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28 October 2016

Five Reasons Why I'm Excited About The Gilmore Girl Revival.

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If you follow me at all on Twitter you'll have noticed I've not talked pretty much non-stop about Gilmore Girls, and my unadulterated love for Jess Mariano. Growing up this was my all time favourite Tv programme to watch during the summer holidays. I even introduced my Grandma to it, although I don't know if she loved it quite as much as I did, but she happily put up with me constantly putting it on her TV for us to watch together. 

You can probably guess I'm pretty excited for season 8 airing on Netflix next month. In preparation of the new season starting, I've been binge watching all previous 7 seasons from start to finish as I don't think I've ever actually watched them all in order before. Re-watching 153 hours worth of the goings on of Loreli and Rory has reminded me of how much I adore this show and the theme tune is now forever embedded in my brain.But its also reminded me of all the things about the show I originally fell in love with.


Stars Hollow. Yeah, I'm 100% obsessed with the little town of Stars Hollow and would do anything to live somewhere like that. Theres just something so romantic and nostalgic about a little town where everybody knows each other. Full of little independent shops, restaurants and cafe's and local businesses ran by people you know. I admit maybe at times having your neighbours know everything about like might grate a little, like when Dean dumps Rory and the news travels around like lightening. But the idea of living in a small town that hosts events throughout the year, holds town meetings so everybody has an input in what goes on, and generally just having your neighbours there to support you whenever you need it, is really appealing to me.


Rory Gilmore. I'm probably not alone in this, but Rory is my favourite character on the show. This is probably due to the fact we were a similar age when I started watching this, so always found it easy to relate to her. I love her character and have always felt she is somebody I could easily be friends with. She is a huge book lover and has so much drive and passion to succeed in what she wants to do, so growing up she was a huge inspiration. Similarly to her I spent my teenage years focusing on a particular career that I felt I was good at, and then took a knock back when somebody made me feel like I didn't have what it takes. I can really relate to what its like to be on a course and suddenly wanting to quit due to a certain adult. I'm glad a persevered to the end even though I've not ended up doing what I originally planned to do.


Jess Mariano. If you're a Gilmore Girls fan you'll be aware of the whole #teamdean #teamjess #teamlogan debate, and if not theres articles all over the web about who was the best and worst boyfriend of Rory. Watching the show when I was younger I naively liked them all and didn't really have a favourite. I think that was probably down to being quite young and never dated myself. But watching it now as an adult my favourite out of the three is Jess. I know a lot of people would disagree but you've got to hear me out. I found Dean annoying and whiney. At first I found him okay, and I think he was the best first boyfriend Rory could have had, he was caring, he was sweet and he loved her. However he never seemed interested in the things she liked. Like when they were at the book fair and he just kept complaining how bored he was. If you love somebody theres something amazing about seeing them passionate about something that makes them ridiculously happy, even if you don't understand yourself. Not to mention the fact he cheated on his wife with her and then seemed angry at her that the marriage fell apart because of it. Logan was too full of himself and I always found him too cocky. He didn't seem right for Rory. I felt Rory changed a lot whilst with Logan, like joining the DAR, dropping out of Yale or even the way she started dressing. It just didn't seem like Rory. For me Jess will always be number one, they had interests in common, when he was caring he really was caring. He sucked sometimes at expressing his feelings and did have a few moments where he acted like an ass, but giving his upbringing I'm not all that surprised he acted that way.


Kirk. When I first watched Gilmore Girls I didn't really pay that much attention to Kirk, he was just that weird character that always seemed to pop up. But watching the show for a second time I've realised how much I under-appreciated Kirk the first time around. I've never known any character have so many different jobs in such a short space of time. From working in a video store, to a beauty shop, a town dog walker,  even an assistant manager in Doose's mart. I've looked it up online and in total Kirk has had 62 jobs in the 7 seasons of the show. His quirks and one liners are some of my favourite parts of the show - he is just so damn adorable!


The theme tune. Its as simple as that. Whats not to love? Its catchy, its motivational, its upbeat and I can't stop singing it! Although I think constantly bursting into song at least once a day may be annoying Lee a little bit, but I can't help it, the song is imbedded into my brain. Watching all the shows in one go has not only re-kindled my love for Stars Hollow and everybody in it, but its also shown me how much the quality of TV has changed over the past decade. I'm mega excited to see how Stars Hollow will look in HD, thats mostly just to perv even more on Jess Mariano, but that can be our little secret. 

If you're really going to enjoy how gorgeous everybody is in HD you really need a great tv, like the UHD TV Panasonic to watch it on to take full advantage of our modern wonder of high definition television.

