Bedroom Snippets.


Since moving back into my parents house i’ve become a little obsessed with making my bedroom look as homely as possible. I think its due to when I was living in a student house I was really limited to what I was allowed to do to make my room nice. But now back home i’m able to hang things on the wall, re-arrange all the furniture and re-decorate, I have been in my element.


For me, my bedroom is like my haven, I can lock myself up in my room away from everything and just relax. I think having a calm bedroom and somewhere you love to come and sit when you’re stressed is really important. I wanted my bedroom to be calm and relaxing but also represent me with fun little quirks and things i’ve collected over the years.

Initially I wanted an all white bedroom, however due to my bedrooms generous size I decided this would look too clinical and opted for a soft blue-ish grey instead. Along with my all white furniture i’ve added pops of colour throughout my room through books, accessories and decorative pieces. Its taken me about 9 months to get my room exactly how I want, so I thought i’d share with you a little glimpse into my little paradise.

These are my favourite parts of my bedroom, what are your favourite parts of yours?