After 4 years of Alice’s Wonder Emporium, and almost 7 years of blogging on and off with various blogs that we will not speak of. I decided it was finally time to have a full blog re-brand and finally make the move from Blogger to WordPress. As anybody in the bloggersphere knows Phil from Pipdig is the place to go for Blogger to WordPress migration and super stylish blog layouts.

Having spent the past couple of months doing some freelance marketing work I had a nice little pot of extra money I’d saved up. So decided this was the best time to reward myself and finally make the move to WordPress. The whole process only took a couple of weeks and Phil did an amazing job and made the process super easy and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Whilst he was working away in the background doing all the complicated computer programming side of things, I knuckled down and started working on some new blog branding. For a while now I’ve felt my blog hasn’t fully represented me so I sat down one weekend and noted down all the things I wanted my blog to represent. I even asked a few friends how they would describe me so I could get my branding as ‘me’ as I could.

Blog Re-brand

One weekend later and my new branding for Alice’s Wonder Emporium was born, and there’s nothing more than a new look to get you motivated. I’ve been working pretty hard behind the scenes creating some new and exciting content and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

I am always wanting to improve my blog and make it the best I possibly can. So I have created a little online survey just to get a little feedback from my readers. It would mean a great deal to me if you could fill it in so I can gage a better idea of what types of posts you enjoy reading most. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete and I would be forever grateful – you can find it HERE