Feeling Fruity

Alice's Wonder Emporium, Fruity Fashion

As of late I have grown a weird and somewhat wonderful obsession with food, mostly fruit, related clothing an accessories. It all started with me getting my hands on a second-hand watermelon print midi skirt. A skirt that if I could I would wear every single day of my life as it makes me feel amazing (which is rare for me at the moment). I’ve a new found love for fun and colourful clothing especially those with food prints on them. I’ve even recently bought myself some pear print fabric to make myself my own version of my watermelon skirt, so watch this space for a D.I.Y post coming to Alice’s Wonder Emporium soon.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, Fruity Fashion.

Alice's Wonder Emporium, Fruity Fashion.

Now my most recent, and probably my favourite fruit related purchase of late, are these two fruit shaped handbags I picked up yesterday from Primark of all places. I’d seen photos of them posted on instagram and was popping into my local Primark on a weekly basis to see if I could nab them for myself. Sadly the Newcastle store never had any in stock, or at least not that I could find. But low and behold yesterday whilst at the Metro Centre attending a Summer Swish event I popped into Primark with Amy and there they were! I grabbed them both and nearly ran to the till, because at £6 each you really can’t say no. They’re fruity and they’re fun and they’ll be perfect to jazz up a minimal summer outfit.