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24 March 2017

Current Skincare Favourites.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. Primark Micellar cleansing water. Pixi Glow Tonic. Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil. Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Aurelia Cell Revitalise Nigh Moisturiser.

I'm going to be honest here, skincare isn't my best skill. I always have the intentions of researching products and finding out what works best with my skin type (which I think is combination) but truth be told I don't do any of that. I generally go by the mantra of if I like what I'm using I'll carry on using it. Does that make any sense? I think because my skin is neither super oily or super dry I tend not to worry too much about if a product is 'right' for my skin type. I won't worry if I'm using a moisturiser thats aimed at oily skin or dry skin as I'm a combination of the two. But recently I've found myself reaching for the same products over and over again. So I thought today I'd give you a quick run through the products I'm loving and how I use them in my routine.


13 March 2017

Why I Love Charity Shops

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If you didn't know it already I am a huge fan of Charity Shops, which is quite handy seeing as I'm an Assistant Manager of one. But rewind about 5 years and I think I'd stepped foot in a charity shop once. This was around the time I was 15-16 and I wanted to be Kate Nash and thought 'thrifting' was mega cool. But it wasn't until I started volunteering in a charity shop in my second year of university that I really started to fall in love with them.

Fast forward to the present day and I reckon about 90% of my wardrobe is now secondhand. This is generally a mixture of things purchased on Depop and Ebay, but most of my clothing has been purchased in charity shops. This is something I do want to talk about more often on here as its a big hobby of mine, and I plan on featuring a lot more of my 'thrifted' items - which is basically most of my wardrobe at the moment. But today I thought I'd share with you why exactly I love Charity shops so much.


01 March 2017

Moving In With Your Boyfriend - One Year On


The end of last month marked one whole year of Lee and myself living together, its flown by so quickly and I can't quite believe we've been in our own little flat for one whole year. Moving in with your partner is a huge step in a relationship and can be quite scary. We were lucky as we did have a couple of little trial runs here and there when Lee temporarily lived with me in my last student house, and again just before we moved in together, where he lived with me at my mums for 6 months. 

Beforehand you often have this idea of what living with your partner might be like, but sometimes you're not always aware of the reality of it. Its not always romance and roses and being naked all the time, sometimes its sitting on the loo and realising you've ran out of toilet roll midway through a shit, and having to sit and shout hoping your other half with come rescue you with some Andrex. So I thought I'd chat today about all the things I've learnt so far about living with a boy, and I mean all of it.

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