Autumn Updates ft Primark and New Look.

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If you didn’t know already Autumn is my favourite season of all time. To be honest, those ‘in-between-y’ seasons always attract me the most, when the weather begins to change slightly, but you’re not too hot nor too cold. I woke up last week and was thrilled to feel a chill in the flat and had to pop the heating on the timer again and wrap myself up in a jumper before heading out to work.

As much as I love the idea of warm weather, when summer arrives I’m forever stressing about what to wear as I’m not that confident in getting skin out. So a season which requires layers, knitwear, ankle boots and tights are my idea of heaven! Plus its that time of year when you get to change your wardrobe over and add a few new bits to see you in the season, and there’s nothing in this world that’s more fun than that.




Statement boots


I’d happily wear boots all year round, and believe me, I do try and wear them for as long as possible. However looking into my wardrobe all my boots are very similar, black with a chunky heel with a range of different heel heights. I really should be on the hunt for a black flat pair to wear at work but statement boots are so much more exciting, right? New Look is on fire this season when it comes to boots and these leopard print beauties are the perfect way to jazz up some plain black denim and an oversized jumper. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous there’s always these space-age silver ones which would look amazing with lighter denim and a touch of pink.

Refreshing your knitwear


Every year when I pull out my winter clothing box from under my bed I always like to check how well my knitwear has survived and if it will last through this coming season. Having pulled my box out last week I noticed some of my knitwear is looking worse for wear, the dreaded bobble of a jumper. I tend to stick to buying my knitwear on the high street as my skin cannot stand wool anywhere near it, which generally means I’m buying it more often as it doesn’t last as long. As soon as there’s a chill in the air I tend to lean more towards mustards and maroons as my staple wardrobe colour palette. This mustard roll neck is a much-needed addition to my wardrobe to break up all the navy and black, and knowing Primark the chances are they’ll be available in every colour you’d ever need.

Buying basics


Whenever the seasons change I’m always suddenly aware of how much I lack in basics, I just find no joy in buying them. But when it comes to getting dressed in the morning I realise I should start picking them up more often. Every season I like to make a mental list of the basic items my wardrobe is lacking, and this year has been no different. Two much-needed items for my wardrobe is a plain black skater skirt – the most basic of wardrobe items, which is easily jazzed up by a statement belt. The second believe it or not is a pair of smart black trousers. I do have a working pair but they’re plain, skinny and have quite a low waist (forever having to pull them up) so these high waisted belted trousers are a much-needed addition to my wardrobe.



One of my all-time favourite part of autumn fashion is being able to layer items without slowly melting away into a puddle of sweat. Over recent weeks I’ve re-kindled my love for button up shirts, something that I pretty much lived in a few years ago and Primark are producing some really amazing printed shirts at the moment and this one is no exception. Button down shirts are the perfect accompaniment to wear under dresses like this maroon pinafore dress – teamed with a little leather jacket and a cosy scarf and you have your perfect autumn outfit.

What are your newest additions to your autumn wardrobe?