What I’ve Read Recently

It’s been a while since I last featured any books on here, and seeing as I’ve just completed my Goodreads 2016 reading challenge, I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve enjoyed recently. You’re going to see quite a trend when it comes to my reading tastes it is very much based on the young adult fiction section of Waterstones,



This wasn’t a book I’d ever really heard of before, however, I was lucky enough to win a copy via Maximumpop via one of their many book giveaways they host. As soon as the book arrived I started reading it the story sounded quite similar to “The art of being normal” which I read a few weeks beforehand and I adored! This is another beautifully written young adult novel that focuses the story on a character who is transgender and dealing with relationships. I raced through this book in only a few days and I couldn’t recommend it enough. 



This is a book that I’d seen mentioned a lot on Youtube and the suchlike, so decided to finally pick it up and give it a read. At times this was a little predictable, but I think that is something I quite like in a book like this. They’re really easy to read in a few days and there’s just something comforting about the story when you’re reading it. This follows the life of Lara-Jean who has a box of love letters she’s written to every guy she has ever loved, from her summer-camp crush to her first kiss, she’s written to them all. Yet somehow these letters end up being posted out to them and leads to an interesting turn of events.



This was another book I was lucky enough to win from Fiona and it arrived with a lovely little note from her about how this book was more inspiring than our university course ever was. This automatically made me super excited to read this as we both have shared a similar opinion on our shared university degree. The book itself follows the story of Jude and her twin brother Noah, who as children are inseparable but after their mother’s death, they start drifting apart. Noah begins to fall in love with a new boy who moved in next door and is magically inspired by the world around him, whilst Jude begins to rebel until she ends up working alongside a grumpy old sculptor and his beautiful assistant. This, in an unusual way, brings the twins back together again. There’s just something magical and inspiring about this story and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. The way its written is really inventive and I love all the little illustrative mark making that flows along with the story.


I don’t know what has taken me so long to read this book as I remember hearing about this when I was a teenager. But here I am at nearly 25 and I’ve only just read it this year. The story follows Eleanor, a redheaded misfit who shuffles along through life trying her best to remain undetected. Then one day she sits next to a boy on the bus called Park and the rest is history. Things are a little frosty at first, but slowly over time the awkwardness melts away and reveals a sweet teenage love story. There’s a nice naivety about their relationship that reminds me so much of high school crushes. It’s a sweet story that’ll melt the heart of anybody, romantic or not.


As children Cath and Ren are the best of friends, growing up they share a love for fictional character Simon Snow.  As they head off to college Ren wants to do her own thing, and for the first time ever Cath is on her own. Ren’s grows out of her Simon Snow phase but Cath refuses to let it go. This pushes them further apart as the differenced in them become even more clear. There is just something so relatable about this story that makes it really magical. That time in your life when you move away from home and you have to fend for yourself and you really find out who you are in the world. Fangirl captures that beautifully, albeit in a little predictable way at times, but its a book you can’t help but love.



I bought this a while ago in a charity shop after Amy ordered me to do so, I think this was around the time the film came out so that probably had its input too. I left this to sit on my bookshelf for a while until I finally picked it up this month. Its been one of those books where I’ve heard a few people talking about it (both good things and bad) so I kind of had some expectations before I even started. The story follows Louise, a fairly ordinary girl living in a fairly ordinary town. It’s not until she loses her job at a local cafe and starts working as an assistant for a guy called Will, who after a traffic accident lost the use of his body from the chest down. In the beginning, Will is rude, quite moody and doesn’t really talk to her much, but as time goes on he soon starts to warm to her bubbly personality. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, providing you don’t know it already. But Lou begins on a mission to try and show Will a world to prove to him his life is still worth living. I’ll warn you now, you’re probably going to need a box of tissues for this one.