The Bloggers Teaspoon – North East Bloggers Meet Up

Now I ADORE blogger meet ups and i’ve said many times before they are my favourite event to attend. There really is nothing better than spending an afternoon drinking tea and eating cake with a group of likeminded people. So when my best friend and blogger Rachel asked me to be the official photographer of her Bloggers Teaspoon even in aid of Lupus, I couldn’t say no. So off I headed, with the aid of my boyfriend to help me carry a truck load of  amazing caramel cupcakes I made for the event, definitely a recipe i’m going to feature on here in the future, because who doesn’t love cake ladened with caramel?

Weirdly this was the only blog meet up/mixer i’ve attended when I didn’t really mingle. As much as I would have enjoyed to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, I was totally focused on my job of photographing the event, and I didn’t want to let my best friend down by taking rubbish photographs. It was a nice change to be at an event and not be focused on my blog, handing out business cards etc. I got to take a step back and enjoy the event for what it really was (plus eat tonnes of delicious cakes and nibbles)