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16 December 2016

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas is fast approaching and I can't contain my excitement! I'd like to say that I love Christmas but I find Christmas day itself quite dull. I much prefer the prep and hustle and bustle beforehand. The shopping for presents, finding the perfect gifts and then getting to wrap them up all beautifully ready to pop under the tree. Not everybody finds Christmas shopping as fun and easy as I do, so today I thought I'd help you out with some little gift ideas for my favourite part of Christmas. Stocking fillers! I'm not sure what it is about stocking fillers I enjoy so much but I love those small little gifts, quite often funny or containing inside jokes, that I really enjoy buying.  I've put together a few items including skincare, make-up, homeware and fragrance to give you some inspiration for those all important stocking fillers. 


24 November 2016

My Five Favourite Everyday Lipsticks

Only You, Cannes, Mehr, Nude-ist, Tea Rose

When it comes to lipsticks I seem to be all or nothing, its either vibrant reds, deep maroons or nude and natural, I tend not to stray in between. I like what I like and I stick with what I know. So today I thought I'd share with you my five favourite lipsticks for everyday wear. As you can see theres a common colour running through these five, but I've finally found a nude colour that suits me as my lips are naturally quite pigmented so typical 'nudes' make me look ill.

Although each of these lipsticks are similar shades they all wear quite differently. First Only You, which is part of the Ellie Goulding range from Mac, is a cream-sheen so is quite subtle in colour and quite nourishing on the lips. I tend to reach for this one when my lips are on the drier side and I want a quick swipe of colour without too much upkeep. I admit it doesn't last that long but its handy for those days when you haven't got the time to faff on worrying about how your lipstick looks and touching it up, it just wears off gracefully.

These three shades are probably the three I reach for the most. Since NYX finally arrived in Newcastle I've been a little obsessed with their matte lip creams. The first one I tried was Cannes which is my perfect 'your lip but better' shade - yeah I said it. Out of all the liquid lipsticks I've found so far these have my favourite formula. They're soft and nourishing and wear off really nicely, I've tried a few that when you re-apply them they become a little crumbly but this just glide on perfectly. Next I have Mac's Mehr which I often describe as my '90's mom' shade, this one is a little more grey if that makes sense? It adds a more grungy feel compared to the others which are a little more pink toned. I think this is my way of justifying why I have so many similar shades. 

If I remember correctly I think Nude-ist was the first lipstick of this shade I tried, it was the first liquid lipstick I tried too. That quickly resulted in a liquid lipstick obsession, so this one its a little nostalgic shade for me. Out of the liquid lipsticks I have I think I prefer the NYX formula over this one, plus this is a little bit more expensive. But that doesn't mean I don't love it, I think this one takes a little longer to dry, but that gives me a little longer to perfect my pout.

Finally I have the NYX matte lipstick in Tea Rose, after the success of the matte lip creams I decided it was time to try one of their other lipsticks. This one I tend to reach for if I'm in more of a hurry, for some reason I seem to take longer to perfect the application of liquid lipsticks, so having one like this helps for those days when I just don't have the time.

I'd love to know what your favourite lipstick shades are, because you can never have too many in your collection right?


20 November 2016

What I've Read Recently

It’s been a while since I last featured any books on here, and seeing as I’ve just completed my Goodreads 2016 reading challenge, I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve enjoyed recently. You're going to see quite a trend when it comes to my reading tastes it is very much based in the young adult fiction section of Waterstones


This wasn't a book I'd ever really heard of before, however I was lucky enough to win a copy via Maximumpop via one of their many book giveaways they host. As soon as the book arrived I started reading it the story sounded quite similar to "The art of being normal" which I read a few weeks beforehand and I adored! This is another beautifully written young adult novel that focuses the story on a character who is transgender and dealing with relationships. I raced through this book in only a few days and I couldn't recommend it enough. 


This is a book that I'd seen mentioned a lot on Youtube and the suchlike, so decided to finally pick it up and give it a read. At times this was a little predictable, but I think that is something I quite like in a book like this. They're really easy to read in a few days and theres just something comforting about the story when you're reading it. This follows the life of Lara-Jean who has a box of love letters she's written to every guy she has ever loved, from her summer-camp crush, to her first kiss, she's written to them all. Yet somehow these letters end up being posted out to them and leads to an interesting turn of events.


