Cruelty Free Skincare: My favourite Lush Products

cruelty-free, skincare, Lush

I’ve spoken previously in posts about switching products over to cruelty free beauty and makeup products. But I must admit my vanity took over a little and I found myself still buying products that had been tested on animals. Then back in July, something changed.

 After a weekend spent watching Netflix documentaries, I decided I couldn’t carry on the way I was and I finally made the decision to become vegetarian with the intent to be fully plant-based eventually. I’ve begun making little changes in my lifestyle and I no longer eat meat or fish, I drink plant-based milk 90% of the time, have reduced the number of eggs I consume and rarely buy cheese. I’ve also totally re-vamped my beauty collection and got rid of all products that have been tested on animals. I’m turning down work with beauty brands that test on animals and I currently have a huge bag of unopened cosmetics ready to head off to the charity shop as I no longer want them in my home.

cruelty-free, skincare, Lush

 Because of this, I’ve had to completely overhaul my skincare routine and my skincare routine is now 95% Lush products. So today I thought I’d talk you through some of the products I’m loving using.

 For years I used to use makeup wipes but over recent years I’ve discovered the joys of cleansing lotion and cleansing balms. I’ve recently started using Ultrabland to cleanse my face as its super gentle and my skin can sometimes get a little angry when I use harsh products. At first, I did find this difficult to work with, mostly being able to get it off my hands as its base is beeswax. But after a couple of weeks of me using it, I think I’ve finally gotten into a good routine, know how much to use and the best way to remove it from my skin.

 I then follow it up with a few squirts of Eau Roma Water, which I find easier to spray directly into clean hands and pat it into my face as I find using a cotton pad soaks up a lot of the product. Once this has soaked in I follow up with Cosmetic Lad moisturiser which soaks in really quickly, which is great for a morning as it allows me to apply my make up pretty quickly. Plus it smells a little bit like chocolate orange and reminds me a little of Christmas.

 I try to use a face mask at least once a week if I can, and I find myself alternating between three masks at the moment depending on how my skin is feeling. I tend to get a strip of redness across my nose and cheeks – which I was once told is a sensitive strip. If my cheeks are feeling particularly red I lean towards Rosy Cheeks. I find this mask so calming, especially when its straight from the fridge and super cold – which I find helps to calm my skin down when it’s having a bit of an angry moment.

 I admit when I first picked up Don’t Look at Me is was mostly because of the colour, it just intrigued me so much but since using it its become a regular part of my routine. Whenever my skin is feeling a little dull and in need of a bit of a scrub I reach for this. Not only is the colour highly entertaining but its full of ground rice which is a great way to buff away dead skin – without those horrid microbeads. Plus the lemon scent helps brighten my skin as well as lifting my mood.

 On days where I feel like I need a little bit of both I head for BB Seaweed, which both calms my skin and also helps exfoliate it gently. This is my perfect everyday kind of face mask when I don’t have a particular issue I want to deal with, I just want to give my skin a little treat.


 So there you have it, my new cruelty-free skincare routine. I am on the hunt for other cruelty-free skincare and makeup brands, as well as other cruelty-free bloggers and would love to hear your recommendations.