Saturday Crafternoon With Hillary’s Blinds.


On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend an event, which may have been one of the best events i’ve attended in a very long time, if not ever. Hillary’s blinds have launched a new range of fabric designs to be used in their curtains, blinds and other home furnishings. As a way to promote the new range, which they launch every 2 years or so, they hosted a blogger crafting event with The Crafty Hen and it was so much fun!

Now before I start I must say, I am in now way crafty, especially when it comes to sewing. Having once attempted to re-hem a My Chemical Romance t-shirt after cutting off the arms, and it falling apart within 5 minutes of me wearing it, sewing really isn’t my strongest pursuit.

But I went along to the event with an open mind, hoping there would be limited amounts of sewing. Which in a way was true, the sewing wasn’t too hard and I actually managed okay! To start with we made a simple little book cover which didn’t involve too much handy work. A fold here, a stitch there, a little bit of a glue gun and BOOM done. Sadly i’m a little slow with the sewing and wasn’t able to finish mine before we moved onto the next task, but I made the effort to finish mine and actually achieve something.


The second project required a lot more sewing, however at this point I felt I had enough skill to hopefully make a bird that looked like a bird. Turns out my skills weren’t quite up to it and again I failed to finish the project before out time ran out, a half finished bird with multiple holes in the stitching was carried home in my bag. I made the effort again to try and finish, and fix, my project once I returned home. I opted to use some of my own fabric scraps to create a different patterned stomach (which was the original plan for it) and re-did the stitching and actually finished it!

Thanks to Hillary Blinds and The Crafty Hen I have discovered i’m not all that bad at sewing and with a little bit of practice I could create some semi-decent looking projects. I’ve even bought myself a dress pattern and some fabric to attempt to make myself a dress for the summer. Perhaps I won’t be applying for the Great British Sewing bee just yet, but I will certainly be crafting more often.