This was another book I was lucky enough to win from Fiona and it arrived with a lovely little note from her about how this book was more inspiring than our university course ever was. This automatically made me super excited to read this as we both have shared a similar opinion on our shared university degree. The book itself follows the story of Jude and her twin brother Noah, who as children are inseparable but after their mothers death they start drifting apart. Noah begins to fall in love with a new boy who moved in next door and is magically inspired by the world around him., whilst Jude begins to rebel until she ends up working alongside a grumpy old sculptor and his beautiful assistant,  which in an unusual way brings the twins back together again. Theres just something magical and inspiring about this story and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. The way its written is really inventive and I love all the little illustrative mark making that flows along with the story.


I don't know what has taken me so long to read this book as I remember hearing about this when I was a teenager. But here I am at nearly 25 and I've only just read it this year. The story follows Eleanor, a redheaded misfit who shuffles along through life trying her best to remain undetected. Then one day she sits next to a boy on the bus called Park and the rest is history. Things are a little frosty at first, but slowly over time the awkwardness melts away and reveals a sweet teenage love story. Theres a nice naivety about their relationship that reminds me so much of high school crushes. Its a sweet story that'll melt the heart of anybody, romantic or not.


As children Cath and Ren are the best of friends, growing up they share a love for fictional character Simon Snow.  As they head off to college Ren wants to do her own thing, and for the first time ever Cath is on her own. Ren's grows out of her Simon Snow phase but Cath refuses to let it go. This pushes them further apart as the differenced in them become even more clear. There is just something so relatable about this story that makes it really magical. That time in your life when you move away from home and you have to fend for yourself and you really find out who you are in the world. Fangirl captures that beautifully, albeit in a little predictable way at times, but its a book you can't help but love.


I bought this a while ago in a charity shop after Amy ordered me to do so, I think this was around the time the film came out so that probably had its input too. I left this to sit on my bookshelf for a while until I finally picked it up this month. Its been one of those books where I've heard a few people talking about it (both good things and bad) so I kind of had some expectations before I even started. The story follows Louise, a fairly ordinary girl living in a fairly ordinary town. Its not until she loses her job at a local cafe and starts working as an assistant for a guy called Will, who after a traffic accident lost the use of his body from the chest down. In the beginning Will is rude, quite moody and doesn't really talk to her much, but as time goes on he soon starts to warm to her bubbly personality. I don't want to spoil the story too much, providing you don't know it already. But Lou begins on a mission to try and show Will a world to prove to him his life is still worth living. I'll warn you now, you're probably going to need a box of tissues for this one.


18 November 2016

Leopard Loving and My Ever-Growing Coat Collection.

Coat: Primark  Top: Primark Skirt: Anita and Green Bag: Primark Shoes: Vagabond  
📷 Yasmina

As soon as I saw this coat on the Primark press photos I knew I wouldn't be able to rest until it was mine. Everytime I stepped foot in my local store I would hunt around the coat section hoping it would be there without any luck for weeks. Then low and behold on my last trip to the store I saw two women trying the coat on right there in front of me and I knew the time had come. So I raced up to the first floor and practically sprinted towards it, I don't think I've ever been so excited about a coat before and its finally mine!

In recent years I've really become a coat person. I remember years ago basically having one winter coat that lasted me 3-4 years at a time and I wore with every outfit regardless of if it went together or not. But all of a sudden more and more coats and jackets began creeping into my wardrobe and now I'm struggling to fit them all in - hello coat rail I've got my eye on you. I think coats are one of the main reasons why I love Autumn and Winter so much as I get to unbox all my favourites, and I generally feel more comfortable with a coat on than I do a summery outfit.

These photos we're taken on a lovely little day out I had with Yasmina, where we mooched about Jesmond and I introduced her to my favourite street where we had loads of fun taking these photos. I'm actually really happy with how these have turned out, and I'm finally in a place where I feel confident enough to take outfit photos and I really look forward to shooting them! I really want to get into the habit of taking outfit photos once a week (providing the weather and my work schedule allows me) as I've these posts seem to have gone down really well with you guys. 

After our little photoshoot we headed on into the city centre and treated ourselves to a lunch at Yo Sushi, one of my favourite places to eat. I'm ashamed to say I did spend a fair bit on my lunch but it was totally worth it! If I had to choose one variety of food to eat for the rest of my life asian cuisine would always be my top choice. Its just nice to be able to eat somewhere that doesn't have everything served with fries, smothered in mayo and you don't feel guilty afterwards.

I couldn't help but include this photo, I love outtakes. 

