Body Shop Eldon Square: Drops Of Light.

Last week I was lucky enough to be selected alongside AmyChloe and Laura to attend an event at the newly refurbished The Body Shop in Eldon Square for an evening of beauty, pampering and of course a little bit of shopping too.

I really enjoyed that there was only four of us at the event, as it allowed for a really personal one to one experience where you really felt looked after. We each started at a different area of the shop, I started at make up where I was introduced to a few of the new The Body Shop make-up products. I’ve never really used any of their make up, so it was really interesting to hear about some of their new releases. I was really interested in the shade-adjusting drops and they’re pretty much a life saver for us paler ladies. Theres two colours, one thats white for lightening foundations that are two dark (for me pretty much all foundations ever) and theres a darker shade to darken up foundation to allow for a wider spectrum of colours.

After having a nosey around at the make-up I naturally gravitated forwards the body butters – my all time favourite products from The Body Shop. I had a good chatter on with one of the lovely ladies hosting the event about the nostalgia that many of the products bring. For me the satsuma body butter always reminds me of high school and how one girl thought somebody in my english class was eating oranges, when really it was my skin that she could smell.

After my little mooch around it was my turn for a little hand massage and a pamper. First we used the Spa of the World Dead Sea Scrub, which I loved so much I ended up buying myself as I’ve never felt skin so soft before. Then we used the grapefruit body butter, which always reminds me of my mum, and I continued to spend the next five minutes just sniffing and stroking my hands. A few years ago I would always avoid anything that involved a stranger massaging or rubbing my hands/face but after a facial with Murad and a hand massage at Molton Brown last year I am now actually obsessed and wish I could have them everyday.

The final part of the event was a skin consultation with their skincare expert, however I had to leave so I didn’t get a chance to have mine so I’m going to pop back to the shop when I’m next free and see if the ladies can fit me in. Over the past year skincare has really become a passion of mine and I really love learning about new skincare products and how to best take care of my skin.

We were lucky enough to receive a few products to try out for ourselves, the ‘Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil ‘ and The ‘Sleeping Cream’ that both contain black cumin oil, rose hip oil and camellia seed oil which along with 7 other essentials oils that help to soothe and calm your skin for a radiant glow. The Vitamin E range is my favourite so I was chuffed to see a bottle of the ‘Aqua Boost Essence Lotion’ which launches on the 26th of April. This product is the perfect first step of hydration, you use it after you’ve cleansed and toned to lock in moisture and acts as a magnet to your moisturiser as it contains hyaluronic acid – my all time favourite skincare product.

The best thing is if you pop into The Body Shop at Intu Eldon Square and quote ‘Alice’s Wonder Emporium’ you will receive a special discount and your own little goody bag of treats. You’re welcome 😉