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22 October 2015

#BloggersWhitleyBayHoliday - A Trip To The Sea

Whitley Bay, Holiday, Caravan, nebloggers

A few weeks ago now I travelled down the road to Whitley Bay Caravan Park to spend the day with Rachel, Rhi, Laura, Alison and Craig for a mini "bloggers holiday" organised by the gorgeous Beca. Now Whitley Bay is my local beach, so the caravan park isn't somewhere I was likely to visit before. So spending the day there was a great way to spent a rather warm October day. 

The park itself is in the perfect location of just being on the border between North Tyneside and Northumberland, with the freedom to travel up or down the coast as you please. Situated right next to St Mary's Island with transport links into Newcastle and beyond its the perfect place for a getaway.

When I was younger we had a touring caravan so I've spent a lot of time on caravan parks, however my experience of them generally was a field and a few washing facilities. However the Whitley Bay site houses only static caravans but comes equipped with its own swimming pool, restaurant, entertainment venue and amusements amongst other things. I must say I was really impressed with their facilities, if I had the money to buy myself a caravan there I would happily do so!

Whitley Bay, Caravans, nebloggers

We had a really good lurk around different models of caravans, slowly getting larger and fancier and ended in a huge one that is so fancy you're not allowed to call it a caravan, its a lodge! I really enjoyed this part of the day as I really love nosing around houses and looking at interiors, so this was right up my street. After our grand tour of the park we settled down into the restaurant where we got to sit and chill out for a little while and enjoy a meal courtesy of the holiday park. I opted for a southern fried chicken burger and a slush, I couldn't help myself. The inner child took over and I spent the rest of the day with a blue tongue.

With our time at the Holiday Park complete we had a wander down to the beach for a mooch about and then up to the lighthouse, where a wedding was in tow (felt a little like we were gate-crashing it) and had a poke about the rock pools. Sometimes it takes events like this to just remind you of how nice your local area can be, the sun was shinning, I spent the day with a great bunch of people and I came home with a goodie bag full of sweet treats from Lottie McPhee's Cupcakes and Made Cafe.


05 October 2015

Pact Coffee - Artisan Coffee Straight Through Your Door.

Pact Coffee
Believe it or not over the last decade I have gone from hating coffee in every single shape or form, to being a fully functioning coffee addict. Starting my coffee journey off drinking uber chocolatey mochas, which truthfully taste more than chocolate than anything else. To now being in a position where I enjoy tasting a range of different coffees with different undertones and flavours. Yep, not all coffee tastes the same.

Now i've always tended to buy my coffee from the supermarket and I can never seem to get my coffee at home to taste as nice as when I drink coffee in cafe's, FYI my favourites being Pink LaneBLK and Flat Caps Coffee. So when my brother mentioned ages ago about a company called Pact Coffee that he used who post artisan coffee's to you as often as once a week. I decided on my first Payday I would give them a go. 

Pact Coffee

The company themselves are really rather small, to the point where I received a phone call and a few texts from my own personal pact coffee representative when I first ordered my coffee to check I had received my order and if I had any questions at all. The little touches like messages and emails that just make you feel a little important and are a really nice plus when you're purchasing from a company.

You pay £6.95 for a each pack, which if you do order one a week is a little on the luxurious side. However I tend to get mine sent out every month as I don't drink enough to warrant a pack each week, which if you think about it is the cost of two cups of coffee and you get way more than that in a packet. I'd much rather spend my money on buying coffee from a small artisan coffee company than spending it in those typical high street chains.

You can get your first pack of coffee for £1 but I was too slow and my coupon code ran out before I got a chance to order mine that cheaply. Once you've ordered you also get your own coupon code to give to all your friends and family so they can order a £1 pact coffee pack for themselves. So I thought i'd share my personal code with you all so you can try them out yourselves!


03 October 2015

#NEBOOKSWAP - North East Bloggers Book Swap

nebloggers bookswap
Images nabbed from Rhi
As I mentioned in my last post, i've recently attended a few blogger events recently that have re-kindled my love for blogging. Theres nothing quite like being in a room full of bloggers to get you motivated again.

The event has to be one of my favourite I've attended in a very long time, hosted by the babes Rhi and Fiona, this was a book swap! I'd attended a clothes swap back in the summer which I really enjoyed. So as soon as I heard there was a one with books I just had to get me some of that. The principle was basically the same, you take a long a bunch of books and for each book you receive a tag/bookmark with your name on. Everybody puts their name in the books they're interested in getting, and at the end any books with more than one name goes into a draw. 

nebloggers bookswap

Now I don't know how the hell I managed this but I somehow get all the books i'd picked, even the ones that had to be put into a hat and drawn out. How lucky was I? Now i've just got the try and find the room on my bookshelf which was bursting at the seams to begin with. Along with our book swap the evening consisted of black out poetry (which I suck at) book themed ice breakers, a raffle and of course tea and cake. 

Finally the evening ended with our "don't judge a book by its cover" wrapped book swap. The basic concept is that you choose a book on the description of it, not by how the cover looks and I'll be the first to admit I am a sucker for a pretty looking book. We were all told to pick a book, wrap it up on paper and write a short description of what the book is about. I opted for book wrapped in brown paper with the description:

"The history behind a classic brand of shoes. Including photographic cameos from many music and fashion icons." 

I was automatically drawn to the mention of shoes and photographs which are probably my two favourite things after books. So this book was a must have. Upon unwrapping I revealed a gorgeous book all about Dr Martens! I was expecting something on the lines of Louboutin so I was pleasantly surprised and a little happier it was a shoe brand i'm a much bigger fan of.

nebloggers book swap

A huge thank you to Rhi and Fiona for hosting such an amazing event. I hope theres more events like this in the future.

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