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16 November 2016

Urban Decay Masterclass

At the beginning of the month I was invited down to Debenhams to a Urban Decay masterclass event hosted by Ellefluence. I was really excited about this as I've never had a chance to really try any Urban Decay products, but they've always been something I've lusted towards. So this gave me the perfect opportunity to learn more about their products - and get some ideas on what to pop onto my Christmas list.

The main purpose of the evening was for the Urban Decay Newcastle staff to show us how they would take a day time look into the evening, which is perfect for all those work christmas parties coming up over the next month or so. The ladies, and one gentleman, talked us through the products as they were using them and were happy to answer any questions we had as they went along. 

As the demonstration was going on, Michael explained to us a few key products from Urban Decay and what they were used for. This included the All-nighter foundation, the infamous Primer potion, Naked Skin Correcting Fluids and of course the All Nighter Setting Spray. We also learned that the Urban Decay make-up brushes are made out of recycled plastic bottles - fancy that!

Part way through the demonstration we tucked into a few treats from Rub Smokehouse, including ribs, pulled pork sliders and pigs in blankets. The food was really tasty, however was very meat based, so no options for the vegetarian and vegan guests. The only downside was the food was quite messy and I spent more time trying not to cover myself in food and to clean myself up when I did, than I did watching the demonstration. 

After the masterclass we were all invited down to the shop floor to have a browse at the products and buy anything if we wished. Sadly I didn't buy anything myself as my money at the moment is all going towards christmas presents, but I did manage to find a couple of products I'd really like to try such as the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette and the All Nighter Foundation.

We were lucky enough to be given a little goodie bag with a few mini samples in of Primer potion,  and the All nighter make up setting spray- both of which I've tried and so far I'm really impressed. This event was a lot of fun and I finally got to experience Urban decay and see what all the fuss was about.



10 November 2016

Getting Back into a Fitness Routine

Fitness, Gym, Healthy Eating, Weight Loss, Body Image, Healthy, Health, Working Out

Up until maybe 4 years ago I never had any issues with my weight or my body, I was quite happily a size 10 and didn't worry too much about what food I was putting into my body. However being at University, cooking for myself and drinking more than I ever had, I started added on the pounds and gained about half a stone or so. At that point I was suddenly aware of how my body had changed, especially given an incident with a nurse who made me feel I had a weight problem when she went to consult with another doctor about if my BMI would allow me to take a certain contraception - NB it was 22 which is right in the middle of healthy so I had nothing to worry about.

Fast forward another few years and I'm a stone heavier than I was then and kicking myself for being so hard on myself when I'd quite happily be that weight again. I was forever attempting to eat healthy and cutting out all the typical student food of pizza, chow mein and biscuits. But I was always failing because I was putting too much pressure on myself to do too much in one go, and I always fell off the wagon.

Earlier this year Lee and myself decided to join our local gym to get ourselves moving more. We had a good routine going of going around three times a week alongside with a friend of mine. However I because we were working out more than we previously had done, we found ourselves justifying unhealthy food choices with the fact we went to the gym. Which did not help one bit, and we probably ended up just putting more weight on. As much as I'd like to think it was just me gaining muscle, but I highly doubt that was the case.

Fitness, Gym, Healthy Eating, Weight Loss, Body Image, Healthy, Health, Working Out
One of the biggest issues was the location of my gym, having to travel home from work and then find the motivation to get ready and head back out again just wasn't working very well. So I have since joined a gym in the city centre which is half the price of my previous one, plus its closer to work so less hassle to travel to in the evenings. I'm definitely enjoying this gym a lot more as its easier to get to, and I'm always in the city centre so can easily pop my kit on and head on into town on my days off.

I'm also trying to plan meals a lot better, so theres no temptation of getting home after the gym and ordering a pizza because I can't be bothered to cook. I've also worked out that on gym days, if I prep a meal alongside my lunch that I eat just before I head to the gym, I have the energy for the gym and I'm not getting home at 8pm and eating then. These meals usually consist of leftovers from the night before, a chicken meal with quinoa, couscous or brown rice or a random mix of salads I've prepped on a Sunday evening.

Im hoping little changes like working out, watching portion sizes, making smarter choices when out, and not restricting myself of everything that I enjoy. I'll soon be back down to a weight where I don't worry constantly about how my thighs and ass looks in clothes.

03 November 2016

Getting Autumn Ready With Zaful.

