Goodbye to 2016 – Whats next?

Jacket: Zaful  Scarf: Zaful Jumper: Primark (similar) Jeans: Primark (similar) Watch: Daniel Wellington

Goodbye 2016 and good riddance! 2016 seems to be the year everybody hated and couldn’t wait to see the back of. Minus all the celebrity deaths (thinking about Alan Rickman still makes me tear up) Brexit, Refugee crisis, Donald Trump etc I don’t think 2016 has been all that bad – not for me anyway. So I thought I’d do a little cliched year summary of the good things that happened over the past year.


1. Home – I moved in with Lee – we were delayed about 8 weeks from our original move-in date but back in February we finally moved into our own little flat and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve started painting everywhere white just to freshen it all up (thank you lovely landlord) and really starting to make our house a home. There’s still a little work I want to do, like adding some prints and decorative items to make it extra homely, it’s taking a while but we are getting there.


2. Reading – 2016 was the first year I managed to complete my Goodreads challenge and even beat it by one book. I often go through phases where I read loads and then I’ll not read anything for 8 months, sometimes more. But this year I finally got myself into a routine where I could fit in some reading and I loved it! I’ve set myself a 2017 challenge and I’m hoping to carry on reading regularly and hopefully beat my previous tally.

3. Friendships – I don’t really have a huge friendship group, and quite a few of my friends I don’t get to see all that often anymore. But this year starting hanging out with a few more local bloggers like Chloe, Helen and Amy. I’ve really enjoyed having friends who understand the need to photograph your cake before you eat it. I’ve also started hanging out with Yasmina quite a bit this year and I feel like we’ve forged a lovely little friendship – and it’s really handy that she lives quite near me too.

4. Confidence – This year I finally found the confidence to start doing outfit posts. This is something I’ve wanted to feature on here basically since the start. But having struggled quite a bit with my body image over the past couple of years its always been something I’ve avoided. But with the help of Chloe, Helen and Yasmina I began shooting outfits as the second half of the year and I’m loving them! So expect loads more in 2017

5. Family – I don’t have a very big family, so this year I’ve really enjoyed spending more time with Lee’s family who lives a couple of cities away. This includes meeting my newest niece back in September at just two weeks old, I was a little scared about how tiny she was but oh my goodness, broody levels have hit the roof!


Now the year is over this is the time where everybody starts to reflect on what they want to achieve over the next 12 months. I’ve always been prone to trying too much and failing all of it. I’ve decided this year to not aim too high and overwhelm myself with 10000 things I want to achieve and I’ve decided to just stick to three.

1. Get back into shape – very cliched I know but I’ve ended 2016 the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and I hate it. So last night I joined slimming world, tomorrow I’m getting my ass back into the gym and I’m going to work hard and lost the 2 stone that’s slowly been creeping on since I left university.

2. Step away from the computer – I’ve realised recently all of my hobbies are based on a computer, photography and blogging result in spending a large amount of time on a computer or on my phone. I want to take a step back and find myself some hobbies that don’t involve square eyes. Whether that’s knitting, cross stitch, film photography or even just reading a little more I plan on mixing it up a little.

3. Spend less save more – Working in charity retail it’s so easy to pick up clothes because they’re cheap and I often end up with a wardrobe full of bits and bobs that I don’t love as much as I should. I need to get into the habit of only buying things if I really love them and if they make me feel amazing. So many of my clothes are ‘that’ll do for now’ type purchases, which probably stems from my body image issues as I struggle to feel good in the clothes I want to wear. I’m going to stop the impulse purchases and finally get myself a wardrobe I’m happy with that really sums up my style – and hopefully save some money in the long run.

What are your top three aims for the year ahead, share them below!

Alice-Christina x