Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Make-up Counter Girls.

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Now I’d like to travel back in time to around 2 years ago, there I was stood hovering outside House Of Fraser looking longingly at the MAC counter with my mum next to me going “Go on, we will get them to match you to a foundation. Go on, lets do it” and I replied in a terrified whimper. Suddenly I felt a hand around my arm and my mum literally dragged me to the counter. Ten minutes later I was walking away with my first MAC purchase in a bag and a huge grin on my face!


Why was I so bloody scared to approach the counter? Did I die? No. Did anything bad happen to me? No. Did I feel uncomfortable? Well yeah, maybe a little bit (having a stranger do your make up can be quite weird when you’re not used to it) But i’m sure there are plenty of you out there that have been in the same position as I was, completely and utterly intimidated by the counter girls. Fast forward to the present day where I regularly approach Make-up counters in my local department store without fear! Though saying that I usually swatch a few lipsticks and then slink away to contemplate the 100 different shades of red lipstick on my hand in the comfort of my own home. But why are we all still so afraid of Make-up counters?


I think a lot of it is purely the idea of going into the unknown. I never know what I can and can’t ask for when I approach the counters, can I ask them to do my make up for free? Can I ask for samples to take home to try? So many questions and nowhere to find answers. However last week I was invited along to Fenwick Newcastle’s Beauty Week Blogger event and this helped introduce me to a world of Make-up counters I had no idea about. We we’re able to choose a number of treatments and consultations from a range of different counters including Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and Tom Ford. I opted for an under eye brightening treatement from La Prarie, Laura Mercier to try their new creme silk foundation and finally Molton Brown for a super relaxing hand and arm massage.

Whilst in the Beauty Hall I was introduced to a number of different treatments, facials and make up lessons you can book in (many of which are free, some require a deposit that you can then spend on the products) I’ve since booked myself in for an express facial with Estee Lauder and a contouring lesson with Tom Ford, neither of which I would have know about if it wasn’t for talking to the staff. At the end of the day that is what they are there for! They are there for you to ask questions, get advice and let you sample make up.

So if you’re like me and fancy braving the make-up counters, this week is the perfect time to do so. The Fenwick’s Beauty week is taking place from Today until Friday where there is a range of events and visiting make up artists across a range of different brands. These include Benefit, where regional Make-up Artist Hayley Pexton will be making appearance tomorrow and many other exciting things for you to try out throughout the week. All information on what’s going on can be found here.

So go on, be brave and approach those counter girls! I can assure you that they do not bite.


Photo Credit: Amy