5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me.

Last week during my first #TheGirlgang Twitter chat, one of the questions was about something your readers wouldn’t know about you from reading your blog. I found this so interesting and it basically turned out we are all just shy little nerds bouncing about the inter-web. This particular question got me thinking about all the bits and bobs about me that you don’t know, which again falls perfectly into my aim to make my blog filled with more me.


I’m a huge fan of thrifty shopping and I could happily spend a whole day rummaging around charity shops! Theres nothing I love more than hunting through the rails and racks and finding a hidden gem, often finding things I wouldn’t normally be able to justify buying full price, plus theres the fact you’re helping others whilst doing so, that makes me happy too. My best purchase recently includes two bits of vintage furniture, a gorgeous 1960’s dressing table and an adorable little side table, both cost me only £20 in total. I’ve slowly been up-cycling these to make them look even more gorgeous and I’m super excited to share the finished products with you.


Back in 2012 I started a Youtube Channel. Yeah, you read that right, I did Youtube.  Picture this, me sat on my bed showing my latest Primark purchases and the contents of my handbag all filmed beautifully on my Macbook’s Photobooth app. Truthfully I only made about 5 videos of hideous quality before I stopped and made them all private. I think I have since deleted them all as they were so cringe worthy I wanted to slice my face off. BUT this is something I’d like to maybe start up again, maybe. The quality of Youtube content has improved massively since then and I do fear that my video making skills may be rather dodgy, and I don’t think i’m quite brave enough to put that much of myself on the inter-web just yet.



I really really enjoy vampire books. Yes I know I’m 24 but please here me out. Fantasy books and tv shows have always been those that have attracted me the most growing up. Harry Potter were the books that transformed me from a “Urgh I hate reading” kind of child to a book obsessed lunatic. From there I moved onto the Twilight series, which fuelled my love for all things supernatural. In hindsight, that book series sucks, but at the time 18 year old Alice really enjoyed them. Luckily I have since discovered there are many vampire books and book series that are 10000 times better than Twilight. My current favourite being the Morganville Vampire series where there are 15 books to sink your teeth into – Yes I went there.



My music taste is stuck in 2006. Yeah, its true. Give me Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy over Kayne West and Bruno Mars any day! My most listened to music on my itunes is still the same as when I was in high school and constantly plugged into my ipod Classic (which still works now might I add) and the odd occasion I listen to Radio One I have no idea who anybody is. When I was recently in Primark and saw a t-shirt with “5 Seconds of Summer” on it, I had no idea who they were, and still don’t.



I’m the worlds biggest wimp. Life basically terrifies me. I hate making phone calls, I hate going anywhere new on my own, I’m terrified of wasps, I don’t like horror films, I’m terrible at saying no to people and I’m never brave enough to complain about something face to face. If a company has treated me badly I won’t confront them at the time, I’d rather go home and fester over it and maybe eventually write them a complaint, perhaps. How I have survived this long as a human I’ll never know.

Now you’ve gotten to know a few things about me I’d love to know some things about my readers. So share three things about you down below!