Huge Book Haul.

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Hello, My name is Alice and this month I am addicted to buying books. I don’t need anymore books, I have a bookshelf full of books to read – but low and behold here I am buying more! I’ve always been a big book fan, however the past couple of months I’ve gotten really into books again (I tend to go through phases) so have ended up buying quite a few over the past month. So I thought i’d share with you some of the books I’ve picked up recently.

Books, Book Haul, Book Blogger, Book Tube, Book Addict

The Story of Alice

This book was originally recommended to me months and months ago by a customer when we got chatting about different books. Its always been at the back of my mind as a book to check out. So when on a spending splurge in Waterstones a couple of weekends ago I decided to finally pick it up.

If you didn’t know I am a huge Alice’ in Wonderland fan and this book delves into the secret story behind it. Behind the famous fairy-tale lies a very complex history of Lewis Carroll. The book itself is a biography that unravels the true meaning behind Alice.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Everybody and their Aunt has heard of this book now, but i’m going to talk about it anyway. I bought this and read it straight away and had a huge urge to clear out everything. Annoyingly all my belongings were packed but whilst reading this I knew of things to get rid of once I unpacked. The book basically follows the Kon-mari method for clearing clutter. Clearing out your belongings (in particular groups and in a specific order) then once having cleared out finding a specific home for all your belongings.

Following this technique is apparently supposed to help you remain clutter free if you keep to this “giving you joy” context. I will be posting a review of this next week so keep your eyes peeled to see in what ways it has helped me (or not).

Quiet: The Power Of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

This book has been on my wish-list ever since seeing Rebecca talking about it over on her blog. If you didn’t know already I am an introvert through and through, so I couldn’t help but pick this up. A book full of inspiring stories of how introverts can have an effect on the world and discussing how undervalued those “quiet” ones are, and how much we lose in doing so. As somebody who often worries about how being an introvert can affect how people see me, I think this is going to be an interesting read.

Red Queen

I must say a huge thanks to Fiona for recommending this as its right up my street. I have read this already (a review will follow at some point) and its re-assured me that I really do love YA-Fantasy novels. This particular book follows the story of Mare who lives in a world divided by blood. Reds are the common “normal” folk who live in the slums, whilst the elite Silver bloods, who have special powers basically rule the roost. However Mare quickly discovers even though her blood is red, she has powers similar to that of a silver blood and basically the shit hits the fan.

Glass Sword

This is the follow on to Red Queen, and its a little difficult to talk about Glass Sword without talking about the plot of Red Queen too much. But basically, having escaped from the Royal court, Mare is on the hunt to recruit others to help fight against the silvers, others just like her. But she finds herself on a dangerous path to becoming exactly what she is trying to fight against.

I’m really excited to carry on with this series as I really loved the first book. The fantasy aspect keeps you interested (if not at times a little bit predictable), I really recommend the series so far, however a little frustrated with the size difference in the books. I like my shelves to be uniform and organised!


A coming of age story filled with first loves and the world of fan fiction. Cather, who is just about to start college, is the biggest fan of Simon Snow along with her twin sister Wren. As they head off to college Wren begins to distance herself from Simon Snow and subsequently from Cather as she grows up and her interests begin to lie elsewhere. Dealing with her distancing from her sister, alongside problems at home Cather focuses her time on writing Simon Snow fan-fiction.

Eleanor and Park


This is a story of love, two young misfits, Eleanor and Park, falling in love over the course of a school year. Its as simple as that. Your typical YA-Romance book but one you can’t help but love. With references to music, comic books and general awesome-ness this is a love story you really can’t beat. Not to mention Eleanor is a redhead and we all know how amazing redheads are 😉

How To Build a Girl

Since I read Catlin Moran’s “How To Be A Woman” I’ve been meaning to check out her other books. This one shares the story of Johanna Morrigan, a fourteen year old living in the 90’s who has embarrassed herself so badly on local television she decides to re-invent herself as Dolly Wilde, a gothic lady sex adventurer.  She begins writing in an attempt to save her poverty-stricken family and by sixteen she’s writing for a music paper whilst getting drunk and bedding all kinds of men.

This is basically a coming of age story filled with self-discovery and personal invention, plus haven being written by Catlin Moran I know I’m in for a treat.

To All The Boys I Loved Before

This is the story of Lara Jean, who instead of simply telling her crushes she likes them, she has written each boy a letter telling them how she felt and hides it under her bed in a box. But years later she discovers somebody accesses this box and mails the letters, causing the recipients to confront her about them.  

The Art of Being Normal

This is YA-Fiction novel that deals with the story of two boys with two secrets. David has always been a little bit of an outsider who’s parents think he is gay. However only his two best friends know his secret, that he wants to be a girl. He forms an unlikely friendship with Leo who stands up for him in a fight. This is another story of of self discovery and is one of a few YA-Fiction novels to delve into the subject of transgender and addressing it in such a respectful way.

The Loney

I must admit this book choice was a last minute decision due to Waterstones buy one get one half price deal and this having an interesting cover. Horror isn’t a genre I often reach for but as was the Costa winner for 2015 I’m expecting it to be pretty good.

The book explores the issue of faith and follows the story of the relationship between two catholic boys from London, Smith and his mentally disabled brother Hanny. After there is a discovery of the remains of a young child on the Lancashire coastline, Smith is lead back to the Saint Jude’s Church Easter pilgrimage to The Loney in 1976.

I am quite excited to venture into a new genre and try something a little different to what I’d usually read. You never know, I might secretly be a horror fan and not realised.

What are your favourite books, do you have any recommendations?