Zaful, Autumn Fashion,, Autumn Style, Autumn, Dress, Skater Dress, Brogues, Clarks Shoes, Clarks, Clarks Brouges
As I've mentioned before I'm a huge fan of Autumn fashion, so when Zaful contacted me asking if I'd like to review some of their clothes I knew this was a perfect opportunity for me to update my wardrobe for the new season ahead. After packing up my summer wardrobe and bringing out all my knitwear I realised there was a lack of autumn dresses in my wardrobe, as most of my dresses now are sleeveless. Does anybody else find it hard to get dresses that have sleeves these days?  So when I spotted this leaf print dress I knew it would fit perfectly in my autumnal wardrobe and would go with a lot of other items I already own.

The dress itself is quite good quality material. It feels quite heavy is lined so is good for keeping you warm during chilly autumn days and it hangs really well. On the downside one button did fall off when I first put it on, which I think it quite common with mass produced clothing these days, but that was easily fixed with a little needle and thread #adultskills 

Zaful, Autumn Fashion,, Autumn Style, Autumn, Dress, Skater Dress, Brogues, Clarks Shoes, Clarks, Clarks Brouges

A lot of the handbags I own are black but sometimes you just want something a little different, so I decided to pick up this little navy cross body bag to go alongside the dress. I was really impressed with the quality handbag and its the perfect size to fit your everyday essentials in. Theres a handy little zipped section in the centre of the bag to keep your keys in, and ample room for your purse, lip balm and your mobile phone. 

I did pick up two jewellery pieces including this cat face watch alongside a little velvet choker. The quality of these two were a little more disappointing as both of them broke as soon as I put them on. The choker luckily is easily fixed once I dig out my old jewellery making equipment and replace the jump ring with a slightly stronger one. The watch however, as soon as I put it on the crown went across my bedroom. So I'm just not able to change the time anymore, however given the fact the watch has no numbers on it I wasn't really planning on using it to tell the time much anyway.

Zaful, Autumn Fashion,, Autumn Style, Autumn, Dress, Skater Dress, Brogues, Clarks Shoes, Clarks, Clarks BrougesZaful, Autumn Fashion,, Autumn Style, Autumn, Dress, Skater Dress, Brogues, Clarks Shoes, Clarks, Clarks Brouges

Overall I was fairly impressed with the quality of the items from Zaful, but I feel like many similar brands that are based in Asia I think this can sometimes be hit and miss, but you sometimes can end up with some really amazing pieces. The items of mine that did fall apart were pretty easy to fix so I wasn't really that bothered about it. It gave me a chance to refine my sewing skills and finally learn at the age of nearly 25 of how to sew on a button.

You can follow updates from Zaful on Instagram and Facebook


28 October 2016

Five Reasons Why I'm Excited About The Gilmore Girl Revival.

UHD TV Panasonic, Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life, Gilmore Girls Revival

If you follow me at all on Twitter you'll have noticed I've not talked pretty much non-stop about Gilmore Girls, and my unadulterated love for Jess Mariano. Growing up this was my all time favourite Tv programme to watch during the summer holidays. I even introduced my Grandma to it, although I don't know if she loved it quite as much as I did, but she happily put up with me constantly putting it on her TV for us to watch together. 

You can probably guess I'm pretty excited for season 8 airing on Netflix next month. In preparation of the new season starting, I've been binge watching all previous 7 seasons from start to finish as I don't think I've ever actually watched them all in order before. Re-watching 153 hours worth of the goings on of Loreli and Rory has reminded me of how much I adore this show and the theme tune is now forever embedded in my brain.But its also reminded me of all the things about the show I originally fell in love with.


Stars Hollow. Yeah, I'm 100% obsessed with the little town of Stars Hollow and would do anything to live somewhere like that. Theres just something so romantic and nostalgic about a little town where everybody knows each other. Full of little independent shops, restaurants and cafe's and local businesses ran by people you know. I admit maybe at times having your neighbours know everything about like might grate a little, like when Dean dumps Rory and the news travels around like lightening. But the idea of living in a small town that hosts events throughout the year, holds town meetings so everybody has an input in what goes on, and generally just having your neighbours there to support you whenever you need it, is really appealing to me.


Rory Gilmore. I'm probably not alone in this, but Rory is my favourite character on the show. This is probably due to the fact we were a similar age when I started watching this, so always found it easy to relate to her. I love her character and have always felt she is somebody I could easily be friends with. She is a huge book lover and has so much drive and passion to succeed in what she wants to do, so growing up she was a huge inspiration. Similarly to her I spent my teenage years focusing on a particular career that I felt I was good at, and then took a knock back when somebody made me feel like I didn't have what it takes. I can really relate to what its like to be on a course and suddenly wanting to quit due to a certain adult. I'm glad a persevered to the end even though I've not ended up doing what I originally planned to do.


