Skincare Newbie.

I have a horrible confession to make. Until the past year and a half or so I was terrible with my skincare regime, if I can even call it that. I look back now and I am horrified at how badly I used to treat my skin, and I would wonder why it was dry and lifeless.

I rarely took my make up off before bed (I feel sick at the thought of it now) and when I did remove my make up it was a quick swish of a make up wipe and that was that. I barely touched moisturiser. The only time I did would be if my beloved Dream Matte Mousse wasn’t sitting well on my skin and made it look all flakey (one of the reasons I stopped using dream matte mousse and opted for MAC). My answer to dry flakey skin? Moisturise once of twice and expect it all to magically go away.

That was that, my skin care regime. Horrible wasn’t it. But alas, I have learnt from my mistakes. I take my make up off before bed (minus the odd drunken stumble home at 4am) and I moisturise at least once a day. But I am always trying to get myself into a more regular and thorough skincare regime, to get my skin in the best possible condition I can.

So on Friday I ventured into town with Rachel and Becca on the hunt for skincare products, as a few of mine had all ran out. Prior to our outing I had done a little research online and devised myself a shopping list. Micellar Water, Cleanser, a Face Mask and a Serum and these were the ones I purchased. So fingers crossed these make a difference and I see an improvement in my skin.