#Toastofthetown: Cupcake Decorating @ The Copthorne Hotel

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed baking and decorating cakes, and I always thought I was pretty good at it. In hindsight, I can bake a pretty good vanilla cupcake and decorate it with vanilla frosting. Not very creative really. So when I was invited along to The Copthorne Hotel by Joe Blogs to attend a cupcake decorating afternoon, I couldn’t say no.

We were lucky enough to be under the expert hands of Julie from Julie’s Cake House, a local cake business who specialise in beautifully decorated cakes and even decorating classes. Julie was amazing at helping us step my step in the decoration of the cupcakes and was happy to answer questions or assist any of us who were struggling slightly. During the afternoon we decorated 4 cupcakes with different designs. The first being a bright yellow floral design which was a lot easier to create than it looks. You simply cut some mini marshmallows at an angle and dip the sticky side into some coloured sugar and place in layers over a frosted cupcake. A really simple effect that looks rather fancy!

The second design was my favourite, an adorable little pink bear! I’ve never used icing like this before and I must admit at first I was a little nervous but it was super easy to handle and I was quite impressed with how my little bear turned out. Though saying that the third cupcake design I struggled with a little more as we made tiny fondant icing lipsticks, make up brushes and a pearl necklace. At this point, the room was warming up somewhat and my fondant proved to be a little sticky. Or at least that’s my excuse for my design being a little dodgy.

Now I did say we decorated four cupcakes, but I am honestly embarrassed at the state of my final one that I refuse to photograph it (however you can see a glimpse of it in the photograph above). This design was the hardest out of the three where we were required to create two-toned flower petals and a little ladybug with optional glitter. As you can kind of see from my design I had a little accident with the glitter and it resembled a primary school classroom after a double lesson in art.

Read about the cake decorating afternoon here and see how everybody else did by searching the hashtag #toastofthetown