*This post is sponsored by Panasonic but all words and opinions are my own*


26 October 2016

American Afternoon Tea at the Karbon Grill Sunderland.

Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,
Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,

Last week I was invited along to the Hilton Garden Inn in Sunderland, situated at the Hilton Garden Inn. The hotels very own Karbon Grill restaurant has recently launched an American style Afternoon Tea. So I hopped on the metro after work and headed on over to the Stadium of Light to try it out. 

You're probably wondering how an American style Afternoon Tea differs from a classic Afternoon Tea and its as simple as instead of cucumber sandwiches and fruit scones its filled with American themed sweets and treats. Filled with mini sliders, calzones, spicy buffalo wings and cheesy bites theres plenty of tastes to enjoy. Followed by an gorgeous selection of mini mud pie, key lime pie and pecan tarts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Afternoon Tea retails at £14.50 with a minimum of two people, which for an afternoon tea i think is a pretty good deal. The one thing I liked the most about this is each person gets there own plate stand just for them, so theres no awkward 'do you want this?' moments and nobody fighting over the last bit of cake. 

Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,

Alongside your food you get what I can only describe as the best milkshake in the world. I'm not usually a huge fan of milkshakes or smoothies but this one was incredible. It was sort of like a milkshake and smoothie hybrid, both fruity and creamy at the same time. Not to mention its super thick, to the point it stuck to the sides of my glass whenever I drank it. I would quite happily pay £14.50 just to drink the milkshake on its own, the delicious food is just an added plus. 

Karbon Grill, Sunderland, Afternoon Tea, Hilton Garden Inn, Stadium Of Light,

If you're tired of the typical afternoon tea filled with sandwhiches and scones then this is a perfect alternative I'd highly recommend.

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16 October 2016

A Letter To My Teenage Self.

Teenage, letter, letter to myself, emo kid, eyeliner, backcombing, emo
(I thought it would be fun to re-do my make-up like 15 year old me)

Hello teenage Alice,

its adult Alice here and I thought as I'm fast approaching the age of Twenty-Five it was about time I sat down and wrote you a little letter as we have a few things we need to talk about.

First of all, all these weird 'funny turns' you're currently experiencing? These are normal, and you're not alone in experiencing them. You know how whenever you get close to somebody or meet somebody new and you have to explain to them you can sometimes go a little weird? You are going to get to a point in your life when that isn't even a thought that crosses your mind anymore. It isn't going to stop you doing things, taking chances, going on dates and generally experiencing things. This is just something you're going to have to go through. As you get older you're going to learn how to cope with them and eventually they are barely going to cross your mind. I know its hard to believe right now but you will get over them. You just need to believe in yourself more, you can do it. You might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but I guarantee you won't die.

Now the 'heavy' stuff is out of the way I've a few important things I need to address here. You are Emo, you can deny it as much as you want but your brother is right, you are an Emo kid and thats okay! Believe it or not ten years down the line you aren't going to be much different, your make up may look different and your wardrobe will be a little more feminine, but deep down Panic! at The Disco will always be your number one love.

Teenage, letter, letter to myself, emo kid, eyeliner, backcombing, emo

Now we have established you are in fact a fully fledged Emo Kid, its time to talk about the make up situation. Dream matte mousse is not a good foundation choice, especially when when you pile it on with a shovel and smear it over your lips. If you're so set on creating a 'flawless' base, please add some colour to your face with a touch of blusher or bronzer to help make yourself look alive.

Liquid eyeliner is always going to be your go to make up item, however liquid eyeliner it not supposed to be three inches thick. Smokey eye make up is a good look, providing you do it correctly and you know what blending is. This solid black eyelid thing you're currently doing does not work, you look like a skunk. Theres also the fact that you never ever do anything with your eyebrows, bold eye make-up needs eyebrows to balance it out. Especially given the fact your hair and skin are both so pale.

Now its not just your make up that is the issue here, you hair is backcombed within an inch of its life and it resembles a birds nest at times, thats not how you do volume. You straighten your hair regularly with no attempt at using heat protector, even when its still damp sometimes as you enjoy the sizzle noise it makes. This is not how you should treat your hair, you're killing it.

Teenage, letter, letter to myself, emo kid, eyeliner, backcombing, emo

Asides from your questionable hair and make up choices you're doing pretty well. Yeah you're going to have struggles over the next few years, you're going to lose friends and make new ones. You'll experience love and experience heartbreak. But I can assure you 10 years down the line you are going to be the happiest you've been in a long time. Your mental health has improved insane amounts, you have a job you love, friends who mean the world to you and you live in a cute little flat with the love of your life. Things may have to get hard before they get better, but I promise you this they're worth the fight.

Yours sincerely
Alice (Aged 24 and 3/4)

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