BloggersPearJoy – Vintage Inspired Photoshoot.


Last weekend I was lucky enough to take part in the #BLOGGERSPEARJOY Photoshoot with some my blogging buddies Rachel, Kathryn and Laura organised by Pearman Photography and I can assure you it was a fun day had by all. I thought i’d include a few behind the scene pictures from the day as these are my favourite types to see, plus theres a video to follow soon!

We arrived bright and early all fresh faces and somewhat sleepy, at the location in Hoult’s Yard at ready to get our glam on! With an amazing team behind the shoot it wasn’t long before we were all looking fabulous. Having our locks glorified by Liam at SalonLRM and Emily working magic on our faces making them go from sleepy to sensational in no time. Even just with our hair and make-up done I was amazed already at how vintage we looked, my hair was incredible and I really couldn’t stop staring at it. How did women manage to create such gorgeous hairstyles without their own personal hairdressers back in the day? Like how!!?

Next was the exciting bit, our outfits! Being a lover of Vintage style this was the part I was most looking forward to. Thanks to the styling of Nichola we all had two looks, one daytime and one evening look. The outfits we’re supplied by the amazing, and local, vintage store Its Vintage Darling which is based in South Shields.

My daytime look was what I would describe as ‘Librarian chic’ (my mum thought I looked like my Grandma) with a green corduroy skirt green patterned shirt.  I must admit this isn’t something I would have picked myself, but it was interesting to try a different type of look as I tend to lean towards the silhouette of 1950’s with synched in waists and full skirts as it really suits my shape. Therefore the evening look was right up my street! A vintage replica style dress, so it mimics the shapes of vintage clothing without any of the horrid fabrics.I have been looking at loads of these types of dresses recently on different sites, and even bought myself one but sadly it was too big on my small boobies.

This look automatically resulted in lots of twirling and swirling, which you really can’t help but do when you wear a frock like that. Theres just something about a full skirted dress that instantly makes you feel glamorous and ladylike and I will definitely be adding more of these types of dresses into my wardrobe.

Finally I thought i’d include some of my favourite shots from the day and surprise surprise they include my evening look. It really took a lot for me to take that dress off and give it back. Now I must be honest I usually HATE when other people take my photograph, and having lacked self confidence a lot recently the thought of being photographed like this did make me quite nervous. However Laura has managed to break the mould and I absolutely LOVE the images she took of me. She did an amazing job at making us feel comfortable and making it fun! I think thats the key to good photographs, making your subject feel comfortable and Laura did just that.


The photoshoot has given me a much needed confidence boost and I feel as though its really helped strengthen my love for 1950’s style fashion and this is a look i’ll really try and recreate on my own. So id like to say a huge thank you to everybody involved for making me feel gorgeous.

Why not check out those who were involved in making this photoshoot so amazing.