Summer Style With Jones The Bootmaker [AD]




Summer is that one time of year where I struggle with fashion and having no idea what to wear. With black tights and layers are being comfort blanket, when the weather starts to heat up my confidence goes out the window. My biggest issue is staying cool whilst still feeling relatively ‘put together’ without having to worry about how pale and chunky I think my legs are. Recently i’ve been thinking more and more about ways I can stay stylishly cool on those odd warmer days we are getting here in the UK.


On hot summer days, I always struggle to find the balance between staying cool, but not exposing my pale skin to the sunshine for fear of turning into a human tomato. However this year I have discovered the joys of kimono’s, the perfect summer cover up without adding too much bulk. This white crochet  ideal to wear over the a nice striped top, and stripes are my go-to print all year around, to create a fresh nautical look.


The one item of clothing i’d really like to add into my wardrobe this summer is a pair of boyfriend jeans for those days when you really do not want to be wearing a pair of skin-tight skinnies. I love how versatile boyfriend jeans can be and they can easily be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with a pair of sandals, like these Birkenstocks in black. I purchased a pair of white ones last summer and they were the perfect casual but comfy sandal whilst still being on trend. As much as I love my white ones I think the black ones look a little smarter and would be a great addition to my wardrobe.


Now lets ignore the fact that for the past 4-5 months i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect black bag, thats just big enough to fit my camera in, but not too big that it weighs me down and is a pain to carry. For now this mustard tote bag is top of my shopping list, a classic and simple style to jazz up any summer outfit thats big enough to fit all my bits and bobs in. Lets not forget sunglasses, a summer look wouldn’t be complete with a pair of sunnies to keep the sun out of your eyes. For years i’ve suffered with aching foreheads from squinting so much in the summer due to not finding any prescription sunglasses I like. But finally i’ve managed to find these cat eye style beauties that will be perfect for those sunny days.

*This is a sponsored post*