Lets Go To The Beach.

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So with Lee working and having his university work to do, we don’t often see each other on other at weekends, other than a Saturday morning when I head back home. Instead we have recently been having our own little weekends on Thursdays and Fridays instead, that way we still get a couple of days together. The majority of the time our days together we just laze about Lee’s house watching Netflix and bumming out in our pj’s. But a few weeks ago when Lee actually had the weekend off, we headed down to Tynemouth, my local seaside town, for a look around the market and a walk along the beach.  England being England it was absolutely freezing so we spent our afternoon hiding

indoors and drinking coffee.

Following that trip we decided to visit Lee’s local seaside town of Redcar for a day trip to the beach last week! Yet again the weather wasn’t on our side, certainly less windy than Tynemouth, but still rather nippy. The cold weather didn’t stop us strolling along the seafront and indulging in my first ever Lemon-Top, which for those who didn’t know is an ice-cream cone topped with Lemon Sorbet – its gorgeous.

Being the grown up and mature adults we are, we had to have a play at the amusements and wasted a fair few quid on the 2p machines. Its clear that I’m terrible at amusement games and won nothing. Lee on the other hand managed to win a cuddly toy from the grab machine as well as an Olaf keyring and a cow shaped rubber from the 2p machines, all of which he was kind enough to give to me.


Redcar, Beach, Day Trip, North-East Bloggers, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Couple, Weekend, Mens Fashion, Street Style


Following all the fun in the amusements we headed on into the town and checked out the local shops. One being Boyes, which Lee recently mentioned to me for having a good selection of fabrics in the Haberdashery. As soon as I saw Boyes I just had to run in as its not a shop we really get around Newcastle, so I was looking forward to seeing what it was about. Sadly none of the fabrics tickled my fancy, so I bought myself a colouring book instead – yes I really am 23 I promise.

Finally we finished off our trip to the beach with Fish and Chips at a lovely little place called Oliver’s. I opted for sausage and chips which was delicious as always, Lee had a Fish and Chip supper and we both proceeded to roll ourselves out of the door and in the direction of the train station.

Sometimes its nice to visit local places near where you live, as its easy to take your region for granted. As I tend to only stick to around the Newcastle area, it made a nice change to hop on a train, or two, and visit somewhere new. Have you travelled anywhere nice lately?