Poundstretcher Pewter ornate mirror

It has almost been two years now since Lee and myself moved into our little two bedroom flat and we are slowly improving the decor and really putting our stamp on the place. So when Poundstretcher got in contact asking if I’d like to choose some items, I jumped at the chance to buy some homeware. I’ve previously written about our book-nook area of the living room when we first moved into the flat. This is one area of the flat that has been re-arranged a billion times. But I am finally really happy with the way it is now laid out.

At times our living room can get quite dark as the back of the flat is south facing, and I’ve been wanting to add a mirror to the room eventually. Back at my parent’s house in my old bedroom, there is a huge ornate mirror that I love however, my mum has insisted this is not leaving no matter how much we asked for it. So when I spotted this pewter ornate mirror in my local Poundstretcher store, I knew it would be the perfect addition to our book-nook.

Poundstretcher Pewter ornate mirror

This area of the living room always felt a little bit like a no-man’s land for a while. But the mirror fills the space in perfectly, whilst also helping bounce light around the room a little more. I’ve also draped fairy lights around the mirror, because who doesn’t love fairy lights?

We also decided to move our huge IKEA rug from under the coffee table into the book-nook to add a bit more colour. As well as moving our big cosy armchair into our little bay window as it wasn’t really getting much use. Instead of the chair we now have our own little plant jungle, which surprisingly we are managing to keep alive. If anybody has any recommendations for plants that are easy to keep alive or blog books/blog posts which advise you how not to kill all of your plants, I’d be eternally grateful.

Do you enjoy these interior posts? Would you like to see snippets of other areas of the flat once we get them finished? Let me know below.


Poundstretcher were kind enough to send me vouchers to spend in their stores. However all views are my own