09 July 2016

Big Changes.

Some exciting things have been happening this week in the world of Alice. I started a Youtube Channel! Yeah, you heard that right, Youtube. I've got to say it's not my first channel, as I started one back in 2012 and uploaded 4 terrible videos filmed on my Macbook pro's photo-booth feature. But lets not talk about those ones. 

I've been considering starting a Youtube channel for a while now and I've finally taken a leap of faith and decided to get off my ass and do it! I've always liked the idea of creating content in a different form than my usual blog post format, but damn that world of Youtube is scary right? All those stories about the hate that can come from there (Guru Gossip I'm looking at you) is quite terrifying for somebody who already lacks confidence. But I finally decided to suck it up and just give it a try, plus I thought me sitting talking to an 'audience' might help me on days when Im off work and feeling a little lonely.

So yes, here is my channel! Just a quick little intro explaining what kind of things to expect (please excuse my awkwardness) but hopefully I'll get a little better as time goes on. I am wanting to film a little 'get to know me' Q&A video soon - so if you have any questions please head over to twitter as I've got a hashtag #askalicechristina where you can send me over any questions.

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