Jess Mariano. If you're a Gilmore Girls fan you'll be aware of the whole #teamdean #teamjess #teamlogan debate, and if not theres articles all over the web about who was the best and worst boyfriend of Rory. Watching the show when I was younger I naively liked them all and didn't really have a favourite. I think that was probably down to being quite young and never dated myself. But watching it now as an adult my favourite out of the three is Jess. I know a lot of people would disagree but you've got to hear me out. I found Dean annoying and whiney. At first I found him okay, and I think he was the best first boyfriend Rory could have had, he was caring, he was sweet and he loved her. However he never seemed interested in the things she liked. Like when they were at the book fair and he just kept complaining how bored he was. If you love somebody theres something amazing about seeing them passionate about something that makes them ridiculously happy, even if you don't understand yourself. Not to mention the fact he cheated on his wife with her and then seemed angry at her that the marriage fell apart because of it. Logan was too full of himself and I always found him too cocky. He didn't seem right for Rory. I felt Rory changed a lot whilst with Logan, like joining the DAR, dropping out of Yale or even the way she started dressing. It just didn't seem like Rory. For me Jess will always be number one, they had interests in common, when he was caring he really was caring. He sucked sometimes at expressing his feelings and did have a few moments where he acted like an ass, but giving his upbringing I'm not all that surprised he acted that way.


Kirk. When I first watched Gilmore Girls I didn't really pay that much attention to Kirk, he was just that weird character that always seemed to pop up. But watching the show for a second time I've realised how much I under-appreciated Kirk the first time around. I've never known any character have so many different jobs in such a short space of time. From working in a video store, to a beauty shop, a town dog walker,  even an assistant manager in Doose's mart. I've looked it up online and in total Kirk has had 62 jobs in the 7 seasons of the show. His quirks and one liners are some of my favourite parts of the show - he is just so damn adorable!


The theme tune. Its as simple as that. Whats not to love? Its catchy, its motivational, its upbeat and I can't stop singing it! Although I think constantly bursting into song at least once a day may be annoying Lee a little bit, but I can't help it, the song is imbedded into my brain. Watching all the shows in one go has not only re-kindled my love for Stars Hollow and everybody in it, but its also shown me how much the quality of TV has changed over the past decade. I'm mega excited to see how Stars Hollow will look in HD, thats mostly just to perv even more on Jess Mariano, but that can be our little secret. 

If you're really going to enjoy how gorgeous everybody is in HD you really need a great tv, like the UHD TV Panasonic to watch it on to take full advantage of our modern wonder of high definition television.

*This post is sponsored by Panasonic but all words and opinions are my own*


26 October 2016

American Afternoon Tea at the Karbon Grill Sunderland.

Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,
Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,

Last week I was invited along to the Hilton Garden Inn in Sunderland, situated at the Hilton Garden Inn. The hotels very own Karbon Grill restaurant has recently launched an American style Afternoon Tea. So I hopped on the metro after work and headed on over to the Stadium of Light to try it out. 

You're probably wondering how an American style Afternoon Tea differs from a classic Afternoon Tea and its as simple as instead of cucumber sandwiches and fruit scones its filled with American themed sweets and treats. Filled with mini sliders, calzones, spicy buffalo wings and cheesy bites theres plenty of tastes to enjoy. Followed by an gorgeous selection of mini mud pie, key lime pie and pecan tarts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Afternoon Tea retails at £14.50 with a minimum of two people, which for an afternoon tea i think is a pretty good deal. The one thing I liked the most about this is each person gets there own plate stand just for them, so theres no awkward 'do you want this?' moments and nobody fighting over the last bit of cake. 

Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,

Alongside your food you get what I can only describe as the best milkshake in the world. I'm not usually a huge fan of milkshakes or smoothies but this one was incredible. It was sort of like a milkshake and smoothie hybrid, both fruity and creamy at the same time. Not to mention its super thick, to the point it stuck to the sides of my glass whenever I drank it. I would quite happily pay £14.50 just to drink the milkshake on its own, the delicious food is just an added plus. 

Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,

If you're tired of the typical afternoon tea filled with sandwhiches and scones then this is a perfect alternative I'd highly recommend.

You can follow updates from Karbon Grill on Facebook and Twitter

16 October 2016

A Letter To My Teenage Self.

