Leopard Loving and My Ever-Growing Coat Collection.

Coat: Primark  Top: Primark Skirt: Anita and Green Bag: Primark Shoes: Vagabond

📷 Yasmina

As soon as I saw this coat on the Primark press photos I knew I wouldn’t be able to rest until it was mine. Every time I stepped foot in my local store I would hunt around the coat section hoping it would be there without any luck for weeks. Then low and behold on my last trip to the store I saw two women trying the coat on right there in front of me and I knew the time had come. So I raced up to the first floor and practically sprinted towards it, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a coat before and it’s finally mine!

In recent years I’ve really become a coat person. I remember years ago basically having one winter coat that lasted me 3-4 years at a time and I wore with every outfit regardless of if it went together or not. But all of a sudden more and more coats and jackets began creeping into my wardrobe and now I’m struggling to fit them all in – hello coat rail I’ve got my eye on you. I think coats are one of the main reasons why I love Autumn and Winter so much as I get to unbox all my favourites, and I generally feel more comfortable with a coat on than I do a summery outfit.

These photos were taken on a lovely little day out I had with Yasmina, where we mooched about Jesmond and I introduced her to my favourite street where we had loads of fun taking these photos. I’m actually really happy with how these have turned out, and I’m finally in a place where I feel confident enough to take outfit photos and I really look forward to shooting them! I really want to get into the habit of taking outfit photos once a week (providing the weather and my work schedule allows me) as I’ve these posts seem to have gone down really well with you guys.

After our little photo shoot, we headed on into the city centre and treated ourselves to a lunch at Yo Sushi, one of my favourite places to eat. I’m ashamed to say I did spend a fair bit on my lunch but it was totally worth it! If I had to choose one variety of food to eat for the rest of my life Asian cuisine would always be my top choice. Its just nice to be able to eat somewhere that doesn’t have everything served with fries, smothered in mayo and you don’t feel guilty afterwards.

I couldn’t help but include this photo, I love outtakes.



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