Eating In Newcastle On A Budget.

This post is sponsored by Walton Robinson, however, all views remain my own.

Now its been almost been two years since I was last a student, although I swear it was more like two minutes ago. But I still enjoy having a good night out on a budget. When I was at Uni I did the whole ‘going out out’ thing, partying with my housemates and rolling home at 4am with little memory of what happened that evening. I loved that time in my life, but after a year or so I grew tired of it and now find so much more pleasure in going for a night out to a restaurant for a meal. Old lady much?

So when I was asked by Walton Robinson to feature some of my favourite spots for a student friendly budget, I used this as an excuse to visit some of my old favourites, and a couple of new ones too.

Firstly I couldn’t write this post and not feature my favourite university food haunt, Zapatistas. Having studied at Northumbria University, this was the perfect place to visit after rolling out of a lecture or a group crit. Its literally across the road so perfect for convenience, not the mention the food is incredible. I have recently tried a chain burrito bar that has opened up in the North east and was horrifically disappointed. Theres always so much choice at Zapatistas so you literally could have a different meal every time you go with all the different combinations of fillings you can have. My favourite to have is a naked burrito, basically all the goodness of a usual burrito (meat, rice, beans, salsa, salad) minus the tortilla wrap. I often find burrito’s a little heavy and this is a nicer alternative, plus you get to taste everything a little better as its not mushed together in a edible blanket.

Most of the time I try and eat fairly healthy and really enjoy meals packed full of fresh veggies , but sometimes you just want a hearty meal of meat and fries and Longhorns is my top choice for that. Last time I went I opted for a three meats and two sides consisting of pork ribs, chicken wings and Andouille sausage with fries and coleslaw. In hindsight I should have opted for two meats and two sides as my chicken wings ended coming home with me. They also serve my favourite drink, root beer – which I admit is an acquired taste, but it reminds me of my time in Canada a few summers ago. For both Lee and myself to have three meats, two sides and a drink came to just over £30 which for the amount of food we got I thought was a really good deal.

You’ll have to be living under a rock to not notice Five Guys has now arrived in Newcastle, you really can’t barely miss the one on Northumberland Street. I’ve got to admit having tried them recently I really do understand the hype. Some might say £15 for a burger, fries and a drink in a takeaway style restaurant is a lot, but just hold on a minute. When I tried it I opted for a cheeseburger and fries and could barely eat the fries as the burger was super generous (and that was without all the additional toppings you can add). So you could easily opt for a small cheeseburger with some additional toppings if you’re wanting to spend a little less. Not to mention the fact the drinks are re-fillable and theres so much choice with different flavours of Coca-Cola and Fanta that you’ll never have heard of before.

These are three of my favourite places to eat in Newcastle but I’d love to hear some of your recommendations!

This post has been sponsored by Walton Robinson but all words and opinions are my own.

This post is sponsored by Walton Robinson, however, all views remain my own.