Hillary’s Crafting Challenge: How To Make A Lampshade.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade

Back in March I took part in an amazing event with Hillary’s thanks to the team at Joe Bloggers, which you can read about here. At the event we were told there would be a craft competition for us to enter at a later date where we would be sent some of Hillary’s fabric and have to make something out of it. I must admit at the event I didn’t do ALL that well at the sewing, so I thought this competition would be a good opportunity for my to practice my crafting skills a little, all with the chance of winning a nice £1000 prize. Not to shabby eh?

Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade

What You Need:


For the Lampshade:

Small lampshade

1 metre square of the fabric of your choice

Fabric Scissors

Fabric Glue


Sewing Needle


1-2 Metres of trimming, this depends on the size of your lampshade

A selection of buttons of beads in colours to match your fabric

Embroidery thread, choose a shade within your fabric design

How To Make It:

One | To begin with use a piece of scrap paper to measure and trace your lampshade to create a template for your fabric.

Two | Pin your template onto your fabric and carefully cut around, leaving a 1-2cm border around your template.

Three |  Using fabric glue carefully attach your fabric to the bottom of the lampshade, tucking as you go.  I used clothes pegs to keep the fabric in place as I attached it to the lampshade. Keep the clothes pegs in place until the glue dried. Repeat this on the top edge until the whole lampshade is covered.


Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade

Four | When you’re waiting for the glue to try gather your decorations. I opted for buttons but you could easily use pom-pom trimmings, tassels or beading. This is entirely up to you, but make sure your colour choices match your fabric as it finishes it off nicely. Work out the amounts you’re going to need and cut lengths of embroidery thread of around an inch and a half and thread them though your buttons or beads and tighten securely.


Five | Using a thread attach the buttons onto the base of the lampshade with a few simple stitches. Don’t worry too much about how secure they are, just as long as they stay in place. Also you don’t have to try and get them the same height, varied lengths and random colour patterns adds a nice effect to the design.

Six | Usings a hot glue gun, add the decorating binding to the top and bottom of the lampshade. Ensuring the bottom binding covers the threads that attach the buttons to the shade. This helps to secure the buttons into place. Once glued attach clothes pegs to keep the binding in place until it dries.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, How To Make A Lampshade