Flame Haired Fashion.

As I said in my recent hair update post, i’ve struggled with being able to style myself with my brighter more colourful locks. Truth be told I think my lack of confidence/inspiration has stemmed more from the fact that i’ve gained weight than my actual hair colour. Generally at the moment i’m living in jeans and breton tops because thats all I feel comfortable in, and i’ve totally lost my spark.

I’m bored of wearing t-shirts and monochrome, I miss colour and cute dresses and feeling sassy as fuck! I’ve always found my biggest fashion inspiration comes from fellow bloggers and street style, so i’ve been browsing the interweb looking for fashion inspiration from my fellow flame haired beauties, and today I want to share my favourites with you.


Fashion blogger, Hannah Louise Fashion, Blogger style, Street Style

– Hannah-



I’ve followed Hannah’s blog for a few years now and I’ve loved watching her style develop (as well as her hair) and I swear i’ve never seen this girl in a bad outfit. Her blog has inspired me so much recently with my quest to re-motivate myself with fashion. She has smart and sophisticated ways off wearing colour which since dying my hair has scared me, yet she always looks so chic. Making me realise not to be scared of wearing pink with bright ginger hair, because this girl does it and she looks bloody fantastic.


Fashion blogger, Effiesmakeupbox, Blogger style, Street Style

– Heather-



Now at times I struggle to stick with one ‘style’ for more than a few days. One day I might one to dress like a 1950’s housewife and the next I might want to pull out my inner ‘rock chick’ – please note that phrase makes me cringe but I can’t think of another way to describe it. So when I recently stumbled across Heathers blog, probably again on the hunt for orange haired beauties, I instantly fell in love. Her style for me mixes the perfect amount of feminine and girly with grunge, teaming pretty girly dresses with leather jackets, chokers and creepers. Not to mention the fact she has THE MOST AMAZING HAIR IN ALL THE LAND! – like a real life mermaid, her hair is to die for.


Fashion blogger, Foreveryoursbetty, Blogger style, Street Style

 – Betty-



I’ve only recently started following Betty since finding her on Instagram and instantly falling in love with her bright orange locks. Every time I see a photo of her I can’t help but think my hair just isn’t quite bright enough, give me all the orange hair dyes! Since I’ve gotten myself stuck in a rut i’ve only wearing colours that ‘go with’ orange toned hair and avoiding any colour that I could class as clashing with it, especially wearing orange tones for the fear of looking too matchy matchy. But one of my favourite of Betty’s outfits is this one in a gorgeous bright orange dress, proof to me that I need to stop worrying so much and just wear whatever the hell I want to. Pale skin and orange hair is the future!