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24 April 2017

Bedroom Decor and Cushion Covers*

As you may know we recently changed our bedroom around a little. Our flat has two bedrooms and we previously had the larger one as our bedroom and the smaller as our office. But having house/cat sat for a neighbour a while ago I saw how she had the smaller room as her bedroom, and it looked super cosy. So we decided to have a move around and create a cosy peaceful little room to sleep. We kept the wardrobes in the larger room,  as I used to do my hair and make up in the office anyway, so it just made sense to make the larger room an office/dressing room.  


14 April 2017

Feeling Fuchsia

These photos were taken by Yasmina on our recent trip to Liverpool for the CarnLIVal event. We were a little early for the event so decided to take advantage of the gorgeous Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Hope Street. I must say this is probably the most public place I've ever taken photos as I usually hide myself down a quiet side street. But I really pushed myself to stand in the middle of a fairy busy street of an unknown city and I really think they paid off!


09 April 2017

Finally Trying Colourpop.

Colourpop Costmetics, Colourpop Creeper, Colourpop Tulle, Colourpop Avenue

If you're like me you would have been over the moon when Colourpop was finally available for delivery to the UK. So a little while ago myself, Chloe, Helen and Amy all took advantage of deal for free UK shipping and shared a delivery, this helped split the cost of customs which was about £20. After many an hour scouring the inter-web looking at swatches I finally decided on three shades of their liquid lipsticks to try, Creeper, Tulle and Avenue.


07 April 2017

Secondhand Style #1 - What an egg-cellent dress

As I mentioned in this post the majority of my wardrobe has been bought in charity shops, Ebay and Depop. As a huge bargain hunter and savvy secondhand searcher I want to start featuring these more often in my outfit posts. So I've decided to begin a little feature called Secondhand Style, so you can see all the fab bits and bobs I've managed to pick up, and believe me there is loads. 

05 April 2017

Hive Coffee Company at Jarrow Hall.

Hive Coffee Company, Jarrow, Gluten Free, Vegan, Cafe, Vegan Cafe, Jarrow Hall, Coffee

Last Thursday evening I attended the V.I.P launch of Hive Coffee Company, a cafe based in Jarrow Hall which opened at the weekend. The cafe is a collaboration between two friends, Eve McPadden and Sarah Daglish, and they're helping bring the old Bede's world site back to life. I remember visiting Bede's world on a school trip in year 3 and was sad to hear of its closure. But thanks to the the charity Groundwork the site has been re-launched in October 2016 as Jarrow Hall, Anglo-Saxon Farm, Village and Bede Museum.

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