Teenage, letter, letter to myself, emo kid, eyeliner, backcombing, emo
(I thought it would be fun to re-do my make-up like 15 year old me)

Hello teenage Alice,

its adult Alice here and I thought as I'm fast approaching the age of Twenty-Five it was about time I sat down and wrote you a little letter as we have a few things we need to talk about.

First of all, all these weird 'funny turns' you're currently experiencing? These are normal, and you're not alone in experiencing them. You know how whenever you get close to somebody or meet somebody new and you have to explain to them you can sometimes go a little weird? You are going to get to a point in your life when that isn't even a thought that crosses your mind anymore. It isn't going to stop you doing things, taking chances, going on dates and generally experiencing things. This is just something you're going to have to go through. As you get older you're going to learn how to cope with them and eventually they are barely going to cross your mind. I know its hard to believe right now but you will get over them. You just need to believe in yourself more, you can do it. You might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but I guarantee you won't die.

Now the 'heavy' stuff is out of the way I've a few important things I need to address here. You are Emo, you can deny it as much as you want but your brother is right, you are an Emo kid and thats okay! Believe it or not ten years down the line you aren't going to be much different, your make up may look different and your wardrobe will be a little more feminine, but deep down Panic! at The Disco will always be your number one love.

Teenage, letter, letter to myself, emo kid, eyeliner, backcombing, emo

Now we have established you are in fact a fully fledged Emo Kid, its time to talk about the make up situation. Dream matte mousse is not a good foundation choice, especially when when you pile it on with a shovel and smear it over your lips. If you're so set on creating a 'flawless' base, please add some colour to your face with a touch of blusher or bronzer to help make yourself look alive.

Liquid eyeliner is always going to be your go to make up item, however liquid eyeliner it not supposed to be three inches thick. Smokey eye make up is a good look, providing you do it correctly and you know what blending is. This solid black eyelid thing you're currently doing does not work, you look like a skunk. Theres also the fact that you never ever do anything with your eyebrows, bold eye make-up needs eyebrows to balance it out. Especially given the fact your hair and skin are both so pale.

Now its not just your make up that is the issue here, you hair is backcombed within an inch of its life and it resembles a birds nest at times, thats not how you do volume. You straighten your hair regularly with no attempt at using heat protector, even when its still damp sometimes as you enjoy the sizzle noise it makes. This is not how you should treat your hair, you're killing it.

Teenage, letter, letter to myself, emo kid, eyeliner, backcombing, emo

Asides from your questionable hair and make up choices you're doing pretty well. Yeah you're going to have struggles over the next few years, you're going to lose friends and make new ones. You'll experience love and experience heartbreak. But I can assure you 10 years down the line you are going to be the happiest you've been in a long time. Your mental health has improved insane amounts, you have a job you love, friends who mean the world to you and you live in a cute little flat with the love of your life. Things may have to get hard before they get better, but I promise you this they're worth the fight.

Yours sincerely
Alice (Aged 24 and 3/4)


29 September 2016

Autumn Updates ft Primark and New Look.

Autumn Fashion, Primark, New Look, Autumn, Fall, AW16

If you didn't know already Autumn is my favourite season of all time. To be honest those 'inbetween-y' seasons always attract me the most, when the weather begins to change slightly, but you're not too hot nor too cold. I woke up last week and was thrilled to feel a chill in the flat and had to pop the heating on the timer again and wrap myself up in a jumper before heading out to work.

As much as I love the idea of warm weather, when summer arrives I'm forever stressing about what to wear as I'm not that confident in getting skin out. So a season which requires layers, knitwear, ankle boots and tights is my idea of heaven! Plus its that time of year when you get to change your wardrobe over and add a few new bits to see you in the season, and theres nothing in this world thats more fun than that.


Statement boots

I'd happily wear boots all year around, and believe me I do try and wear them for as long as possible. However looking into my wardrobe all my boots are very similar, black with a chunky heel with a range of different heel heights. I really should be on the hunt for a black flat pair to wear at work but statement boots are so much more exciting right? New Look are on fire this season when it comes to boots and these leopard print beauties are the perfect way to jazz up some plain black denim and an oversized jumper. If you're feeling a little more adventurous theres always these space age silver ones which would look amazing with lighter denim and a touch of pink.

Refreshing your knitwear

Every year when I pull out my winter clothing box from under my bed I always like to check how well my knitwear has survived and if it will last through this coming season. Having pulled my box out last week I noticed some of my knitwear is looking worse for wear, the dreaded bobble of a jumper. I tend to stick to buying my knitwear on the high street as my skin cannot stand wool anywhere near it, which generally means I'm buying it more often as it doesn't last as long. As soon as theres a chill in the air I tend to lean more towards mustards and maroons as my staple wardrobe colour palette. This mustard roll neck is a much needed addition to my wardrobe to break up all the navy and black, and knowing Primark the chances are they'll be available in every colour you'd ever need.

