Body Image And Ways To Feel Better About Yourself.

With International Woman’s day being this week, the internet has been full of motivational posts, women supporting other woman and general girl love. Which has been amazing and I’ve really loved seeing so much positivity within the female community. But it really got me thinking as much as the support of other women can help with your self-confidence, you’ve got to support yourself first, and for me my body image is the biggest thing thats stopping me right now.  I’m going to be honest, body image isn’t really something thats affected me too much until the past 18 months or so. I admit when I was younger I moaned a lot about having such pale skin and small boobies, but that was about it, I wasn’t REALLY all that bothered.

But recently I’ve really struggled with my body image and how I feel about myself. I know I can put this down to one simple thing – weight gain. Over the past two maybe two and a half years I’ve slowly gained just over a stone or so in weight. In hindsight this isn’t really that much, but its made a huge difference to my self-confidence. The way I see and feel about myself fluctuates from day to day, sometimes I feel horrible and basically just want to hide away in the house and i’m in a terrible mood all day. But on other days I can see that I’m being ridiculous getting so worked up about it – reminding myself I’m not as bad as I think I am and that I’m still fitting in a size 10 (albeit a little tighter) but its still a size 10. On the days when I’m feeling down theres a few ways I like try and inspire myself and boost my confidence a little, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Stop being jealous of others, be inspired by them.


I spend a lot of time on social media, which makes it so easy for you to compare yourself to others and beat yourself up for ‘not being good enough.’ So instead of being jealous of others, be inspired instead!

Helen is my biggest inspiration I lean to when I’m feeling down. This is because I can relate to her a lot, we are a really similar size and shape and I’m a huge fan of her style. When I look at Helen she always looks amazing, so why don’t I do this with myself? I think the key is having confidence. Helen always comes across as super confident in the clothes she wears, and most of all, HAPPY.

Amy is a huge fashion inspiration for me. Whenever I get sick and tired of my clothes and how I look in them, I always look over at her blog for ideas on new ways to style things. I think its so easy to get stuck in a rut of wearing the same things the same way, and sometimes it just really helps to see how somebody else has done it. I think that’s why I always lean towards fashion blogs for inspiration and motivation when it comes to style.

When I’m feeling my worst I always lean towards Lily as inspiration. One of the first fashion blogs I started reading, I feel like she has been with me from the start. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her blog and her style grow over the years and I still love her style now as much as when I first found her on lookbook. Like Lily, I think deep down I’m always going to be a little bit of an emo kid so her style always calls out to me and helps give me fashion ideas when I’m lacking in them.

Focus on something you like about yourself.

 One thing that helps me a lot when I’m not feeling very happy in my own skin, is to try and remind myself of one thing I do like and focus on that. For me it’s my hair, ignoring the fact I’m desperate for a haircut at the moment, but my hair is always the one part of me that I really love. Since taking the plunge nearly 2 and a half years ago now and dying my hair ginger, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I always get so many compliments on my hair colour, and often from strangers in the street, which is a huge confidence boost. Sometimes I just like to tell myself that when your hair is bright orange, nobody is going to be paying attention to how big your thighs are.

Wear something that makes you feel good.

Recently I’ve gotten myself stuck in a style rut. I feel rubbish about myself, so I hide away in baggy jumpers and jeans because they’re the easy option. But they don’t make me feel any better, they probably make me feel worse. We all have certain clothes that always make us feel amazing when we put them on, whether its a pair of gorgeous boots or a huge hat that makes us feel glamorous. So I’ve been trying to reach for those fail-safe items that make me feel good about myself. For me its dresses, something I used to wear all the time but hardly ever reach for these days. But when I do put them on I instantly feel like myself again. It’s weird how easily certain clothes can change how you feel about yourself, but it making more of an effort and putting a dress on is going to make me happier in the long run, I think its worth the effort.

What are your fail-safe ways to help you deal with lacking confidence in yourself? Share them below.