Life Update: Hey Alice, Where The Hell Have You Been?

So you’ve probably noticed i’ve been pretty quiet over the past three months. Saying that I seem to have had an influx of new followers regardless. So hello to you guys, welcome! Its nice that you could stop by. Now the rest of you might have been wondering where the hell i’ve gotten to? Well do not fret I am still here, I’ve just been working constantly for the past three months.


Back in June I finally started my new job, having had to wait months for my checks and my references to go through (please don’t mention references to me ever again) and even though the position is for two days a week I haven’t worked that since I began. Through my training I was working 4-5 days a week so on evenings and weekends I was basically slumped on the sofa trying to recover from the 9-5 routine. But since then i’ve been working loads of overtime so am still yet to have a 16 hour working week.


Now my body has finally adjusted to working between 20 and 40 hours a week, I’m getting myself organised and back into the swing of things again. Plus having attended a couple of blogger events this month my motivation has returned and I’m raring to get going again.  I feel like i’ve totally fallen off the face of the ‘bloggersphere’ recently, hell i’ve barely even posted on social media either. As you can see most of my Instagram posts consist of books and pjs which has basically been my life recently.


So yeah, thats all really. I just wanted to let you all know I am still alive and I shall be back posting again over the next few days. In the mean time you can follow me over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.