Feeling Fuchsia: Finally embracing colour in my wardrobe

These photos were taken by Yasmina on our recent trip to Liverpool for the CarnLIVal event. We were a little early for the event so decided to take advantage of the gorgeous Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Hope Street. I must say this is probably the most public place I’ve ever taken photos as I usually hide down a quiet side street. But I really pushed myself to stand in the middle of a fairly busy street of an unknown city and I really think they paid off!

Top: Primark (similar) Trousers: New Look Shoes: Matalan Handbag: Primark (similar) Watch – Rosefield*

I think these trousers may be my new obsession, I mean just look at them! I saw them about 6 weeks ago in New Look as I was passing through town. When I went back for them I couldn’t find them anyway, which was super frustrating as I had a credit note I needed to spend in store. But I persevered and kept popping in whenever I was in town and I finally found them. I rushed my way to the changing room to try them on in the hope they looked as lovely as I’d hoped they would.

As I’ve mentioned previously I’m currently doing Slimming World and have lost around 18b since January, I hadn’t really noticed much difference in myself until I tried these trousers on. For the past two or so years I’ve been buying trousers and jeans in a size bigger than I used to, but on this trip, I was happy to see I’d fit back into a size 10 again. This instantly boosted my confidence as it showed me my hard work is finally paying off.

It’s crazy at how much an outfit can change how you feel about yourself. I admit I have been enjoying what I’ve seen in the mirror more than I have done for months. However, as soon as I put this outfit on I suddenly felt like myself again. I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt so comfortable and confident in an outfit before, this was boosted by all the lovely comments I got from the girls at the event too. So next time you see somebody in a kick-ass outfit, tell them! You’ll probably make their day.