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25 December 2015

Feeling Festive #jumpindresses with George @ Asda

fblogger, christmas, christmas tree, festive, jumper dress, jumpindresses, noel


I hope you are all having a fantastic day and stuffing your face with as much chocolate as your body can handle. I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to show you all my new favourite "not christmas-y but still festive-ish" jumper dress courtesy of George for their #jumpindresses campaign. As somebody who is a big fan of both jumpers and dresses (this is pretty much all my wardrobe consists of right now) i'm not really sure why i've never tried combining the two and worn a jumper dress before. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE? - seriously? its the most comfiest fashion choice ever created by man. I would like to thank whoever came up with this idea.

fblogger, christmas, christmas tree, festive, jumper dress, jumpindresses, noel
fblogger, christmas, , festive, jumper dress, jumpindresses,

This is the time of year where all the super festive christmas jumpers appear covered in Santa Claus, christmas puddings, snowmen and all things festive. I admit a few years ago I did own a christmas jumper with a pudding on it, however it made me look the size of a christmas pudding and I haven't worn one since. For me this sequinned fox jumper is the perfect alternative to a tacky christmas jumper. The sequins still add a festive-ish vibe to it - making it totally appropriate to wear on any occasions where a christmas jumper is compulsory whilst still looking fairly stylish. 

fblogger, christmas, christmas tree, festive, jumper dress, jumpindresses, noel

I decided to team my jumper dress up with this gorgeous black tassel fringed boots to add to my ever growing black ankle boot collection, which are stupidly comfortable for a heel that high. I even managed a trip to ikea and back without hobbling home in agony which I usually do with heels. I also picked up a gorgeous little black handbag with a pompom which is the perfect size for fitting all my bits and bobs in without ending up with a never-ending handbag pit of darkness. The bag itself is no longer available online however you can find similar items like this one which are just as nice.

All items have been sent by George @ Asda

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