Five Reasons Why I Love The Body Shop Vitamin-E Range.

The Body Shop, Vitamin-E, Cleanser, Skincare


It smells amazing, simple as that. There is just something special about the smell of this range that sends me head over heels for it. The smell instantly relaxes me as soon as I smear my face with the cream cleanser. The cleanser just smells like clean. Its soft, a little floral and reminds me a little of baby powder. The perfect way to revitalize me in the morning and also relax me in the evening.


It leaves my skin feeling incredible! There are few cleansers that as soon as I rub them on my face my skin instantly feels nourished and plump. Even on days when I do a quick lazy cleanse and shamefully don’t really follow up with anything after a quick cleanse and a cotton pad, it still leaves my skin feeling clean, moisturised and super soft. I just wish I’d used this as a teen instead of those dreaded makeup wipes.


It is not tested on animals. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m slowly transitioning to products that don’t test on animals, replacing my products with cruelty-free alternatives as I run out. Luckily this was already in my stash of facial cleansers, so I’m able to carry on using a cleanser I love without having to search high and low for a new one. Although I am currently on the hunt for a new micellar water if anybody has any suggestions.



It is pink. Yeah, that’s a reason. It looks good on my little skincare shelf in the bathroom, sat next to my Peaches and Clean cleanser by Soap and Glory there is a nice little pink theme going. I know it’s a little sad to colour code your cleansers but if you’ve seen my bookshelf you’ll know I find real enjoyment in beautifully organised shelves. Especially those that are colour coded.



It is pretty affordable. Now I’m not saying its the cheapest skincare range out there, but its affordable in my books. I wish I was somebody who had the cash to spend £30-£40 on a cleanser but that simply is not possible. I think quite often it’s easy when you read beauty blogs and watch youtube videos to feel inclined to buy all these ‘must have’ products and sometimes you can feel a little crappy if you can’t afford the newest product that everybody is raving about.



Do you have a favourite skincare range you’d recommend?