08 July 2016

Ninja Burger Launch At No28

Burger, Food, Newcastle Eats, Ninja Burger

Back at the beginning of June I received an exciting email in my inbox inviting me to the launch of a brand new burger brand called Ninja Burger. I must admit I hadn't really heard much about them and even google couldn't help too much in finding out who they were. But I was curious and the event itself was hosted in my all time favourite bar No28 - where I spent many an evening sipping cocktails with my old university housemates. Luckily I was allowed to bring a plus one, so I grabbed Lee and we headed on down after work. 

We were greeted as we entered by the lovely Cheish who arranged the event and were instantly given glasses of Prosecco to get us started. There was loads of tables set up around the bar so we opted for a little table right by the window, the best spot for lighting as the bar is quite dark and atmospheric - there are no photographs to really do justice on how gorgeous this location is.

Once everybody got settled down with drinks, we were told a little about Ninja-Burger themselves. They're a Newcastle based company who use local North-East suppliers for their burgers, the meat coming from Gosforth and the bread buns from Kingston Park. The beef burgers are a special recipe containing 50% short-rib, 25% chuck and 25% brisket and cooked sous vide - which results in a super succulent burger that melts in your mouth. 

At this point they started bringing out platters of the beef sliders for us all to sample and I quickly grabbed one off the plank as the waitress rushed by. I must admit the burger itself was delicious, super succulent and full of flavour. However our little table got quite forgotten about when it came to service. Many of the larger tables were given platters to share between them where as we ended up with one tiny slider each, so we ended up a little bit hungry in the end.

Burger, Food, Newcastle Eats, Ninja Burger

Next came the popcorn chicken sliders, which looked amazing! Sadly we didn't get to sample these at all, as the waiter brought them over and let me take a photo, but then took them away again and never brought any back! But from what I've heard they were really tasty so I was quite disappointed I didn't get to eat them. I hate to say this but we were a little disappointed and were getting quite frustrated that our table got ignored, especially as we could see everybody else enjoying them so much. So instead we proceeded to take advantage of the forever flowing Prosecco - which I wouldn't recommend on an empty stomach.

The next part of the evening involved two eating contests for us to enjoy. The first being a spice roulette challenge, where the contestants to turns took pick chicken wings that may or may not have been cooked in chilli sauce made with ghost chilli's. Disappointingly the guys all managed quite well with the spice and even had some hot chilli shots at the end, with nobody crying in pain! I've no idea how they managed it, they must have had iron stomachs.

Burger, Food, Newcastle Eats, Ninja Burger
Burger, Food, Newcastle Eats, Ninja Burger

The second challenge was a speed eating test. Where four contestants raced to see who could eat the most burgers in 3 minutes, however the time kept changing as our hilariously entertaining host got a little distracted. The winner ended up eating four burgers in just as many minutes! I have no idea how he did it, but the contests resulted in a really entertaining evening and added a nice touch to the launch night.

Burger, Food, Newcastle Eats, Ninja Burger
Burger, Food, Newcastle Eats, Ninja Burger

We all found out afterwards that Ninja Burger will be taking a permanent residence at No28, so I'm excited to go back and finally get a chance to try those popcorn chicken burgers everybody has been raving about.

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