Favourite Essie Polishes.

Cashmere Bathrobe , Bazooka, After School Boy Blazer.

Theres nothing more than I love than a good pamper, and painting my nails has to be one of the most relaxing things I can do. Sat in front of the TV surrounded by 4000 bottles of nail varnish I always opt for the same shades. I’m naturally attracted to corals and oranges, blues and darks or neutrals and greys. I really should venture into more colours but these are just what I naturally gravitate towards. My top three nail varnish brands have to be Essie, Models Own and Barry M. Today I thought i’d talk about my three favourite nail colours from Essie.

First is Cashmere Bathrobe which is the newest to my collection, brought to me thanks to Santa. Its the perfect glittery grey without you having to spend 4 hours scrubbing your nails to get the glitter off. I’ve a slight obsession with grey at the moment, and this is transferring into my nail varnish choices too. Its a smart and sophisticated way of wearing my beloved black nails of my former goth days.

Second is Bazooka, which I believe is from their 2013 collections so sadly I cannot buy it online. I picked this up about a year ago on one of those glorious make up stands you find in some shopping centres at the bargain price of £1.99. Yes you heard right, £1.99! To this day I don’t think i’ve actually bought an Essie Polish at full price, always picking them up from small make up stores or TK Maxx. This shade is one of the 1000 corals I appear to own, but this shade is my favourite of the corals, and believe me thats a hard decision to make. Now the weather is warming up I’m opting for more spring shades of brights and pastels instead of my usual dark vampy shades. This coral is the perfect summery colour and automatically makes me feel a little bit perkier.


The final shade After School Boy Blazer, again I picked up at a bargain price from a local beauty outlet which houses an entire wall of nail varnish. Yes and ENTIRE WALL! I just happened to be browsing the nail wall I spotted the perfect navy shade. On reading the label I realised it was the shade Helen raves about on her Instagram. I must admit I nearly screamed when I saw this and ran to the till as fast as my legs could carry me. I can totally see why Helen loves this shade so much as since buying it a few months ago I’ve barely had anything else on my nails. I think I may have to bulk buy this and have a lifelong supply.