North East Bloggers Book Swap – #NEBOOKSWAP

nebloggers bookswap
Images nabbed from Rhi

As I mentioned in my last post, i’ve recently attended a few blogger events recently that have re-kindled my love for blogging. Theres nothing quite like being in a room full of bloggers to get you motivated again.

The event has to be one of my favourite I’ve attended in a very long time, hosted by the babes Rhi and Fiona, this was a book swap! I’d attended a clothes swap back in the summer which I really enjoyed. So as soon as I heard there was a one with books I just had to get me some of that. The principle was basically the same, you take a long a bunch of books and for each book you receive a tag/bookmark with your name on. Everybody puts their name in the books they’re interested in getting, and at the end any books with more than one name goes into a draw.

nebloggers bookswap

Now I don’t know how the hell I managed this but I somehow get all the books i’d picked, even the ones that had to be put into a hat and drawn out. How lucky was I? Now i’ve just got the try and find the room on my bookshelf which was bursting at the seams to begin with. Along with our book swap the evening consisted of black out poetry (which I suck at) book themed ice breakers, a raffle and of course tea and cake.

Finally the evening ended with our “don’t judge a book by its cover” wrapped book swap. The basic concept is that you choose a book on the description of it, not by how the cover looks and I’ll be the first to admit I am a sucker for a pretty looking book. We were all told to pick a book, wrap it up on paper and write a short description of what the book is about. I opted for book wrapped in brown paper with the description:

“The history behind a classic brand of shoes. Including photographic cameos from many music and fashion icons.” 


I was automatically drawn to the mention of shoes and photographs which are probably my two favourite things after books. So this book was a must have. Upon unwrapping I revealed a gorgeous book all about Dr Martens! I was expecting something on the lines of Louboutin so I was pleasantly surprised and a little happier it was a shoe brand i’m a much bigger fan of.

nebloggers book swap

A huge thank you to Rhi and Fiona for hosting such an amazing event. I hope theres more events like this in the future.

With thanks to Upside Down PresentsInpress Books, That Gent Mark, Zoe Elizabeth Bags and Waterstones Gateshead.