Grab A Bite On The Go With UGOT [AD]

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Now I must be honest, I don’t travel on trains very often, bar the odd trip to London every now and then. But when I do one of my favourite things about it is grabbing food at the station to eat on the train. Most train stations have the same generic eating establishments, pasty shops and stalls filled with crisps and chocolate. I was very happy to see that Newcastle’s Central Station have introduced some new places during the station re-fit.

Back in October I was invited along to ÜGOT one of the new food units, who specialise in healthy take away food, try out some of their Lunch products. ÜGOT are a very new chain of food outlets, founded by Joe Carnell and Jamal Edwards, both of which are under the age of 25. Initially starting in York railway station they now have a Newcastle branch and will soon be opening one in Harrogate.

UGOT, Healthy Eating, Food, Takeaway, Lifestyle Blogger, Food Blogger,


When I finally managed to find a day free I headed on down when I was in the city centre with Rachel and Az to see what they offered. The staff were amazing, the guy, who’s name I didn’t catch was so kind!! Telling us all about the concept of the store and about their products and telling us we could have anything we fancied. We picked our lunches and a drink and we’re even offered samples of frozen yoghurt, which tasted delicious. I opted for a chilli chicken salad which was so filling, packed with veggies and a rice salad underneath I struggled to eat the whole portion. I washed my salad down with a mango cold press juice, which is a process that doesn’t use heat to extract the juice, which helps to retain all the nutrients and important bits.

I have since been back on my own, when I was travelling down to London last month and I can add that their breakfasts are just as declious as their lunches. I had a HUGE tub of porridge topped with a selection of nuts and seeds and I must say it kept me full for hours, which the usual McDonalds sausage McMuffin fails to do so on a train trip down to the capital.