Buying basics

Whenever the seasons change I'm always suddenly aware of how much I lack in basics, I just find no joy in buying them. But when it comes to getting dressed in the morning I realise I should start picking them up more often. Every season I like to make a mental list of the basic items my wardrobe is lacking, and this year has been no different. Two much needed items for my wardrobe is a plain black skater skirt - the most basic of wardrobe items, which is easily jazzed up by a statement belt. The second believe it or not is a pair of smart black trousers. I do have a work pair but they're plain, skinny and have quite a low waist (forever having to pull them up) so these high waisted belted trousers are a much needed addition to my wardrobe.


One of my all time favourite part of autumn fashion is being able to layer items without slowly melting away into a puddle of sweat. Over recent weeks I've re-kindled my love for button up shirts, something that I pretty much lived in a few years ago and Primark are producing some really amazing printed shirts at the moment and this one is no exception. Button down shirts are the perfect accompaniment to wear under dresses like this maroon pinafore dress - teamed with a little leather jacket and a cosy scarf and you have your perfect autumn outfit.

What are your newest additions in your autumn wardrobe?

23 August 2016

Confessions Of A Brogue Addict.

If I was told I could only choose one style of shoes to wear for the rest of my life, I'd always pick brogues. Every single time. I don't know what it is about this style of shoe but my wardrobe has always been full of them, in every colour possible. They're just that perfect shoe that goes with everything, from jeans to dresses, from skirts to shorts, they just look good all year around. 

Now most of my brogues now are quite dark and wintery, as my summery ones are slowly making their way into the bin as they're worn beyond belief. So I'm not left with much choice during the spring and summer months, so when I was asked to review a pair from Brantano I knew this was the perfect opportunity to pick up a pair suitable for those warmer days and lighter coloured outfits. I opted for these light grey cut out pair as I felt I'd get the most wear out of them being a neutral colour. My previous "summer" brogues have always been quite bright or unusual colours, like coral or mint which has restricted me in what I can wear them with. These are the perfect neutral colour without them being too white as I can find them to be a little too harsh sometimes, and I can already imagine them with a multitude of outfits.

The one thing that surprised me most about these shoes is how light they are. A lot of the brogue style shoes I've previously owned have always had quite heavy soles and have been on the clumpier size - the kind of brogues that always remind me of my Grandad and the shoes he wore. But these are a lovely lighter alternative - which I always prefer when I'm wearing skirts and dresses as I feel lovely and dainty in them. The cutout detail adds a nice little touch to the shoe without adding too much so they still feel quite neutral. So these get a five star from me!

19 August 2016

Being an Introvert.

Online personality tests, Buzzfeed quizzes or even Myers Briggs, they all tell me one thing. I'm an introvert, even Pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff. FYI I bloody love being a Hufflepuff, I even have some Hufflepuff knickers that are hideously yellow and make me laugh whenever I put them on - maybe thats a little TMI, sorry.

But basically I am an introvert! But what exactly does that mean? Urban Dictionary defines it as:

'Opposite of extrovert. A person who is energised by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks that not many people know about, or other secluded places, introverts like to think and be alone.  

Contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are shy. Some may have great social lives and love talking to their friends but just need some time to be alone to "recharge" afterwards. The word "Introvert" has negative connotations that need to be destroyed. Introverts are simply misunderstood because the majority of the population consists of extroverts.'

In some ways this is me.  Yes I am shy - at times! When I'm with a group of people I don't know very well I stay quiet, though I always worry this comes across as stuck up. But once I get to know people I never shut up - my friends can vouch for this I'm sure. 
Yes I enjoy things like reading books and sitting in parks and typically cliched introvert activities. But I also love going to gigs and screaming my head off, I love going out and spending my evening dancing away with a rum and coke in my hand and I love being surrounded by people.

This isn't really something I've spoken very openly, but I spend a a large proportion of my time alone, and I hate it. Which is a un-introverted quality as many thrive on spending time on their own to recharge. But I'm the total opposite.

I'm an introvert who gets really lonely.

This is something I've noticed a lot more as I've gotten older and I really hate it. But throughout High School, College and University I was surrounded by friends every day, and I end up taking it for granted. But now I'm out of education I've realised how much I miss having friendships like that. When you grow up life gets in the way a little bit - I've friends now who live in London, friends who have husbands and children and work full time. So arranging days together are few and far between.

