outfits we're supplied by the amazing, and local, vintage store Its Vintage Darling which is based in South Shields.

My daytime look was what I would describe as 'Librarian chic' (my mum thought I looked like my Grandma) with a green corduroy skirt green patterned shirt.  I must admit this isn't something I would have picked myself, but it was interesting to try a different type of look as I tend to lean towards the silhouette of 1950's with synched in waists and full skirts as it really suits my shape. Therefore the evening look was right up my street! A vintage replica style dress, so it mimics the shapes of vintage clothing without any of the horrid fabrics.I have been looking at loads of these types of dresses recently on different sites, and even bought myself one but sadly it was too big on my small boobies. 

This look automatically resulted in lots of twirling and swirling, which you really can't help but do when you wear a frock like that. Theres just something about a full skirted dress that instantly makes you feel glamorous and ladylike and I will definitely be adding more of these types of dresses into my wardrobe.

Finally I thought i'd include some of my favourite shots from the day and surprise surprise they include my evening look. It really took a lot for me to take that dress off and give it back. Now I must be honest I usually HATE when other people take my photograph, and having lacked self confidence a lot recently the thought of being photographed like this did make me quite nervous. However Laura has managed to break the mould and I absolutely LOVE the images she took of me. She did an amazing job at making us feel comfortable and making it fun! I think thats the key to good photographs, making your subject feel comfortable and Laura did just that. 

The photoshoot has given me a much needed confidence boost and I feel as though its really helped strengthen my love for 1950's style fashion and this is a look i'll really try and recreate on my own. So id like to say a huge thank you to everybody involved for making me feel gorgeous.

Why not check out those who were involved in making this photoshoot so amazing.

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