Pact Coffee – Artisan Coffee Straight Through Your Door.

Pact Coffee

Believe it or not over the last decade I have gone from hating coffee in every single shape or form, to being a fully functioning coffee addict. Starting my coffee journey off drinking uber chocolatey mochas, which truthfully taste more than chocolate than anything else. To now being in a position where I enjoy tasting a range of different coffees with different undertones and flavours. Yep, not all coffee tastes the same.

Now i’ve always tended to buy my coffee from the supermarket and I can never seem to get my coffee at home to taste as nice as when I drink coffee in cafe’s, FYI my favourites being Pink Lane, BLK and Flat Caps Coffee. So when my brother mentioned ages ago about a company called Pact Coffee that he used who post artisan coffee’s to you as often as once a week. I decided on my first Payday I would give them a go.

Pact Coffee

The company themselves are really rather small, to the point where I received a phone call and a few texts from my own personal pact coffee representative when I first ordered my coffee to check I had received my order and if I had any questions at all. The little touches like messages and emails that just make you feel a little important and are a really nice plus when you’re purchasing from a company.

You pay £6.95 for a each pack, which if you do order one a week is a little on the luxurious side. However I tend to get mine sent out every month as I don’t drink enough to warrant a pack each week, which if you think about it is the cost of two cups of coffee and you get way more than that in a packet. I’d much rather spend my money on buying coffee from a small artisan coffee company than spending it in those typical high street chains.

You can get your first pack of coffee for £1 but I was too slow and my coupon code ran out before I got a chance to order mine that cheaply. Once you’ve ordered you also get your own coupon code to give to all your friends and family so they can order a £1 pact coffee pack for themselves. So I thought i’d share my personal code with you all so you can try them out yourselves!