As somebody who only works part time, I end up spending a huge amount of my time in my flat alone - and it can make me really miserable. I thoroughly enjoy going to work, purely for the fact i'm surrounded by people and get to chat to customers and volunteers all day long. I work with some lovely people, but everybody is at least 10-15 years older than me  - if not more, so I don't have a work friendship group like a lot of others might do. 

I'm always on a mission to form friendships others ways - but as an introvert its really quite hard, its pretty much a vicious circle for me. I'm not the type of person who finds it easy to go "hey person I don't know very well, fancy going for a coffee this afternoon" I'm not good at putting myself out there and I hate to feel like I'm annoying people by always being the one texting them, as I always worry they think I'm being a pest. But if I'm not interacting with people face to face I get really quite sad. I've had days where at 12pm I'm feeling great for having a productive blitz of the flat, but then by 2pm I'm sat on my sofa crying because I've not seen anybody.

Recently I've been trying harder to push myself and try and make some more friends and open my circle a little bit by meeting new groups of people. A few months ago I met up with Fiona and we had discussions over a cheeky burrito about setting up a Newcastle chapter of The Geek Girl Brunch as a way to get together with fellow nerdy types from the North East. We are still working on getting this set up properly but I'm super excited to meet some new ladies with similar interests.

I've also recently been trying to spend a little more time with some local bloggers which I've been really enjoying. I spent a day a few weeks ago with Amy, Helen and Chloe, where we spent the day stuffing our faces with food, swapping beauty products and chatting about all things blogging. I throughly enjoyed this as its nice to spend time with other ladies who have the same love for blogging as I do. I even went shooting outfit pictures with Helen and Chloe last week. Not only did this help with me need for social interaction, but it also helped boost my confidence a little as I didn't hate how I looked in the photographs. I am on shooting some more outfits again soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Does anybody else suffer with loneliness from time to time? I'm always happy to chat to new people and I'm always on Twitter for a quick chat. Plus my inbox is always open if you ever want to talk privately. 


17 August 2016

On Wednesday We Wear Pink.

Zara, Boohoo, Asos, Ruffle, Bolo TieZara, Boohoo, Asos, Ruffle, Bolo Tie
📷 : Helen & Chloe
Jacket: Zara     Top: Boohoo     Jeans: Asos     Boots: *George      Bag: Primark

Ever since I first laid my eyes on this baby pink Zara biker jacket, I knew it had to be mine. Initially I'd seen it in a mustard yellow, however already owning a similar suede mustard jacket from Missguided I decided to let it pass. Then the pink one was released and that was it.

After weeks of checking daily (I kid you not) it finally came back in stock and I ordered it at such speed the delivery address was for Alice Alice. This was definitely worth the wait as I've barely had it off my back since I bought it, thank you for the rubbish summer weather England. I was worried a baby pink biker jacket wouldn't get much wear in my wardrobe, but I was mistaken as it seems to go with the majority of my clothes.

Zara, Boohoo, Asos, Ruffle, Bolo Tie

I've found myself leaning a lot more towards blue clothing at the moment, forever lusting over denim and this ruffle top from Boohoo is the newest addition to my wardrobe. I've already worn it three times this month already. Im really enjoying quite 'simple' basic items at the moment with little details that give them an extra something. Ruffles and bell-sleeves being my favourite at the moment, which are luckily all over the high street right now. I cannot wait to fill my autumn winter wardrobe with as many frills and ruffles possible.

I've an interesting story about this bolo tie - it actually belonged to my Grandad. Back when I was around 7 years old I used to go line-dancing, yep thats right. Line-dancing! My entire family went and although most of the time I was too shy to actually dance, I really loved going. We all got quite into it by the end and had all the clothes to go with it. So when I came across this bolo tie after my Grandad died and I decided to keep a hold of it as I always loved it as a child. Low and behold 10 years later they're all on trend, so I finally decided to get this out of my jewellery box and wear it with pride! Teamed with my black tassel ankle boots by George they give me the perfect cowgirl kind of vibe without the cheesy leather slacks and checked shirt.

Zara, Boohoo, Asos, Ruffle, Bolo Tie
Zara, Boohoo, Asos, Ruffle, Bolo Tie
Zara, Boohoo, Asos, Ruffle, Bolo Tie

So there you have it, I've actually done an outfit post!


What fashion trends are you loving right now?

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